The Shadows Fall (Phoenix Demons Trilogy #1) Read Online Josephine Chappell

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It wasn’t a simple mission
It was the end and also just the beginning

In a world cursed, Fae twins, Avalon and Ashby Cadell, A.K.A the shadow demons, learn what is to fight not only for their own kingdom, but all fae.
Has fought her entire life. As the daughter of the general, her life has been nothing but training. However, in a world where magic is dying, Avalon seems to have no limits. Her magic which appears dark in nature, marks her as a shadow demon. In a world she doesn’t fit in, she fights to contain her power, but it doesn’t disguise her inner turmoil. As she fights to find herself and save her kingdom, she finds something else instead. Love, but which love will she choose?
Trained from birth by his father, his life has been burdened with protecting not only the kingdom, but his sister. His magic the only rival to her own. His magic the light to her dark. Can he help save her from herself? With a deadly new threat, war on the horizon, and the fate of all faerie in the balance, how does he save them all?



Blood stains my blade.

Bodies of fae and men consume the ground.

The air thick with the scents of blood, rage, and fear.

The witches’ chants increase over the sounds of chaos. Across the field I see a whisp of blue and white. Sorbia’s princess fights beside her father. Blade and ice scouring the men of my kingdom. I forget to fight, momentarily struck by carnality of the ice princess. It is a sight I will not forget for the rest of my life.

The sound of Howeia’s horn blows loudly across the field, painfully pulling my gaze from the princess. Howeia’s prince, as I have failed. Unable to convince our fathers to stop this war. The ground shakes as the witches’ magic grows. The time is now.

I turn looking for my father. Protected by his most trusted soldiers and witches, I signal my own. They know what to do. I make my way to my father. His guards let me in.

“We must stop this, Father.” I plead one last time.

“Why would I stop now? Your empire is almost at hand.”

I look back and nod my head to Nyle. His dual blades are in hand as the rest of my guards surround my father’s men. Nyle’s twin blades pierce the chests of the two dark witches. It feels as if the air was sucked out of the field as the magic releases in a gush of wind. My father screams, lunging toward Nyle. My best friend. My blade slices forward as I push my blade through my father’s back.

I am a traitor.

I killed my father to save millions.

Nyle blows Conium’s horn once, signaling the end of fighting.

I stand frozen looking into my father’s ungazing eyes. A hand lands on my shoulder. I don’t have to look to know whose hand it belongs to, but I turn slowly and look up into my best friends face to find it full with concern. Concern for me, but he shouldn’t be concerned. My father was a bastard, and if I had to choose between him and Nyle, my choice would always be Nyle. The sounds of war slowly dissipate as my eyes drift back to my father’s lifeless body.

I look up as the crowd parts. The King of Sorbius walks towards me. A formidable and frightening man that walks with purpose as he drags a dark witch in tow. Her mouth is iced over to prevent her from casting. Was this the work of the little princess prowling beside him? Her small-toned frame is accentuated by the blue and silver fighting leathers. He slim waist leads down to her curvy hips. I can’t take my eyes off of her. After perusing her body for a bit too long I look to her face. She’s gazing hungrily up and down my body until her glacial blue eyes find my own. She stares for a few second then glances down at the body on the ground beside me. A throat clears, drawing my attention to the King of Sorbus. His eyebrow raised in question or is it a challenge? His tall frame, moon white hair, and fierce blue eyes pass from me to my father lying frozen on the ground before his gruff voice drowns out the silence around us.

“You did this?” He motions to my father’s lifeless body.

“I gave my father multiple opportunities to end this war and he refused. It was the only way.”

“And yet you came on this field today with my peoples blood staining your blade.”

“I am the prince of Conium. I thought I had no choice. I realize now that I was wrong.”

“You are no prince of Conium, Balor.” My lips curls at his jab.