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But the IT dude was eating it up.

“I’m Ken,” he simpered, all the while staring at Lucy’s cleavage, then her waist, then her legs, his eyes crawling over every inch of her figure. “How’re you doing?”

“I’m good,” purred Lucy in return. “How are you?”

“Good, good,” he chuckled in return, as if not believing his luck. “I’m doing good.” And before my shocked eyes, his hand crept over so that it was cupping Lucy’s knee. It was a soft, effeminate hand that was probably used to stroking computer mice and refilling printer trays.

At this point, I tried to intervene in order to throw my friend a lifeline.

“Um, Luce, you want to go to the bathroom with me?” I asked, staring at her meaningfully. It was a tried and true tactic – ladies always take off for the washroom together to powder their noses, reapply lipstick, and just get away if need be.

But Lucy wasn’t having it.

“Oh no,” she said airily, not even looking at me. “I’m good, thanks. I want to get to know … um, Ken, was it?” she said, purring again while gazing deeply into his eyes.

I was dumbstruck but Maggie elbowed me in the ribs.

“Leave them alone,” she hissed. “Remember? The pact we made. She’s doing the pact.”

I groaned internally. Oh right, that. I’d thought it was more of a joke than anything, but I guess some of my friends were taking it seriously. The five of us girls had talked about getting laid one last time before leaving our little country for the big, wide world. It was ridiculous, really. I mean, we had what … twelve hours to make good on the promise? I knew for a fact that Lucy was on a plane at six a.m. tomorrow morning, departing for Luxembourg.

But maybe that’s why she was working it so hard. With less than twelve hours, she had to take whatever came first, and evidently, she’d decided Ken was enough.

Besides, Maggie was elbowing me again.

“Check it out,” she whispered, sliding her eyes to the left, speaking out of the side of her mouth. “That’s why Lucy wants him.”

I glanced where she pointed and gasped, my eyes bugging out, because Ken had a massive boner, one that he wasn’t even trying to hide. The dude must have had a ten-incher going strong, poking out vertically, the crotch of his khakis a massive tent that no one could miss. Either that, or he had the biggest cell phone ever in his pocket … one that came with an antenna that was sticking straight up.

“Holy cow,” I gasped, “Oh my god.”

Meanwhile, the two continued to chatter away, Ken’s hand making its way up Lucy’s thigh as she leaned towards him, their lips almost touching. But I could also see the blonde’s hand inching towards his crotch, as if drawn by magic to that giant disturbance in the universe’s energy field.

“Yeah,” smirked Maggie. “So leave them alone because Lucy’s going to have a good time tonight. Besides, what about us?” she asked, swiveling her head to survey the rest of the bar. “We’ve got to get hopping. Tempus fiat, you know?”

I laughed.

“Mags, I think it’s tempus fugit, not tempus fiat,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Time flies, right?”

“Oh whatever,” replied Maggie, making a silly face. “You get what I …”

But my friend never finished the sentence, her voice trailing off, because her attention had been captivated by something across room.

I followed her gaze. What could have made my flighty friend stop mid-sentence, her thoughts on pause? Mags wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, sure, but she wasn’t ADD either. But then I saw what she saw and inhaled sharply.

Because he was gorgeous. Tall, dominating, athletic, with wide shoulders that tapered to a narrow waist, thighs as thick as tree trunks, and the blackest hair this side of the Ural Mountains.

And best of all, there were two of them. Two gorgeous, powerful alpha males, identical twins, and they were looking right back at us, blue eyes penetrating, magnetic even across the crowded room.

“Oh my god,” gushed Maggie. “Let’s go talk to them!”

Usually I wasn’t so forward, I need some time to summon my courage, but this tempus fugit thing was evidently lighting a fire under our asses, and Mags had already jumped up and was making her way across the room.

“Um, excuse me,” she said, shoving one small guy with drinks in his hands out of the way.

“Hey!” he protested as his drinks sloshed.

“Sorry, sorry!” she called. ““Coming by, coming by,” she called out, stepping on people’s toes in her haste to cross the room.

What could I do but follow? I trailed along in my friend’s wake, slightly embarrassed but trying to hold my head up, and in a few seconds, we were standing in front of the two men.

Up close, they were even more gorgeous than before. Chiseled features accented square, masculine jaws, with deep, dark blue eyes that I could drown in. Plus, they were tall, really imposing close up, at least six four with muscular, athletic physiques.