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Under My Boss's Orders - Under Him

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Jamie Knight

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We’re under a shutdown order. But things are just heating up.
I’m stuck with my boss under lockdown. But I’m not complaining.
He’s rich, handsome and experienced. And he wants to take my virginity. We could get into big trouble with corporate. But he says it’ll be our little secret.
That he’s attracted to my ideas and my curves. And that I can help him relax during this crisis.
What if our bodies aren’t the only things getting close, and our hearts are bumping into each other, too?
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Jamie Knight

Under Lockdown

Quarantined with My Boss

Chapter One


Day 1 of Lockdown

Opportunities can come at the strangest of times and in the oddest of ways. Like when I somehow landed a plumb job as a paralegal at one of the biggest law firms not only the city but the state – one of the few multi-billion dollar law firms going.

Not that it was a cold corporate culture. The firm itself, a family affair run by siblings Mel and Jim White, was housed in a red brick heritage building with an on-site coffee shop. The atmosphere was not quite the ping-pong court and arcade games in the break room like I had heard about at graphic design firms, but it was still hardly the draconian hell I had heard tell about at many of the surrounding office towers.

I just thanked my lucky stars that the firm didn’t really have a dress code and I didn’t have to wear high heels every day. The damn things played merry hell on my ankles, especially when I had to walk to the building every day from my car.

There were legends going around that the firm kept a few spots in a nearby parking garage but the bestowment of one of the them was subject to great mystery. Three of the spots were reserved for the firm’s partners.

Finding a rare and precious road spot, no doubt due to the social distancing orders that the city had put in place due to the Coronavirus, I went in for an a extra shift. I needed the money and didn’t mind the work.

It wasn’t like I had a hot date. Or any date. My confidence was pretty shaken since my ex dumped me. According to him, I was boring because I didn’t like going to clubs and dropping party drugs. He had already done so much ecstasy in his time it was a wonder he could still be so mean.

My boss was a big shot lawyer at the firm. Not a partner but well on his way. At least according to the office gossip. He was so handsome it was hard to keep my eyes off him, which was something that lead to a few accidents my first couple of days there. Nothing too serious. I wasn’t falling down stairs or anything, but I did drop a lot of papers, giving the male staff some very good looks at my ass.

A few of them were actually caught looking at it. It was a bit embarrassing because I was shy but still made me feel pretty good. I was still a virgin and couldn’t see how any guy would be interested in me. I was surprised but excited when this theory was proven wrong.

Despite being a virgin, I was still really horny, fantasizing a lot about what it would be like to lose my virginity whenever I got the opportunity. I wasn’t really saving myself either. I would love to have sex if I could find the right guy.

The building was eerily quiet. Even the second floor reception desk was empty, standing like a dark, lonely island in the ocean of the lobby. I’d taken the stairs up, having had an aversion to elevators since getting stuck in one during a black out. Some might call it a phobia but that term describes an irrational fear of something not generally thought to be dangerous, like balloons or the dark. And elevators were definitely dangerous.

I found Paul in his office going over some pleadings. His tailored suit jacket was hanging on the back of the chair, revealing his black suspenders against his crisp white shirt. He could come off as a bit cold sometimes, but it was easy to admire his dedication to his job. He seemed to really believe in what he was doing and in seeing that justice was done.

He had all the signs of the new rich, but I could tell that it wasn’t about the money to him, not really. That was more of an added bonus for doing his job so well, which seemed fair enough to me. Especially since he gave a lot to charity – hospital funds and the like.

“Macy, thanks for coming in,” he said, not looking up from the legal texts.

“You’re welcome,” I said, leaving out the fact that I really didn’t have anything better to do.

“Everyone is so worried about this Corona thing. I think we might be the only ones here.”

“You’re not scared?” I asked, sitting down across from him.

“Sure I am. I’m not a fool. But I also have far too much work to do to take time off. This case is a tough one and I need as much research on it as I can get.”

“I see.”

Another reason that I didn’t mind coming into work was that he was a huge hunk. All the women at the office had a crush on him. Even the ones who were already spoken for. Not that they would do anything, of course, or that he would let them if they wanted to. Not only was he far too busy to have any kind of fling, but he was also too moral to do anything with a colleague’s wife or girlfriend.