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Up In Arms

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Reed Kensington, self-made millionaire, ruthless attorney, and handsome playboy has the perfect life…just ask him. Which is why he’s surprised when a chance encounter at his baby brother’s wedding makes him cross-exam his plans for his future.

Trevor West loves his friends and his life in the military as a special ops team member. Though he longs to find a special someone, he refuses to jeopardize his career on something as elusive as love. Until he meets Reed, and the desires running through him threaten his hard-fought self-control.

When a dangerous mission blows their world apart, Reed doesn’t let anything stop him from jumping in. But can he convince Trevor that they belong together…that he deserves a chance at love?

Up In Arms is a heavily revised rerelease of the original story published in 2012.
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Kindle Alexander

Chapter 1

“Damn! Calm yourself down.” Reed Kensington fumbled over the last button on his silver Gucci button-front shirt. He lectured himself to take it easy as he nervously smoothed his palm down the length of the sleeve.

Slow down. He could be a few minutes late... Except Reed really wanted to arrive at the ballroom before his brother and future sister-in-law made their grand entrance.

He couldn’t believe his younger brother, Rylie, was getting married. The big rehearsal dinner tonight kicked off the multi-day wedding festivities. A few days from now, his brother would be a married man. How could Rylie be old enough to be married? Where had the time gone?

Reed and his brother were six years apart in age. The last time he’d spent any real time with Rylie, the kid had been a lanky teenager who did little more than play video games for most of the day.

Today, Rylie stood close to Reed’s six-three stature. What used to be an almost too thin frame had become muscular and solid, with not an ounce of fat anywhere to be seen. They both shared the same chiseled facial features, naturally blond hair, and deep emerald-green eyes. But after five years in the military, and a chunk of it in the Marine Corps Special Operations Command, Rylie’s eyes held something more—the weight of a seasoned warrior and a battle-weary fighter.

Forcing his mind away from the lingering thoughts of his brother, Reed hurried back into his bedroom, glancing at the small alarm clock on his nightstand. He headed for the two printed silk ties lying on the hand-carved antique dresser he’d discovered in a little antique shop in Europe. He chose the pink and purple silk tie by Saint Valentine by Hermes. The small imprinted pink and white hearts were perfect for this special occasion. With a flip of the collar on his neatly pressed dress shirt, Reed stood in front of the dresser’s mirror and absently tied a Windsor knot. He’d tied this same knot almost every day of his adult life and didn’t need the mirror to execute it perfectly.

He thought back to the day his brother had announced his engagement. Reed truly couldn’t have been happier for the two of them. The love Rylie held for his beautiful bride, Elise, shone brightly in his eyes every time he spoke of his childhood sweetheart. The love and romance of the situation made Reed wonder about his own life. If maybe someday his brother might stand next to him and be his best man at his own wedding.

In that moment, Reed recognized the long history of the Kensington men falling hard and fast, with no instances of divorce or separation appearing anywhere in their long and twisting family tree. And that was as far as that thought went.

He chuckled at the absurdity of such a fairy tale. Who was he trying to fool? Too many lovers had passed through his front door, and he had never considered sharing his life with any of them. Hell, if truth be told, those guys weren’t even his lovers. They were merely tension relievers, distractions to help pass the time.

Many of his friends and colleagues considered Reed a playboy. He had rightfully earned his reputation as a hard-edged lawyer who would fuck you in and out of the courtroom, but very few knew it was all a game to him. Europe didn’t have the same deep prejudices as many here in the United States did, or at least he hadn’t experienced it. And boy, had he experienced plenty while in that part of the world.

But the game had grown tiresome. Reed secretly craved relief from some unidentified missing element in his life. His deepest, secret desires were the love and romance of finding his one true connection like all the Kensington men had. He wanted the one person he might wake up to and go to sleep with every single day for the rest of his life. And if the fairy tale ever presented itself, he would readily hang up his playboy ways and give himself as freely as Rylie had to Elise.

Maybe moving back to his hometown truly was the best possible choice. He had spent the last few years abroad, learning from the largest international law firms from around the world. Rylie had chosen the military route, working for years at a time overseas. Their schedules rarely matched up. Time passed too quickly.

While Reed kept up with Rylie through text, email, or the occasional phone call, he still regretted not being there to play big brother to him. When Baker & Pruitt offered him a full partnership with an obscenely large salary, Reed seized the opportunity and happily moved back to DC, the area where he’d grown up.

Lost in his trip down memory lane, Reed absently selected a pair of onyx and diamond cufflinks and secured them through his cuffs. After a spritz of his favorite cologne, he picked up the black bespoke suit jacket laying across his bed. He slid it over his shoulders before making his way back to the mirror. With one last glance, Reed ran his fingers through his thick blond hair and grinned at his reflection. Everything in place.