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Wet (Diamondback MC #4)

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She was untouchable. That didn’t stop me from having her and once I did–
Nothing could stop me from making her mine.
Monroe was like a fever in my blood. It didn’t matter that Doc was her father. I couldn’t stop myself from having her.
When she was kidnapped I knew just having her body wasn’t enough. I needed to make her my ol’ lady. Claim her completely.
If Doc and the rest of the club don’t accept it. I’m gone.
But you better believe I’ll be taking my woman with me.
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Diamondback MC Series by Tory Baker

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Tory Baker

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery; Ride and live today”




I’m a princess. Well, at least that’s what folks like to call me. An MC princess, that is, or whatever the kids in school would deem for that day. Sometimes, it made me untouchable, other times, they tried to provoke me as much as they could to see if I’d explode or call my father and his club. I never did though. Instead, the mean girls in school learned how to stay away from me and the boys ran with their tails between their legs. Though, that might be because my dad, better known as Doc to everyone around town, had no problem pulling up to the school with all of my inherited uncles. When a girl named Kelly tried to cozy up to me during my senior year of high school, I should have known she was after one thing and one thing only—my family. After that, I stayed to myself, kept my head down, studied, and got the grades I needed to further myself in college. It probably helped that Kelly ended up with a busted lip and a black eye, it’s what you get when you make lewd comments about my family. Add that in with my fiery temper, and it was destined for disaster.

Somehow, Cannon got wind of the fight I started. He didn’t say a word, just picked me up on the back of his motorcycle, took me back to the clubhouse, and gave me ice for my hand. That’s also when I really noticed him for the first time, his dirty blond hair, shaved on the side, long on top in a faux hawk style, his green eyes that seep into your soul. It wasn’t the beginning of us though. If anything, it made him realize the age gap between us would never become closer, that and breaking the brotherhood code. While most of the other brothers were seemingly uncles to me, that was never the case with Cannon. Unfortunately, I was strictly off limits, which didn’t make me stop daydreaming about his muscled body, tall, firm, and oh so fucking delicious.

Anytime we had a family barbecue, I’d make sure I was there. I knew the clock was ticking. My eighteen-year-old self would go off to college and Cannon would be a piece of the past until I was done with school.

Apparently, being in the medical field is ingrained in my blood from my father. Who knows what I got from my mother. The way the story is told, she took off after my birth, leaving dear old Dad on his own to work as an ER doctor, giving the club what he could, and being a single father. He worked it like a champ, and I’m a better person for it, at least from what I’ve heard. I just hope I don’t get her batshit crazy personality that I’ve unfortunately snooped on and heard when I was on the cusp of teenage years. That was a hard pill to swallow, about to go into junior high, the awkward times and only being surrounded by men. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for each and every man in my life, but it was awfully embarrassing to ask about periods, bras, and boys.

Now I’m finished with nursing school, ready to start my career as a pediatric nurse at the hospital, and although I’m now twenty-one and Cannon is thirty-one, he still won’t attempt anything out in the open. Instead, he’s keeping us a secret, one that I know will only get us into even more trouble the second someone finds out.



“Fuck, just like that, trouble.” My head tips back on the couch in my room at the clubhouse, my hands sliding through her honey-gold hair, brown eyes looking up at me while she hollows her cheeks out. That wicked tongue of hers sliding up and down with her mouth along the way. I’m trying not to push my cock further into the back of her mouth but am slowly dying inside while she’s teasing the shit out of me.

“I have a name, Cannon.” She pulls off my cock, giving me her attitude.

“So do I, Monroe. You going to let me hear you moan it later or just bust my balls today?”

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too, Hunter.” She climbs up on my lap, still in her clothes when I’d much rather she were naked.

“I guess you’re right about that.” Regret sinks in my gut. I’d be getting my cake and eating it too if I didn’t open my mouth like a Goddamn idiot, askin’ her to keep things quiet after shit happened to her, Sadie, and Henley. Swear on my granddad’s grave, my life flashed behind my eyes when I saw Marie waving a gun around every which way, my number one worry being Monroe. And not bein’ able to do dick about it.