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Our oldest daughter is outside with some of her friends having a bonfire and hanging out. When she asked, I said yes without even thinking about who she might be inviting. When I saw Donovan pull up and drop off the boys, I started to get suspicious.

“I thought they were all friends.” I glance over my shoulder, but Demi pats me on my chest to pull my attention away from it.

“They are.” She looks up at me like she’s talking to a five-year-old. “But she’s at that age where boys are finally cute and not gross.” Demi shrugs and takes me by the hand. “And why wouldn’t she fall in love with one of the Combs kids? They’re our best friends, and they’ve been inseparable since diapers.”

“They’re still boys.” I know I sound like an ass, but that’s my girl out there.

“They’re good young men, and I’d be proud if our daughters ended up with one of them.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Duly noted.” My wife’s smile is indulgent, and I narrow my eyes on her.

“You knew about this before tonight, didn’t you?”

She turns and walks away, giving me a little shrug. “Maybe.”

“Maybe? Oh, angel, you know better than that.”

She wiggles her ass as she darts off to the bedroom, and I’m hot on her heels. When we get to the top of the stairs, she squeals as I throw her over my shoulder, and I carry her the rest of the way, kicking the door closed behind us.

“You’re in for it now.” I slap a hand across her ass, and she giggles as she pushes her ass into it.

“Don’t tempt me with a good time.”

“You are pushing it.” I toss her in the middle of the bed, and she spreads her legs, showing me she’s not wearing any panties under her dress. “Angel, were you walking around all night without anything under that dress?”

My hand jerks at the hem of my shirt until I tug it off and toss it to the ground. Then I hurriedly strip down and crawl onto the bed, pushing her legs apart.

“Oops.” She doesn’t look sorry at all as she spreads her knees.

“Give me that pussy.” I grab her ass and pull her closer as my mouth falls on her cunt.

“Curt!” she squeals and I smack her ass again.

My tongue slides between her lips, and I suck on her clit before my fingers curl inside her. She’s soaking wet, no doubt waiting all night to push my buttons and get me to react. I know she’s doing this to distract me right now, but I don’t care. It’s working.

“Right there, Daddy,” she moans, and I pull my mouth off of her.

“Fuck, do you want me to cum on myself?” With one quick move, I flip her over and jerk her hips back. “Ass up,” I order, reaching into my boxer briefs and pulling out my cock.

It’s hard and throbbing as I squeeze it a few times and then swipe it through her slick heat. With one hard plunge, I’m balls deep and she’s groaning almost as loud as I am. There’s no gentle teasing right now as I start to pound into her. She arches her back and pushes against me, silently begging for me to give her all of my frustration and passion.

My wife knows me better than I know myself, and after all these years, I still can’t get enough.

“More,” she moans, her hands gripping the sheets, and I feel her pussy clench around me.

“All of it,” I grunt as I reach around and rub her clit. “You’ll get every last drop.” After the first time she falls over the edge, I pull out and flip her on to her back. “Now I want you to look at me when you cum on my cock,” I demand, sliding back inside her tight silk.

“I love you,” she moans and digs her nails into my chest.

“Forever, angel. Forever.”

* * *