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A Date with a Foodie (The Dating #7)

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Heidi McLaughlin

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Heidi McLaughlin and L.P. Dover come together for a sexy new series that delivers romance for every season!
Spicy sweetness. Mouthwatering meat. Finger-licking goodness.
The restaurant community is abuzz with excitement. World renowned food critic August Cahill is coming to Chicago and a review from him can make or break even the best chef’s career.
As much as Madeline Metcalf would love for him to sample her goodies, she fears her bistro hasn’t made enough of a name for itself yet to earn his attentions. Thankfully, her nervous energy is put to good use when Adam, a smokin’ hottie she dated her freshman year of college, pops in for a bite. The heat between them has marinated with time, creating a savory dish of desire.
When Madeline learns August Cahill will be at the Taste of Chicago event, Adam insists they go. Dragging her to the pulled pork cook off, he feeds her succulent tastes that leave juices dribbling down her chin. But when Madeline learns Adam has been keeping a startlingly truth from her, it cooks up a recipe for disaster.
Crank up the heat and slather on the sauce, this kitchen is getting hot!
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The Dating Series by Heidi McLaughlin

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Heidi McLaughlin



Growing up, I never imagined my life would be the way it is today. When people say they eat, sleep, and breathe their work, I can honestly say I believe it. I live it. Then again, it’s kind of nice living in the third-floor apartment above my restaurant. All I have to do is get ready for the day, walk down two flights of steps, and voila, I’m at work. Winning that cooking competition right after I graduated from culinary school really paid off. All I had to do was wait for the right piece of property to become available. It took a few years, but it all worked out in the end. My parents were both chefs and it was their dream to open their own restaurant, but they never did. I’m thankful I was able to do it, even if it did take me until I turned thirty-five.

Once I have my dark red hair pulled back and one of my white chef’s aprons in hand, I head out the door to go down to my restaurant, Maddy’s Tavern. We don’t open up for another three hours, but I like to prepare early. Our lunch shift is always busy, but our evenings are slammed. We operate reservation only for dinner. Maddy’s Tavern has only been open for a year and every day it grows. One day, it’ll be known as one of the best restaurants in Chicago. One day. The chance of that happening is slim, but I can still dream.

The staircase leading to my apartment is in the back of the restaurant and it’s only accessible with a key. I had the door put in to keep people from venturing up to my floor in search of the bathroom. It happened a couple of times before and that was enough for me.

When I open the back door to the restaurant, it just so happens that Katy, my best friend and restaurant manager, walks through the front door, holding the morning newspaper and dressed in a nice black pants suit with her sleek blonde hair pulled back into a low ponytail. Katy and I have been best friends ever since we were kids. While I went to culinary school, she got herself a Business degree. Now she works for me.

“Hey,” I say, locking the door behind me.

Katy waves and her engagement ring glitters. “Good morning. It’s such a pretty day outside.” She’s in a giddy mood and I love it. Her boyfriend finally popped the question a couple of nights ago. It’s about time too. Katy and I are thirty-five years old. She’s been dying to start a family. I, on the other hand, have only been able to think about my restaurant. I’m happy for her though. One of us needs to have the husband and kids. I’ll be the favorite aunt when she does decide to have some.

“Any plans for the wedding yet?” I ask, meeting her at the bar.

She beams as she sets her purse and newspaper down on the counter. “Of course. We’re thinking this December. I’ve always wanted to have a wintery wedding.”

I laugh. “You’ll definitely get that. I’ll cater for you, if you want.” Then, I wink. “Free of charge.”

Katy shakes her head and sits down in one of the bar stools. “No, absolutely not. You are my maid of honor. I need you by my side the entire time. I can’t have you stressed about getting the food done.”

“Okay,” I say, holding up my hands as I sit down beside her. “The offer still stands.”

She bumps me with her shoulder. “I really appreciate it though.”

“You’re very welcome.”

The front door opens and in walk Noah and Camryn, deep in conversation about something. They both graduated from culinary school with me and we all became close friends. When I bought my building, I reached out to them to see if they’d work for me. They both have different talents in the kitchen. Noah is my sous chef and helps me with all the food while Camryn is my pastry chef. She handles all of the desserts.

“Hey guys!” I shout, waving my hand in the air. “What are you two talking about? And please tell me it’s not the nonsense of how bananas don’t belong in banana pudding or some other crap like that.”

Noah and Camryn are both in their early thirties. In school, they would get into heated discussions about what belongs in food and what doesn’t. I always find their debates comical.

Camryn tilts her head back and laughs. She’s five feet tall but also a firecracker. Noah never stands a chance against her. “No, that was last week’s argument. Actually, we’re not talking about food this time. We’re discussing different dog breeds. I’m thinking of getting one.”

“Oh, that’ll be awesome. Let me know what you decide. I love dogs.” I love them, but I don’t have the time to get one. Hopefully, one day I will.