Billionaire Flirt (A Grumpy Billionaire Romance #0) Read Online Courtney Sharpe

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He’s my boss and my brother’s best friend
He’s my first and…soon he’ll be my baby’s daddy.

I hate everything about Marco
He’s bossy, rude and a flirt.
And I would never admit it, but even his walk turns me on.
This lover boy has my attention.
But it can’t be more than just a silly fling.
Then one night I’m on his desk.
My red bottoms on the floor.
His silk tie is around my wrists.
It’s a night I pretend is behind us until…
My breast ache and my stomach won’t stop turning.
My brother is putting the pieces together.
And the tension between Marco and I increases.
I could lose my job.
I can’t believe I broke my big brother’s trust.
And the pregnancy test just came back positive.



Abbie McCord

My life was a mess. There was no other way to put it, no sugar-coating the truth. It didn't matter which way I tried to look at it, it was obvious; my life was going downhill at an alarming rate, and nothing I did seemed to help.

I stared down at my breakfast without enthusiasm, eyes narrowed in distaste. Usually, blueberry pancakes - a childhood favorite - was enough to cheer up any bad mood. But not today.

Beside me, on the kitchen table, my phone sat quietly. Every so often, I reached over to reread the email from the night before, praying that it was somehow a mistake. But no, it was very much real.

There had been issues at work for a long time now. It had been going on since I started there a year ago, in fact - probably longer, except I obviously hadn't been there to see it for myself. Management was a joke and when I tried to go for the position myself, I was all but laughed at by my boss.

Now, after suffering for a year in the worst office job imaginable, I had lost the battle. My boss firing me was bad enough but firing me over email was just insulting.

Refusal to cooperate with colleagues was the reason for dismissal, never mind that it was impossible to cooperate with people that belittled and embarrassed me every day. But were they getting fired for acting like that? Of course not! Instead, I was getting fired for finally gathering the courage to stand up for myself.

Tears stung the corner of my eyes and I swiped them away with a curse. There was no use crying about it. It was done and there was no going back. But try as I may, I couldn't shake away the heavy, lingering feeling of doom.

I had degrees, for goodness sake! I didn't spend years at university to end up in some dead-end job, only to be ditched as if I didn't even matter. But that was just how the real world was.

My eyes flickered down to the now cold pancakes and my stomach turned. Pushing the plate away, I instead turned to the enormous coffee press at my side. Coffee had always helped me through the worst of times and I hoped it would do the same now. So I poured a huge mug and immediately took a long drink.

It tasted too bitter, obviously caused by brewing for too long. Oh well. Caffeine was caffeine, all the same, and this would just have to do.

"Morning," a voice chirped from behind and I stiffened in my seat. Footsteps padded across the little kitchen, pausing in front of the fridge just out of my field of view. "I thought you'd be off to work by now. Day off?"

If only. My features twisted as my lips pursed into a thin line.

"What, not even a hello for your favorite brother?”

Shaun was my only brother but I declined to say so out loud. Instead, I waited for him to finish making breakfast; which really only consisted of him grabbing milk and cereal.

Shaun sauntered over to the kitchen table and paused before sitting down. He had this odd habit of tugging at his sleeve when he was worried, and he was doing it now with his free hand.

I knew the question was coming before he even asked.

"Is something wrong?"

Ah, there it was! Sometimes I wished that Shaun wasn't so observant because it was impossible to hide anything from him. It was not that I was trying to lie, exactly. I just didn't want to talk about this now.

"I'm fine," I lied, taking another gulp of coffee. It was still too strong but I finished the mug in three tries.

Shaun only scoffed at my reply, giving me a look that said you're fooling nobody.

"If I believed that," he said, "I'd be an idiot."

I could have argued, I supposed, but that never went anywhere. Besides, Shaun had an eerie ability to see right through me.

With a heavy sigh, I said, "Joseph fired me last night. By email. Said it was because I won't cooperate with my colleagues, and it's affecting the positivity of the workplace or some nonsense." Now that I had started talking, it was hard to stop and the words kept on coming. "It didn't matter that I'd been the model employee since I started or that I'd been putting up with everyone else's awful behavior for months. Oh, no! I lost my temper once and bam, no more job."