Charismatic (Arcane Mage #6) Read Online T. S. Snow

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Life as a Magical Enginner has never been quite as I expected it would,
but the truth is, I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Sure, there have been a lot of obstacles,
My apartment was blown up, I’ve been kidnapped,
My psycho cousin even tried to have me killed.
And now, my parents are forcing me to marry someone they picked.
However, I also met some pretty amazing people,
Helped AMIA dismantle the resistance,
And even stopped a coup from happening.
But most of all, I found love.




Charisma, it’s time to end this foolishness. Tomorrow, we’ll announce your status as the Silverstorm heir. You’ll be expected to return to your duties effective immediately and find a suitable male to start producing a new heir. We know your magic is weak, but we have someone in mind whose Elemental magic should be strong enough to ensure the Silverstorm line is carried through, and your child will be the new heir the minute they’re old enough to begin their duties.

My father’s words, or rather, his ultimatum, ran through my head like some terribly catchy song that would live rent-free in my mind forever.

And the fact both he and my mother were standing there, staring at me like this decision was a done deal and that I was supposed to just smile and say “yes sir” like a well-trained doll only aggravated the situation.

I didn’t know which part was worse or more delusional. If it was the fact they thought I’d just submit like a good girl and slink back into the family after all the shit I’d gone through, acting like the last five years had never happened. Hell, they acted like the last ten years—since they’d brought Cara to our house to groom her as my replacement once all their attempts to force my magic to get stronger failed—had suddenly ceased to exist. Or if it was the fact they wanted me to be some broodmare whose only role would be to keep the seat warm until I gave them little powerful grandbabies, and then I could be cast aside again. As if I’d ever give up any child I might have one day to them so they could put my kid through this hell. My son or daughter would not be some sacrificial lamb, bred for the purpose of being raised to the throne or some shit. Despite their plan, there was no guarantee my child would have strong magic. As I’d already proved, no matter how powerful the couple, the kid could still be magically weak. There was no way I’d ever turn them into a magical guinea pigs, hiring all kinds of psychopaths to torture them, claiming the “unorthodox” methods would strengthen their magic. Nor would I allow my parents to do that to their grandchild.

No fucking way.

Any kid of mine would have better than this. No matter what magic they had, or how powerful they were—or weren’t—they’d be loved for who they were. Come hell or high water, no matter what I had to go through to ensure it, they’d be cared for and protected until I drew my last breath.

This, I vowed.

All that, and I wasn’t even bothering to consider the fact they’d found a “suitable candidate” to be my husband. Probably a male version of Cara. Some power-hungry, twisted Elemental who cared about nothing and no one except their own sense of self-worth.

I couldn’t believe they expected me to give up the life I’d built for myself, and my growing relationships with men I loved, so I could go back to … to being miserable.

Actually, no. That wasn’t true.

I could totally believe it. Because it was just like my parents to think only their needs were important and only their wishes mattered. It was exactly like them to expect I’d jump at the snap of their fingers while asking how high. After all, they were the Silverstorms. They were used to getting their way. And for most of my life, I’d done just as they’d told me to because I wanted their approval. Desperately so. But it never mattered what I did or how quickly I could overcome the obstacles in my way. I’d already failed at a fundamental level for lacking magic power, even if there was nothing I could do to change that fact. It was who I was.

It had taken me years to come to terms with it and accept the fact I wasn’t lacking, I was just different, and that was okay too.

Even though it had taken me an awfully long time, I was finally finding my backbone. I was not going to roll over and let them walk all over me. I’d already stood up to them once, back when they’d wanted me to make Cara her MET–and thank fuck for that, considering how my twisted cousin had ended up trying to kill me–I could do it again. I’d be damned if I’d force a child to go through what I did.