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The secret I’m keeping from my hot boss is a ticking time bomb. And it’s about to explode…
Running out on my wedding and throwing myself onto his car to get away from my cheating ex is not how I thought I’d see Kaplan Fritz again.
Which is probably why I didn’t recognize him until I ran into his mother shortly after. A hell of a morning and a bottle of champagne later and I’m accepting a job I likely shouldn’t—working for his family’s foundation as their new executive assistant.
Now I’m in a new city, living a new life, determined that this will be the start of a new me, while foolishly assuming I’ll never have to see Kaplan again. Wrong.
Sitting high up on his throne, Doctor Untouchable with his boyishly handsome face, piercing green eyes, and jawline that could sharpen a knife can make a girl blush and her panties melt just by walking past her. Everyone wants a piece of Boston’s last eligible billionaire bachelor.
I simply want to forget he ever existed to me.
Especially when it turns out he’s nothing like the man I remember.
Cold, aggravatingly closed off, and infuriatingly cocky, his sexy smirk grates on my every nerve. The pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon has no time or patience for me, his lowly assistant trying to help him run his family’s foundation that he’s now the CEO of.
Every encounter we have grows more and more heated. Every fiery exchange a twisted form of foreplay. Which is why I’m determined he never discover the truth about me.
But what happens when my cover is blown and he realizes that the curvy girl he loves to fight with is the same one from his past?



I knew when this day started that it was going to be a fucking shit show. Nothing good ever starts with a wake-up call from your mother asking you to meet her for lunch. Especially when you already know the reason for the lunch and have been dreading it, well, practically since the day you were born.

Then there’s this call…

“All I’m asking is if you think she’ll say yes?”

I clench my jaw and run a hand through my hair, my other gripping the steering wheel so tight the leather creaks. “Luca, how should I know?”

“Because you somehow know Raven better than anyone. You’re like secret girlfriends. She tells you shit. Confides in you.”

I’d smirk at that if my insides weren’t being poked at with something hot and sharp. Honestly, I hope Luca proposes. I hope Raven says yes. I hope they live happily ever after and suck all the attention and limelight for themselves. Then maybe for once in my life I can stop having that pesky four-letter word thrown at me with the hope it’ll finally stick to me.


The one thing everyone from my family to the press, to the endless stream of money-hungry women lining up at the mention of my name, try to shove down my throat. But the worst part, the part that has me mashing my molars is what’s coming for me in the absence of love.

“I think she’ll think it’s too soon. You’ve only been back together a couple of months.”

He puffs out a breath. “Rina and Brecken just got married. Oliver popped the question to Amelia for real on New Year’s. Carter just did the same to Grace on fucking Valentine’s Day.”

“Feeling left out when the rest of your siblings are getting married and engaged? Don’t worry, Landon’s still only dating Elle,” I quip.

“I just want Raven as mine. Truly mine. Wearing my ring and my last name. Forever.”

“She’s not going anywhere, brother.”

“I know that. That’s not why I want to seal the deal. I love her, Kap. This is what you do when you love someone.”

I grunt, so beyond not in the mood for this. I grip the wheel tighter, which I didn’t even realize was possible. Soon my knuckles will split. “I’m ignoring you.”

“You shouldn’t. It’s time, old man.”

“I have enough on my plate without trying to deal with yet another gold digger or entitled fledgling celebrity after more fame and headlines or a socialite looking to sit around in her designer digs and do lunch while we spend decades ignoring each other.”

“There’s that side of it. Or. You know. You could find actual love.”

I blow out a silent breath, my eyes closing as I reach a traffic light. I knew this day was coming too. It’s what happens when all of your younger siblings are happily hitched up to wonderful people and your mother is obsessed with love, marriage, and grandchildren.

But they’re not me. Their path was always easier.

“Not interested,” I tell him, opening my eyes again and shoving any useless frustration at this conversation down as the light turns green and I start to drive again. “How about you focus on Raven and leave me to handle my life. Raven is young. Give her time before you put a ring on it.”