Faerie Blood (Curse of the Fae #3) Read Online Anna Applegate

Categories Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi, Paranormal, Romance Tags Authors: Series: Curse of the Fae Series by Anna Applegate

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A missing King, a headstrong Prince, and a Queen who can’t see past her grief makes for a bad combination.

The tension between the Unseelie and Seelie has turned into a full out war, one that Cora is unprepared to handle. With less than a year of training under her belt, she’s forced into the fight while trying to keep a level head for both herself and the prince, a nearly impossible task. They’re constantly torn between their blossoming love and the war that’s growing each day.
When Noah makes the terrible decision to hunt down the King alone, Cora must see him safely to the frontlines of the Seelie army, although the journey is more dangerous than either of them bargained for. Especially when finding the King means crossing the border into the Dragon Lands as well.
Noah and Cora are stronger together, especially when they have each other’s backs in battle. But when death is on the line, and an eerie truth is revealed, will their love be strong enough to give the Unseelie a fighting chance in Faerie?


Chapter 1


My breath trembled out of my mouth slowly as I tried to hold it, thinking that would somehow make a big enough difference in hiding here.


A breath tickled the back of my neck. His breath.

Noah’s arm wrapped around my waist as he quietly shifted, pressing me against him as we hid in the empty alcove from a small group of guards who were laughing as they passed.


Three beats and they were gone, rounding the corner of the Unseelie castle halls.

Noah nuzzled the side of my neck and I swung my arm backward to hit him. “That was too close!” I hissed before giggling at the pout he threw my way.

Taking me by surprise, he twirled my body around by the hips, facing me to him.

He pressed my body to his, leaning forward and giving me a kiss that felt as though he’d been waiting ages to do so.

“So desperate for me you’d risk getting caught by the guards?” I asked.

“What will they do? I’m the prince and I can be caught consorting with anyone I’d like.” He ran the backs of his fingers over my cheek as he smiled. “And sometimes I just want to be sure you’re really here. With me.”

“Where else would I be?” I ran my hand up to the damp collar of his shirt, still sweaty from our training session, fiddling with it momentarily before running my hand up the back of his neck and into his hair.

Noah moaned as the movement pressed his body against mine. “Captured. In Seelie.”

My heart pounded at the words and I shifted, moving my hands to below Noah’s chin. I cupped his face, looking up and searching his eyes, which had gone dark.

We hadn’t talked about it much, the fact that I had been captured by the Seelie. Everything worked out, went how it should have for us to all get home. But I didn’t think about what it could have meant. Especially since Prince Landon of the Seelie was there himself and seemed so keen on bringing me home. A fact I hadn’t gotten into too much detail with Noah about.

“I’m okay, Noah.”

He nodded. “I know.”

He stared at me, running his hand through my hair slowly. “You could have been—”

Before he could finish the thought, I grabbed him by his tunic. Both of us were still drenched in sweat from the training, but I didn’t care.

Noah leaned me harder against the wall as his body covered mine. His hands roamed freely toward the bottom of my own tunic. He slipped his hand effortlessly beneath my top, moving upward until he cupped my breast.

A sharp breath made me shiver as I tilted my head to the side. Noah’s hips pressed into me, thrusting and teasing me with his hard length through the barely there fabric of our training pants.

An all too familiar feeling coiled in my gut as he kissed me again, tongues tangling and clashing like it was the most normal thing in the world.

A prince and his feeder.

Noah’s kisses trailed along my jawline and down my neck, and I let my own hands wander toward his pants.

He stiffened as I ached to feel him. His movements weren’t quick, but he reached down, lacing his fingers through mine, stopping my mission to touch him as well.

“Noah, please,” I whimpered. “I want to touch you.”

He chuckled against my lips. “When I take you…” He paused, kissing just underneath my jaw. “It won’t be in a small alcove.” He moved up the side of my face, kissing the sensitive spot beneath my ear. “It won’t be a quick thing we do rushed because we might be discovered.”

My body was on fire as the breath of his whispers trailed over my skin everywhere he moved his head.