Fingers (Malicious Monks MC #1) Read Online Autumn Summers

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I was reckless, without a care in the world. Until I met Tiff, we instantly clicked and everything changed!
All I did was get rid of a creeper for her, but I didn’t realize I was scooping up a Hollywood starlet lost in deep, dark pain.
When I came to know her pains all I wanted to do was heal her.
Then I found out who she really was!
I just patched into the Malicious Monks MC and Tiff is blood with Voodoo Souls MC, our arch rivals!
Things are going to get thick, but I hope I’m not forced to choose between my brothers and the woman I love.


Chapter 1

Dancing the Night Away: Tiffany

Here I was.

I stood along the wings, watching the last girl shake her ass against the pole, grabbing it and flipping herself in the air. She thrust her hips back as the song ended, the cheering of guys in the distance echoing through Moist.

Tough competition.

I stood there, watching her shimmy her hips. She turned to me, smiling.

“You’re up, newbie. Don’t worry, I warmed up the crowd for you,” she told me with a wink. She left before I could respond. I walked forward, taking a deep breath.

Just like how I practiced.

But that didn’t mean I wasn’t worried about fucking up. I mean, could anyone really blame me? This was my first night working here. Even though Dirk told me I didn’t have to, that he would provide, I didn’t do that shit.

I’m tired of him treating me like a child. I’m twenty-three years old.

Then again, he seemed to be doing his own thing with the guys, whatever that was. I never asked him.

I stepped on stage, feeling my hands shake for a moment before the song started, a techno beat that pulled me straight into my element.

As soon as I touched the pole, it was over. I grabbed it, shaking my ass, doing the moves I practiced at home. Just like in those dance classes I took back when I was chasing that Hollywood dream.

I kicked my leg up, grinding against the pole, reaching up, spinning around. Pulling my ass downwards until it grazed against the tip of it, kissing the metal with the tip of my crack. I slid down, spreading my legs, grinding, moving around.

The crowd was just a bunch of dumb, drunk, horny bikers. But the bills being thrown at me did something—a dopamine rush of sorts. I flipped my blonde hair back, grasping the pole with a tanned, manicured hand, and then, I shimmied about.

“Yeah, get it, girl!”

“Take off your top!”

“Come on gorgeous, let me see those tits!”

Hearing this might’ve normally upset me, but there was something thrilling about it, hearing all of these men start to just lose it, watching me like they needed me.

I started feeling hot and bothered, my pussy getting wet as the men threw more bills at me, a couple of them coming right up to the stage. As a guy walked over, I looked directly into his eyes, winking, and then I bent down, shaking my ass right by his face.

“Aww yeah, you got the booty to work it!” he said, slapping my ass.

There was a rule about touching in the club and I kind of wanted to say something about it. However, it being my first night and not wanting to cause trouble, I kept going.

As the songs continued, the guys changed. First, it was the big, rowdy types, followed by those who seemed younger, stupider, almost like they were dragged here by the debaucherous ones.

They all looked one way—like drunk, nasty, needy-looking motherfuckers. Absolutely disgusting men, the kind you don’t bring home to family.

The kind of guys I fucked with back in Cali.

Maybe that’s why I liked it. Maybe it’s because they were so similar that there was a bit of a calming feeling seeing these men leer at me, and they paid me to fucking do this.

Then again, I wasn’t above using what I had to get what I want, and I would use my body to sucker these dudes in whether they liked it or not.

I shimmied my hips once more, and after a few more moments, my eyes darted out in the crowd again. This time, someone caught my eye.

A guy standing near the bar, looking different. All the guys who had come in here so far reeked of beer, piss, and grunge. Yet that little Boy Scout over there wore a tidy black shirt and jeans, his eyes focused on me. Those baby blues didn’t leave me, that’s for sure.

There was something way different about him. Maybe because he wasn’t the rowdy shit like every other schmuck in the bar. He seemed so innocent. And I could see his eyes fixated on me.

We made eye contact. I licked my lips. It was then I saw the bug eyes, already wide as hell, just open up, fixated and watching me as I smiled, practically purring as I shimmied against the pole.