French Kissing (Teacher’s Pet #14) Read Online Amie Barnes

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I’m her French teacher, but she needs a lesson about teasing…
When I turn around to find Willow Taylor, with her hand between her thighs in the middle of French class, my body responds. When she runs off before I can speak with her about it, I realize that she needs to be taught a lesson. In my classroom, I’m in charge. Her teasing will have consequences that I’m determined to hand down. Too bad she’s such a temptation that I can’t hold back.


Chapter One

Mr. Lyon

Holy shit!

I have to clear my throat to hold back a laugh. I can’t believe I thought those words in English. My mind usually reverts to my native tongue when I swear, which has saved me many times. Most people don’t know how to swear in French.

I feel like the room is spinning around me when I turn from the whiteboard to find Willow Taylor’s teeth digging into the plump flesh of her lower lip. Her eyelids flutter. She looks like she’s… when I lower my gaze, I have a clear view of her panties.

Her thighs are spread. Her middle three fingers cover the gusset of her panties and move in a circular motion. I clench the cheeks of my ass and try to contain my body’s reaction. But it’s too late. My dick fills with all the blood draining from my brain.

Willow Taylor is not a troublemaker. She’s a straight-A student and usually a rule follower. Apparently not today. I won’t lie to myself or pretend that I haven’t noticed her. She’s a beautiful young woman with large golden-brown eyes and a full, pouty mouth. And her accent when she speaks French is so good that if she traveled to France, most people would assume that she’s simply from another province.

She studies hard and usually respects my rules. Then again, many the other students do this. That’s part of the reason why I don’t notice them. Even before today, Willow has been on my radar.

And when she turned eighteen, something flipped a switch in my brain. It was like my subconscious decided she was free game because she’s the age of majority. And ever since then, she pops into my head unbidden when I’m in bed at night with my hand tight around my cock.

So when I turned around and saw where her hand was, I wondered if this might be a dream. I haven’t had a wet dream since I was a teenager, but I could see this very scenario turning into one.

She’s touching herself.

Willow draws in a loud breath. She lets out a squeak so tiny that it doesn’t even draw anyone’s attention. Anyone’s except mine. She looks beautiful as her body shudders and her eyes lock with mine.


She just brought herself to orgasm in the middle of my French class. I’m light-headed with the implications of this — not to mention sudden blood loss from my brain. Luckily, I was standing behind the small podium at the front of my classroom. The teacher’s desk is in the back of the room, offering no protection.

So even though I feel like I need to sit down, there’s no way for me to get there without exposing myself and the full erection tenting the front of my slacks. When her eyes flutter closed, I groan aloud, capturing her attention.

Then her body quivers and jerks. My cock does the same, testing the limits of my zipper. I have to swallow twice before I can get any words out, and of course the first thing that pops out is her name.

Once she answers my question, our gazes hold for a moment too long. This is ridiculous. I will not flirt with a student in front of the class. And it seems that’s exactly what she wants to do when her eyes flash with heat.

I do the only thing I can. I turn back to the board and continue discussing verb conjugation. My entire body is taut with tension. So much so that I have to relax my muscles a little in order to extend my arm and continue writing on the whiteboard.

I normally ask a question here or there. Today, I fall back into lecture mode. I’ve been doing this for years, so words spill from my mouth without much thought from my brain. Considering my brain is in the gutter right now, that’s a good thing.

I don’t like feeling out of control, nor do I like to be blindsided. Willow touching herself blindsided me with both these feelings at once. She and I are going to have a talk.

Chapter Two


I bite my lip as I listen to his voice. That deep tone runs along my skin, leaving tingles and raised hairs in its wake. His French accent is almost too much when you add it on to how sexy he is in every other aspect.