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Ghost - Iron Thunder MC

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Savannah Rylan

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She's not like other girls.
Mercy is smart, sophisticated, and out of my f*cking league. She was a nurse once, But money was tight and stripping was easier.
Now that asshole, Eagle, wants her back with the Silver Knights. Oh hell no. I'm not letting go of Mercy.
Not now. Not ever. Sure, we're opposites. But opposites attract.
And I'll do anything to protect her.
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Savannah Rylan



We attacked Teasers last night, the strip club that used to be owned and operated by the Silver Knights, but now they’ve scattered. Their President is under lockdown here at our Clubhouse now, and he also happens to be Mary-Beth’s brother. The fact that Mary-Beth and our President, Drax, are back in a relationship again means that shit is going to get really complicated from here.

Under any other circumstances, after the shit he pulled on us, Crash would be dead by now. There was no reason to spare him other than that he was Drax’s family, in a way. He couldn’t order the execution because he wouldn’t know how to console Mary-Beth. Despite everything, and even though we know her loyalty lies with Drax, Crash is still her brother.

Yeah I was fuckin’ pissed off, and had no interest in hiding it. We should have just ended the bastard and moved on with our lives. Instead, he was locked up in our cellar, one of us constantly on guard. Waste of resource. Waste of space.

Because of Crash and his stupidity, our MC had been under serious attack for the past months.

We had always operated on a live-and-let-live motto around here. We’d had no intention of warring with the Silver Knights, till they stole our cargo and started this shitstorm. And now there’s no going back. We had to retaliate. We had to protect ourselves and what is ours.

Even though we won last night at Teasers and sent them scooting on their sorry asses, it caused damage to us too. Our men were injured, some of them badly, many coming close to fatal injuries. And now our Clubhouse was teeming with the strippers from Teasers that Drax had ordered us to house.

These girls were in Silver Knights’ employ for years. When their strip club was under attack, they emptied out but now they had nowhere to go. Drax ordered that we brought them back here. We were running out of fuckin’ space, but we were following the President’s orders.

So now when I walked down the Clubhouse corridors, all I could see were chicks with bleach-blonde hair and copper-tanned bodies. On any other night, I would have taken my pick and fucked one of them in my room. Maybe two at the same time, depending on my mood. But tonight I was pissed off. Tonight, I just wanted to get my head around what we were going to do about Crash.

I went up to my room to take a shower, to get rid of the blood caked between my fingers and in my ears. When I peeled off my clothes, I saw bullet-burn marks on my skin I hadn’t noticed before. The bleeding must have stopped some time ago because I wasn’t losing any more blood, but still they burned when the hot steamy water hit my body.

There was a dull aching throb at the base of my skull. This shower was supposed to help, but now I felt like I needed something else. I needed another drink.

No, I didn’t usually think about what else I would do if I wasn’t here, where I might have been if it wasn’t for Iron Thunder. I had a different life now, sure, but that wasn’t how I started off. Where do troubled orphans end up?

Before I joined this MC, I hadn’t pictured a life where I would wake up in the morning, drag myself out of bed, get on a bike and have somewhere to be. Have people who relied on me. Have a business to run and decisions to make.

I didn’t think very much of my life or myself.

Then I met Drax.

Actually, he met me.

I was a kid, but a kid with balls. Drax was drinking over at Denny’s, a dive bar they used to hang out at in the old days. I managed to steal Drax’s keys and was going to ride his bike away into oblivion. The funny thing was, I didn’t even plan on selling it or anything. I just planned on using it to ride away, to get out of that dump of a life. I didn’t get very far.

In fact, I didn’t even fuckin’ get on the bike before I felt Drax’s hands on my shoulders, yanking me back. I thought I was done for then.

And maybe I would have been if it wasn’t for the way I was willing to stand up and face the music. Now when I look back at it, I can’t help but laugh at how idiotic I must have looked like to Drax. Chest puffed up, eyes blazing, chin thrust up, but I was nothing more than a ratty orphan teenager trying to be a big man.

Drax could have punched the living hell out of me but instead he just glared at me, almost like he was confused.