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Haven - Guns n' Boys

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K.A. Merikan

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— Not the same river, not the same man. —
After seven years away, Seth and Domenico are back in Sicily with one goal in mind.
The man who’d hounded their family is still alive, and as untouchable as he’s always been. While they wait for the right moment to strike, reality clashes with fond memories of home.
The world they used to know is no more than a memory, and former friends might have become foes. One thing hasn’t changed though: being gay will never be tolerated within the mafia. Where they’d expected a safe haven for their family, they instead find targets on their backs and the sound of sharpening knives.
When Domenico faces his ugly past head-on, Seth is the only man who can deal with the fallout. Together, they are ready to crawl into Hell for their freedom, but what if the price they have to pay is too steep?
POSSIBLE SPOILERS: Themes: mafia, organized crime, family ties, secrets, European setting, deception, violence, fish out of water, established couple, trust, revenge
Genre: M/M romance, suspense....Length: ~85,000 words (Book 11 in the series)
WARNING: Adult content. If you are easily offended, this book is not for you.
‘Guns n’ Boys’ is a gritty story of extreme violence, offensive language, abuse, and morally ambiguous protagonists, as well as scorching hot, explicit love scenes. Behind the morbid facade, there is a splash of inappropriate dark humor, and a love story that will crawl under your skin.
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K.A. Merikan

Chapter 1 – Domenico

The world had turned on its head. Domenico and Seth were back in Italy after years abroad, Seth’s ex-wife was their hostess, and their son was just being proposed to by his lanky boy toy in lilac.

So maybe not all of this was a change for the worse, but Domenico leaned back in his chair at the dinner table when Mark took a deep exhale and accepted the proposal before pulling Griffith in for a kiss.

Dom could sense Seth’s smug smile without needing to look at him, and the poke to his ribs made him roll his eyes. At the head of the table, Lucrezia clapped, prompting Santo to join in, albeit with less enthusiasm.

It was embarrassing.

“Mark, can you explain to me why this is happening?” Domenico asked, clearing his throat, even though the pasta al limone beckoned him to dig in with its creamy yet tart scent.

“Wh-what?” Mark glanced at him with a dazed expression and a virginal flush to his cheeks.

How did he not realize how ridiculous this situation made him look?

“You’re clearly ready to marry, you two have been together for two years. How come you haven’t proposed yet? Why would you force your boyfriend to broach the subject?”

Griffith’s pale brows lowered. “Why would he be the one to prop—?”

Of course he needed to excuse what happened.

Domenico raised his hand. “No need to defend him.”

Seth rubbed his cheek and pressed his knee against Dom’s under the table. “Don’t spoil it for them,” he whispered, as if ridiculous situations like this shouldn’t be pointed out.

“Excuse me? I’m just talking to my son here.”

Mark took a deep breath and kissed the top of Griff’s head. “Just be happy we’re getting married. What the f—?” He stopped himself from swearing after one glance at his little sister, who watched them with a curious expression, playing with the blue layers making up her tutu.

Santo cleared his throat. “We should all congratulate you,” he said with a polite smile, but Domenico had no doubt Lucrezia would be getting an earful about this event later.

At least Griffith finally sat in his chair, with an oblivious smile stuck to his face.

Lucrezia rose and clapped once more, the sound resonating under the high ceiling of the grand room decorated with modern art and furniture. “I’ll get us champagne.”

Santo looked her way and nodded before silently contemplating his half-empty plate. “Do Mark and Griffith intend to stay here as well?”

“We haven’t—” Griff said, but he must have realized that he’d spoken out of turn and glanced at Mark, whose lips stretched into a wide smile.

“We’ll have to discuss it.”

But to Domenico, Santo’s question had so much more baggage. Santo wasn’t asking if they’d be spending Christmases together. He was assessing how many threats would be roaming through his territory.

“Griff has school back in London,” Seth said as he swirled his fork in the pasta. At least the comment eased some of the tension, and Lucrezia swiftly engaged in the topic, acting as if she found Griff’s future ballet career fascinating.

Or maybe she was interested? It was hard to tell when Domenico expected a knife in the back at each turn.

Domenico petted Angelica’s head when she showed him a smiling face she’d made out of her own food on the plate. She didn’t seem to recognize neither of their hosts, but regardless of who’d been keeping her throughout the past month, Santo had been the one to order her abduction. He’d taken a little girl hostage, and that was an unforgivable sin, regardless of his intentions

“They’ll probably visit every now and then,” Domenico added before complimenting Lucrezia on her cooking. He wanted to find fault in it, but the pasta was exquisite, and could have easily rivaled his mother’s.

“How do you envision your life here?” Santo asked next, pointing out the elephant in the room without actually doing it.

The flames buzzing in the massive fireplace nearby cast shadows on the tall walls decorated with frescoes from three hundred years ago, and Domenico focused on them as he considered his answer.

“What are you really asking?”

Santo hummed and swirled his wine in the crystal glass. “Maybe we could chat about it as I show you the extension to the left wing? Lucrezia designed a beautiful sunroom.”

Finally, they might get some answers.

Domenico wiped his mouth and once more nodded at their hostess before rising. He turned to Seth and touched his chair, gently pulling it away from the table.

Santo got up without finishing his wine. “Seth can stay and enjoy dessert, since I wanted to talk business anyway.”

Seth stilled, his face carved in stone when he glanced at Domenico. The question in his warm eyes was obvious. Do you want me to come? But Dom was too blinded by annoyance to think it through. So maybe it would have been a smart move to keep Seth’s involvement hidden and treat it as a wild card up his sleeve, but it wasn’t worth the cost of Seth being treated as some kind of mafia wifey. They’d been through that back in El Encanto, and Domenico had learned that he wanted his husband’s counsel. Not to mention that he wouldn’t stand for him being insulted or excluded from matters that affected them both.