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Hot Neighbor

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Flora Ferrari

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The girl next door has never looked so tempting…
When Landon moves to LA, he isn’t looking for anything more than a fresh start and the chance to get more hands-on as a physical trainer for his celebrity clients. But the second he sets eyes on the dark haired beauty watching him from her window, the only thought in his mind is how he can get his hands on her as soon as possible.
Elena finds herself equally enraptured by the dark haired stranger whose blue eyes seem to pierce straight into her soul, and their first meeting leaves her electrified and wanting more. Elena’s father, on the other hand, is less than thrilled by the sparks flying between Landon and 21-year-old Elena and isn’t afraid to show it.
Torn between this new, magnetic attraction and her devotion to her father, Elena is at war with herself. When she’s with Landon, everything seems so clear — the rest of the world doesn’t matter. But she can’t keep walking this tightrope forever…
While Landon wants nothing more than to spirit Elena away from the suffocating ‘rules’ that keep them apart, he doesn’t want to make her choose between her family or him — although he’s never been a patient man.
He’s also never felt this way for anyone before, and the spell Elena has over him is captivating and unfamiliar all at once. When tensions rise to a breaking point between Elena’s father and the enamored couple, she’ll find herself faced with inner turmoil she could never have imagined.
Will Elena be able to keep Landon without losing her father? Can she only have love if it comes with sorrow?
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


The second I lay eyes on her as my moving van pulls up in the driveway, I know I want her. I feel my cock harden in my pants and every possessive bone in my body longs to snatch her up and make her mine. This beautiful temptress, sitting on her window ledge with her dark doe eyes watching me, is definitely going to get me in trouble.

I feel my fists clench at my sides as I continue to watch her. Her dark hair spills in waves over her creamy shoulders. She’s wearing a tank top that barely covers anything. I guess the hot weather means I’ll be seeing a lot more of her in skimpy clothes.

I feel a growl rising in my throat. This isn’t what I expected when I came here. I’m here for a new start, an introduction to LA living to be closer to my clients. I didn’t come here for women. I’ve never been with one before and I’ve never found the right one for me. But now, staring up at this woman, I know I’ve found the one I’ve been missing.

But I have to help get my things inside. I only have the removal van for another hour so I need to shift my furniture inside fast. I get out of the van and the hot Californian sun beats down on me. I strip myself of my shirt and though I don’t look up, I know she’s watching. I smile to myself. Good. I’m the only man she should be allowed to look at.

She stays at her window, watching me as I work up a sweat moving my furniture inside. It’s hard work, but I know it’ll catch this beautiful woman’s attention, so I don’t mind one bit. I know she’ll be looking at the rippling muscles of my body, fantasizing about what it would be like for me to wrap my strong arms around her instead of a piece of furniture.

At least, I hope that’s what she’s thinking.

By the time I’ve moved all of my furniture inside and given the keys to the van back to the removal’s guy, I’m glistening with sweat and craving a beer. But first, I want to meet this woman properly. If we’re going to be neighbors then there’s no denying that we need to get to know each other...but I wouldn’t mind getting to know her a lot more intimately than most of my prior neighbors.

I haven’t picked out a room yet, so I decide that there’s no better master bedroom than the one right opposite her bedroom. I rush upstairs and enter the empty room. For a moment, I can’t see her, but then she drifts to the side window, clearly excited to see me. She opens the window and sits on the ledge, her legs dangling out of the window.

“Hi,” she murmurs. She’s so damn beautiful that I can barely take it. I want to leap over into her room and take her right there and then. She’s woken up a desire filled animal inside me that I didn’t know existed until I laid eyes on you. I’m having cravings for things I’ve never done, and I’m only craving them with her.

“Hi,” I say in return, opening my own window. We stare at one another for a moment. As her eyes wander over my still bare chest, I can’t help admiring her own. She’s got wide hips and large breasts. Every guy’s dream.

“So I guess we’re neighbors,” she says, fiddling with the ends of her hair. She offers me a smile so seductive that I almost come in my pants. “I’m Elena.”

I stretch out of my window to shake her hand.

“I’m Landon,” I murmur in a husky tone. “It’s nice to meet you.”

She blushes a little. It suddenly occurs to me that she’s a lot younger than I am. She must only be twenty-one at the most, so there’s at least a twenty-year age difference between us. Some might say it’s not appropriate for me to be craving a younger woman, but I’ve never been one to enforce taboos. I’m attracted to her, and she’s obviously attracted to me...that’s our business and no one else’s.

“Nice to meet you too,” she says, her hand lingering in the handshake. I resist the urge to stroke my thumb over the beautifully soft skin of her hand.

“Aren’t I lucky to have such a friendly new neighbor,” I growl. She smiles.

“Just wait until you meet my family. They’re really cool.”

I’m not so sure her family and I are going to get along. I bet her dad won’t be too pleased with me when he figures out the thoughts going through my head. I want her to be mine. I want to fuck her until she screams my name. I have bad intentions for his daughter and I don’t think he’s going to want to be friends when he notices that.