Howling for Attention (Half Moon Key #1) Read Online Milly Taiden

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When Mason Pierce rolls into Half Moon Key, he knows it isn’t an ordinary small town. The place is a mystery locals just accept, but the wolf shifter is intrigued. It might be the enigmatic Lila Ford that has Mason longing for a simple small-town life. She’s exactly the perfect mix of sweet and untouchable he never thought he’d fall for.
Lila Ford knows she will always live in her hometown, running her grandparents’ diner. In fact, her whole life is planned. Exciting? No. But when Mason Pierce walks in, the world changes. He’s everything she should stay away from, but all she truly wants.
Half Moon Key will never be the same now that love has come to town. Mason might be on the run from a terrible mistake, but that won’t stop him from settling down with the right woman. If only he could persuade Lila to spend more time with him. He wants to be closer to her. He needs to. To romance her, but more than that…to protect her.

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“Where the fuck am I?” Mason grumbled to himself as he turned down yet another winding road.

The last hour was one curving and twisting dirt road after the other with no end in sight. There weren’t even any road signs to let him know if he was on the right path or not. There were never breaks in the thick line of trees, and the cell phone reception was spotty at best. He couldn’t get a signal long enough to screenshot the directions he needed, let alone long enough to make a call.

It was annoying as hell that the GPS on his phone kept bugging out, a sure sign he was pretty damn far from civilization.

It made sense that Half Moon Key would be out in the middle of literally nowhere. Why else would his brother have chosen to move out here?

It also made sense for Mason’s own purposes, but he didn’t want to think about that just then. He had to focus on finding the elusive Half Moon Key, and then everything would be fine.

He had to believe that was true.

Mason cursed under his breath and looked down at his phone’s screen. It was trying to recalculate for the millionth time while trying to latch onto any small cell signal. It was probably useless because soon, the device would be out of battery.

He wasn’t the kind of man to panic or sweat the small stuff, but it was late. He was hungry and tired and seriously reconsidering his whole surprise my big brother plan … all the while keeping a pretty big fucking secret.

You could just come clean, his wolf pointed out.

Mason snorted and shook his head. That wasn’t going to happen. Ever. His secret would die with him.

Mason parked his car on the side of the road … which meant half of the car was hidden by thick underbrush and trees … and he hopped out. He walked around with his phone pointed toward the sky.

“Come on, you dumb piece of crap. Gimme something to work with.”

“You can’t park there,” a sweet voice called out.

Mason turned in shock. He was so engrossed in his signal that he hadn’t even picked up on the fact that someone was watching him. He couldn’t be mad about the sneaking stranger, though. Not when he saw who was standing there.

Whoever she was, she was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

His jaw dropped to the ground, and his eyes might as well have popped out of his head with heart signs. There, in the moonlight, was a vision of pure beauty. He cleared his throat and grinned at her, gesturing to his phone. “I know. I’m a bit lost.”

The woman arched a thin, delicate eyebrow at him. “Those don’t work out here. Too much interference from the trees and nature. There are all kinds of interferences. Not many electronics work the way they should.”

“That’s convenient,” he said under his breath, more to himself than to her.

“What are you looking for?” the stranger asked. She didn’t move but kept a fair amount of distance between them.

Mason contemplated replying with a sly you, but he had a feeling the stranger wouldn’t go for it. The moonlight was hitting the top of her head, casting blue and silver hues on her long black hair. She looked like a woodland fairy or something mythical. That would explain the sheer beauty of her heart-shaped face.

Even in the darkness, he could see her skin was smooth and tanned. Her curvy legs were molded with a pair of pink leggings, while the top half of her was hidden under a long, baggy black sweatshirt with a massive half-moon printed on it. It read Moony’s Cafe, leaving very little doubt that this was probably a spot in Half Moon Key. That had to mean he was pretty close, didn’t it?