Omega’s Fall (Love by Glitter Bomb #21) Read Online Maggie Hemlock

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Alpha Wolf Guardian, Dayton Montel, prides himself on doing his job well. He’s worked his way up to a position of prestige, but with prestige comes the dirty jobs. Not the literal dirty jobs but the delicate jobs. He’s sent to the heart of Canton Valley to interview a unicorn who has arrived by a strange occurrence, and he knows it’s not the best time to barge in on the friends the newcomer is staying with. Still, it’s his job, and someone has to do it. Dayton never expected the unicorn of interest would change his life forever when they met. Heck, he’d almost given up on finding his true-mate, but there Kimber stands in front of him: Newly arrived and scared, a bit witless by what almost transpired before he left home. It’s up to Dayton to put the broken pieces of this unicorn shifter back together.

Omega unicorn, Kimber, barely escaped his meadow in one piece and with his dignity intact. He’s plunged into the murky waters of Earthside, and while he’s lucky enough to reunite with an old friend, his troubles find a way to follow him to his new and happy home. A dire warning from the oldest unicorn in his herd leaves Kimber and all his friends searching for clues and huddling close to stay safe. Will love and friendship be enough to see Kimber through the scariest time of his life?

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Chapter One


Hushed whispering voices from nearby startled me awake.

“The harpy has been asking questions again,” Elder Ergen hissed.

The elders! The elders were on a late-night stroll through the meadow. I stayed still and willed my heartbeat to slow the fuck down back to normal. Usually, the old geezers were out for the night with the setting of the sun. Rumors had flown around the meadow since the day those jackasses tossed Wilder down the well. Just thinking of my friend’s name sent a shock of guilt down to my core. I let them take Wilder!

“Not right now,” my unicorn huffed at me. “Shut up, lay still, and listen.”

“What does that raven-winged miscreant want now? Those dullards a meadow over gave him the herbs for the picnic spell. You’d think with all the time those winged mutants spend sitting on their hindquarters in their nests they’d have come up with their own version by now,” his brother, Elder Prance, asked.

“He’s asking about Kimber,” Ergen said, and even in the dark, I knew the old geezer rolled his eyes at my name.

Only my heart skipped a beat at the sound of it.

“What do they want with him?” Prance huffed. “He’s practically useless.”

“There is no practically to it. He was odd enough while Wilder was here. Now I’m surprised he washes his own ass and doesn’t ask for help. He’s spending more and more time indoors too. Only comes out to sleep. I’m starting to wonder if whatever happened to Wilder is contagious. He’ll be the next one we have to rid the herd of,” Ergen said.

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” Prance whispered.

“They’re asking about him because apparently, someone found Wilder, and now they’re all playing make-believe that he has a true-mate or something like that,” Ergen said.

“So then if they’re playing that game what does he want with Kimber?” Prance asked.

“Good question. Probably something equally frivolous. There is a war going on down there too from what I’ve overheard at the edge of the meadow,” Ergen said.

“What does that have to do with Kimber? He’d run from a fly if his inner beast didn’t know to swat at it with his tail!” Prance laughed a bit too loud, and his elder brother shushed him.

I buried my face in my arm and let out a long slow breath. There wasn’t a single unicorn here I could talk to about this with come morning. There wasn’t a single unicorn here that would actually care to stand up for me and say that none of that was true. Okay, the staying inside part was true but I wasn’t useless. I took care of myself. Sure, I missed Wilder, but that didn’t make me an invalid.

“What are we going to do about this situation?” Prance asked after he gathered his wits and quelled his laughter.

“I’m not entirely sure. We could toss Kimber down the well after him but if we give them their way on this one what’s next? They’ll believe they can make demands and we’ll bow our heads and give in. That’s not a precedent I intend to set,” Ergen said.

“So, what are we going to do with him then?” Prance asked.

“We’ll have to convince one of our peers to take him as a mate. As soon as he is with child, he’ll forget all these silly notions and his melancholy. Even if the harpy manages to get into our meadow from the sky, Kimber wouldn’t leave his child. No unicorn would, and no foal of ours is going to be taken away to live in that despicable place.”