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Clara Duke lives to crochet wearable art. But right this second, she’s looking at the one guy who has the uncanny ability to unravel her in every possible way. Zane Brampton. He broke her heart in high school and now wants to make it up to her—in a single night. Just being in the same room as him feels dangerously volatile. A whole night with this delectable, gorgeous man would be nothing less than a total sexpocalypse. But oh, what a way to go.

The sight of Clara and her mouthwatering curves might actually kill restaurateur Zane. Ten years ago, their volcanic chemistry exploded… taking their social circle along with it. But Zane hasn’t forgotten the heat—and this feels almost like fate. He’ll be damned if he’ll let her run from their connection again. And he might just have found his chance to prove he deserves more than just one night…

Now Zane is driving Clara to California to meet her professional dreams. But between the road, the chocolate, and the ridiculously hot sex, Clara risks getting tangled up with her not-so-one-night-stand. And worse, Zane might just be the thread that snaps all of her perfectly crocheted plans.


Chapter One

Clara Duke reached the enormous door of Standing Room, the most popular pub-style restaurant in NYC, and stalled out—hard. There were several people behind her, waiting for her to move forward, but she couldn’t make her four-inch heels carry her into the wedding reception.

This is a mistake. I shouldn’t have come. God, how am I going to get out of this?

The simplest answer—she wasn’t.

There was no escape. No easy way out.

She could only imagine how much it cost to host a wedding in New York, and she’d RSVP-ed “yes.” Plus, on the advice of her genius best friend, she’d spent several hundred bucks on great hair and a killer dress to make herself look bulletproof. She wasn’t leaving until she did what she should have done ten years ago: find the groom and apologize for breaking his heart.

Not that he cared anymore. A man like Jack wouldn’t marry for anything except true love, so she assumed he’d recovered from her betrayal. But when she’d seen his name on the engraved wedding invitation, everything that was currently wrong with her life had become obvious—and undeniable. Clearing the air with Jack would right the wrong that had sent her fleeing down the wrong path, and then finally free her to seek bliss with no lingering guilt.

She hoped.

It had seemed brilliantly simple when she checked the “will attend” box on the invitation. But it didn’t feel simple now. It felt ridiculous. Of all the times she could have chosen to apologize, she’d decided this was the right one? His freaking wedding?


“Sorry,” she threw breathlessly over her shoulder and forced herself through the short hallway toward the dining room, past leather benches, dark red walls, and framed photographs of iconic NYC landmarks, propelled by the impatience of those waiting behind her, if not by her own resolve.

“Allow me.” The man behind her took a quick step, grasped the glass door, and pulled it open.

A blast of cheery noise greeted her from the dining room.

“Thank you.” She gave him a rueful smile, but instead of the tight impatience she assumed she’d see in his expression, his warm brown eyes held flirtation.

Well, that gave her confidence a boost.

She swept into the dim room and veered left, seeking a place to get her bearings and pinpoint the location of the happy couple.

An enormous bar lorded it over the center of the restaurant. Large, circular booths filled the corners. It wasn’t a huge space, but the high ceilings and gorgeous pendant lighting made it feel like it was. To her far left, French doors opened into a banquet room where she could see several carving stations and a table that held an intriguing number of condiments. To her right, another set of French doors framed a jaw-dropping display of desserts. Her breath sighed from her lungs, and her mouth watered. An entire room of desserts.

An entire. Room. Of desserts.

Okay, even if she talked to no one—hell, even if she failed in her quest and spent the rest of her life avoiding the things that would bring her true contentment—coming here would be worth it for an hour in that decadent room. Good gracious, was that a chocolate fountain? If so, she bet it would be the good stuff, dark and delicious. You and me, later, she promised the incredible-looking display. Time spent with sugar would be all the sweeter after she talked to Jack.

Not for the first time, Clara wondered why he hadn’t chosen one of his family’s restaurants for their reception venue. Maybe the bride’s family had made the choice? That was traditional, she supposed, but a little odd considering the Calabrese name was synonymous with the best restaurants in NYC. She hadn’t been able to stop herself from following Jack’s career and cheering his triumph with his restaurant, Inferno. His new wife had been integral to that success, but Clara didn’t remember reading anything about her having connections in the restaurant business.