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Jenika Snow

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It was always the four of them.
Lilly and her three guys. Riley, Christian, and Tallin.
They were her protectors, the three most important people in her life, and the people she loved above all else, and they all gave her something special in their friendship.
And moving away from them was the hardest thing she’d ever experienced in her life. Or so she thought.
When an unexpected tragedy brought Lilly back to her hometown, she turned to the men she loved the most. What she didn’t expect was for her feelings to shift to something more carnal and consuming.
Crossing the line with her best friends was so wrong it felt good.
****Note: This is a previously published until the title “Theirs”. It’s been reedited, retitled, and recovered, but the story itself is the same. This is an MFM story. It does deal with sensitive subject matter.
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Jenika Snow

Chapter One

Broken heart

He was gone. Lilly could only sit on the edge of her bed and hold the phone as the conversation she’d just had played over and over again in her head.

“I’m sorry, Lilly. Christian is gone.”

She squeezed her eyes shut, the tears not coming, but the pain so monumental she couldn’t even breathe.

Christian’s dead.

He was only thirty, the same age as she was, the same as Riley and Tallin.

God, that’s so young. It’s so tragic and devastating.

The sound of the clock ticking on her wall was not enough background noise to dull the ringing in her ears. She stood, the room spinning, everything going in and out of focus, and sweat beading her brow.

Sorrow for the loss of one of her best friends assaulted her, claimed every part of her, and was sucking the very life from her. Guilt that she hadn’t seen him as much as she should since she left wracked her, made her feel like a worthless piece of shit person.

You didn’t say goodbye. You should have talked to him more, made an effort to go back home and see him.

She squeezed her eyes again, sucking in air, feeling dizzy, like she was in a prison and there was never any chance of her escaping.

She didn’t get to say goodbye.

I didn’t get to tell him that I loved him, that he was such a good friend.

She would finally be going home again after being away for so many years. Even if she’d spoken to the guys during that time, it wouldn’t be a happy reunion. No, she was going back to watch Christian being buried.

God, can I even get through this? Can I go back and see Riley and Tallin and not have a breakdown?

Thinking about the other two men that had been part of their quartet made her heart hurt, made every part of her tighten. How could she face them with such tragedy hanging over them?

They’d stayed in Burkett, Colorado this whole time, and she knew they’d spent time with Christian. This had to be earth-shattering to them.

Sitting back on the bed, she breathed out and ran her hand over her eyes.

She might not know if she could do this, but she didn’t have a choice.

Chapter Two

Back home

Lilly pulled her car into the small, rundown gas station that was about thirty minutes outside of Burkett—the town she’d grown up in.

She stopped in front of one of the two pumps, both brown and rusted around the edges, making it clear they’d been here a while.

A bell chimed twice and signaled the attendant to come out to pump the patron’s gas. It was old school, but then again a lot of things in Burkett were that way

A grease splattered young man jogged toward her car, mindful of the dusting of snow and ice covering the ground. Pellets of salt had been thrown down, but it was still snowing, and she knew it would be for the next few months.

Winter had finally come to Burkett, and it wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.

She rolled the driver’s side window down when he stopped in front of it, a big grin pasted on his dirty face.

“What can I do for you, Miss?”

“Can you please fill the tank up?” She leaned back in her seat as he pumped the gas, her mind blank and void of any and all emotion. She would not cry in the parking lot of a gas station.

It was during the quiet times that she remembered the good times she had had with her boys.