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Pack Master (Vampire Kings #3)

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Loki Renard

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It takes a wolf to break a wolf. (And to humble a vampire prince.) Pack master Henry Riker has his hands full with the men of the house of Maddox.
Will has the world’s worst craving. He can try to fight it. He can try to control it. He will fail.
William's hunger is everything. To fulfill it, he will stop at nothing. He will sacrifice anything.
Master will become jailer. Family will become enemy. Love will be just another useless thing he cannot consume.
But Maddox has no intention of giving up on his boy. Every good king knows when to recruit new generals.
Enter the pack master, the very last of his kind still presiding over a functioning werewolf pack. William is about to learn some manners, wolf style.
If that weren't enough work for one wolf, it soon becomes apparent that Will is not the only troublemaker who needs handling.
Lorien also catches the pack master's attention. And perhaps even his affection.
But the arrogant vampire prince must first be humbled if he is to be loved.
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Vampire Kings Series by Loki Renard

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Loki Renard

Chapter One

The sound of metal grating against metal took Maddox back.

The first moment he’d laid eyes on Will, he’d had an epiphany. It was one of those undeniable moments of destiny when he knew he was in the right place at the right time with the right person. Back then he’d only suspected what hid beneath the exterior of the prisoner brought before him in chains.

William had been so beautiful even in that terrible prison jumpsuit, the lines of his rough yet sensitive face wary. His eyes had welled with emotion even then, two sweet blue pools of potential.

It was ironic that the first time he’d seen William, William had been staring at him through metal bars. At the time, he’d promised his boy that he'd never be behind them again. Or at least, strongly implied it. It was a strongly implied promise he had not been able to keep.

“LET ME THE FUCK OUT!” Will screamed at the top of his lungs. He had been a lot more polite in prison.

The cage was an item of necessity now, as it was the one and only thing keeping Will from going absolutely mad with his hunt lust. William had agreed to it and yet at times like these he acted as though he was being held captive against his will. He couldn’t help it. His mind was addled with rage. His hunger was in control. At night, Will would happily go into the cage of his own accord. Come morning, he would be absolutely deranged until he was fed.

“Patience, boy. I am preparing your meal,” Maddox assured him. “I need to retrieve it from the refrigerator. We can’t have human meat sitting around the bedroom. That’s how you get ants.”

Will howled and banged on the bars, his teeth gritted, his blue eyes wide. His hair had not been cut in some time, largely because he could not be trusted not to eat the hairdresser, so it curled wildly around his face, threatening to brush his shoulders. There was little point in him being clothed while in the cage, not with the way he shifted and ruined everything Maddox bothered to dress him in.

He was become a muscular classic beauty, a glossy-haired Adonis who wished death on all he encountered. One might have forgiven Maddox for going off Will a little, given the trying situation they found themselves in, but he adored Will more deeply with every passing day. The worse Will became, the more dangerous he was, and the more Maddox’s libido rose.

“Are you sure you want out before you’ve eaten? You know I’ll have to find another way to subdue you.”

Will snarled and licked the bars, running his hot pink tongue up the smooth metal. When he looked back at Maddox there was an answering heat in his gaze. He was hard, his erection throbbing against his rippling belly. How could a vampire resist?

Opening the cage was a bad idea, but Maddox did it anyway. Will flew out in an unholy rage, snarling and snapping. Maddox grabbed an arm and swung Will around before grabbing the back of Will’s neck with a powerful hand and sinking his teeth deep into Will’s flesh. Hot blood bubbled into his mouth, fiery sanguine essence tainted with need. Will collapsed to hands and knees like the hungry beast he was, Maddox atop him. Will was starving, but it was Maddox who fed.

Freeing his cock from his bespoke tailored pants, Maddox lined himself up with Will’s ass, his head unerringly finding the hot little hole between Will’s cheeks. There was a softer whimper from Will, a small sound that might have been submission.

The lubricant was within arm’s reach, fortunately for Will. Maddox drizzled the golden oil between them, a greasy smear that made it easier for his boy to take the rock-hard cock now surging inside him with a firm thrust, claiming his wild boy inch by inch, until his cock was all the way inside.

He arched his back and pushed in the last fraction of an inch, blood dripping down his chin as he used both hands to control Will’s hair, pounding inside Will’s ass with rough, powerful, dominant thrusts. They had been lovers for months and still Maddox had not tired of the way it felt to be inside him. There was an intimacy of flesh, a sense of control and submission that would last only a matter of minutes when Will was in this state. He still knew how to handle his boy, even when his boy was more beast than man.

“Fuck,” Will cursed as Maddox slid his hand around Will’s waist and gripped his cock. He was hard as hell, dripping precum into Mad’s palm. Maddox loved the way Will responded to him. From the moment they first met Will had been his. His tough exterior had melted to a hot, wanting, greedy mate desperate for a master’s touch. That had not changed. This had not changed, though sometimes it seemed everything else had.