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(Whiskey Run Heroes #1) Ransom

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Hope Ford

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Her kidnapper wants my secrets.
I want Brooklyn. This is one mission that I can’t lose.
She’s been by my side for five years.
She’s put up with my crap and her devotion to me and the business is obvious.
She believes in what we’re doing here, and I know she’d never betray me.
But this is not a game I’m willing to lose. I’ll give up all my secrets to keep her safe.
***If you enjoy heart-pounding action and swoon-worthy protective former military heroes who will do anything for the women they love, you’ll devour the ALPHA Mercenary series, Whiskey Run: Heroes from Hope Ford.
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Whiskey Run Heroes Series by Hope Ford

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Hope Ford



“Hey, Brook.”

Instantly, I tense. I know I shouldn’t. Samantha is a great person, and none of this is her fault. “Hey Sam! How you doing this morning?”

She stops at my desk with her bag and purse hanging off her arms. She’s beautiful. She’s tall and thin, with long blond hair and big blue eyes. I wanted to hate her when she first came to work here a month ago, but she makes it impossible because not only is she beautiful, but she’s smart, helpful, and extremely kind.

I blow my hair out of my face, feeling frumpy next to her. “I’m good. Already had my coffee so I’m ready for whatever life throws at me.”

She laughs and rolls her eyes. “Girl, I know. I can’t even function without my coffee. Plus I was out late last night with Walker, and it was impossible to get up this morning.” She leans in and loudly whispers, “I had to get an espresso to get moving today.”

I laugh, because that’s what she expects me to do. But on the inside, I’m dying. Samantha was in the Army with Walker years ago. He just recently brought her on board, and it’s quite a sight seeing them together. Walker’s the quiet, stoic type. Nothing seems to faze him. But he’s like a different person with Sam—more open and even smiles more. I don’t even want to think about what he and Sam were up late doing last night.

I grab my purse from under my desk. “You know what, an espresso sounds great. I’m going to run get me one. Can I get you anything?”

I’m talking and moving at the same time. Sam’s forehead creases, no doubt from my quick departure, but right now, I don’t care. I just need out of here.

“Uh, no, one espresso a day is good for me.”

I put on my best smile. “Okay, I’ll be back.”

I all but run out of the building. I’m in my car and on my way to downtown before I realize I need to take a breath. I can’t do this anymore. I just can’t.

I’ve worked for Walker for five years now. Five years. Of course, I’m going to have feelings for him, how could I not? But lately it’s gotten out of hand. I know he’s never going to feel the same, and I need to stop hanging on.

I open my phone and open the dating app. I look at the profile for Jason one more time. In my attempt to move on, I set up a date for tonight, and even though I’m already regretting it, there’s no way I’m going to back out now. You have to move on, Brook.

I stop at the Sugar Glaze and grab a coffee and two boxes of doughnuts before heading back to the office.

I get to the office and find the guys in the conference room. I set the boxes down in the middle of the table and turn to go.

“You didn’t have to bring them doughnuts,” Walker mutters. He sounds almost mad about it.

“Uh, I went to grab me a coffee. I thought you’d all enjoy them.”

He looks almost bored with the conversation, and my heart shudders just a little more. “Are you not having one?” he asks.

My face turns red. The guys are all clueless to what’s going on. They’re all fighting over the doughnuts, not even paying attention to Walker and me. Well, everyone except Sam. She’s watching us closely.

“Uh, no, it’s pretty safe to say I don’t need one. Let me know if you need anything. I’ll be at my desk.” I turn to go, but not before I see the scowl on his face.

It’s been like that for some time now. Walker is not happy with me. No matter what I do, he’s got a problem with it. Which I guess should make what I’m planning to do a little easier. I stop at the door and turn back to him. He’s still watching me and glowering. “Do you have time later this afternoon to talk?”

“About what?”

Don’t stutter, don’t stutter. “I just have a few things I wanted to go over with you at the end of the day.”

His eyebrows raise, and there’s no doubt he knows something is up. The whole time I’ve been here, I’ve never asked to meet with him. I do my job and am perfectly capable of doing it without help or feedback. Even though things change almost daily, I can keep up. So I’m not surprised by the questioning look he’s giving me. He’s about to ask me about it when Nash walks in. “Sorry I’m late. What did I miss?”

Colt, with his mouth full, says, “Brook brought doughnuts. Thank you, Brook!”

“Yes, thank you, Brooky!” Knox says, calling me by the nickname some of the guys gave me.