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(Whiskey Run Heroes #2) Redeem

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Her brother needs her help. And I will do anything to protect her. Even meet with the most wanted drug pin in the country.
She’s my sister’s best friend. I’ve known her forever but I kept my distance. She’s too young and I’m not good enough for her.
But when her safety is on the line, I can’t keep my guard up anymore. One night is all I need to know I want forever.
I won’t let anything or anyone take her from me now.
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Whiskey Run Heroes Series by Hope Ford

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Hope Ford



“I created the training manual. It has everything in it, step by step. Whether they are opening, closing, day to day operations—it’s all in there. It’s foolproof.”

Jenna is sitting down with her feet propped up on a chair in front of her. The grand opening of Honeybee Coffee in Whiskey Run went over way better than any of us expected. We’ve hired a good crew, and I know Jenna’s going to be okay, especially since her husband Dylan takes such good care of her. She’s rubbing her belly that seems to have grown even bigger overnight. Of course, I won’t tell her that.

“I don’t understand why you’re leaving. The Los Angeles store is covered, it’s opening day here.” She pauses and takes a big breath. I already know what she’s going to say before it even passes her lips. “And your niece is going to be here any day.”

I’ve already gone over this a million times in my head. I had a nightmare last night that I missed the birth and woke up this morning even more ticked off at my brother. Jenna may not be my blood sister, but she might as well be. We are as close as any two sisters can be, and the baby she’s carrying is going to be so spoiled by her Auntie Madison.

I busy myself cleaning off the counter from the morning grand opening rush and can’t bring myself to look over at Jenna. I feel guilty for leaving her, especially right now, but it seems drug dealers don’t really care if getting their money is convenient with my schedule or not. Damn you, Ethan. I thought you went to Florida to get clean.

“I told you that I’ll be back in a few days. I’m not going to miss the birth. I trust Dylan to take care of things until I get back. I mean, I can’t chance leaving him on his own in the delivery room because who knows what will happen. He’d probably pass out.”

Jenna and I both look at each other and burst out laughing at the same time. The thought of Dylan passing out is a funny one for sure. I’ve never met a man more capable in my life. He’s definitely got his shit together, and I’m so happy that Jenna and he found each other. I hold my hands up, “All right, he’ll be fine. But I don’t want to miss it. I’m going to be back in a few days.”

“Where are you going?”

I bite my lower lip and shake my head. I’ve never lied to Jenna, and I’m not going to start now. “I can’t tell you.”

Jenna’s feet hit the ground, and she leans forward, giving me that look of hers. The one where any other time I’d give in and just tell her... but not this time. I hold my hands up in front of me. “Look, Jenna. It’s better if you don’t know.”

Her eyes round, and I can just imagine what she’s thinking. “Are you doing something illegal?”

I shake my head. Technically, paying off a drug dealer so he doesn’t kill your brother is not illegal. “No, nothing like that. I’m just going to uh, help someone and then I’ll be back. You won’t even know I’m gone.”

Jenna puts her hand on the table next to her and lifts herself off the chair. She’s still giving me that look, and she walks over to me and puts her hands on my shoulders. “Is it your brother again?”

I look into Jenna’s eyes and remember everything we’ve gone through together. She knows everything there is to know about my family. My dad’s in prison, I have no idea where my mom is, and my brother—well, it seems he’s found himself on the wrong side of the law too many times to count. I keep helping him. This is probably the third time I’ve bailed him out, but of course, he’s never been in it this deep. I just shrug.

Her grip tightens on my shoulders. “Madison, don’t do this to yourself. I know that you feel you owe it to him, but you don’t. Your parents were shitty to you too. It’s not your fault that you turned out the way you did and he turned out the way he did. Let the guilt go. One day, when he’s ready for help, we’ll be there to help him... every step of the way.”

I take a deep breath. “This is the last time.” I hold my hand up and stop her before she says that I’ve said it before. I have said it before, but this time is different. “I promise you, this is the last time. I’m going to get him out of this and then I’m telling him I’m done.”

Jenna doesn’t like it. She’s staring at me, and I know the wheels are turning. She’s trying to figure out what she can do to help me. It’s just the way she is. “Let Dylan go with you then.”