Second Period Seduction (Inci Warriors Hockey Romance #2) Read Online London Casey

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He tortured and picked on me when we were kids. Now I’m supposed to be his physical therapist?

* * *

Cain was the biggest jerk I ever met when we were kids.
Now he’s the biggest and meanest hockey player for the Inci Warriors.
After years of avoiding him, he’s suddenly the guy who saves my life.
And in the process of saving my life, he gets injured.
Lucky for him and unlucky for me, I’m a physical therapist.
My job now is to make sure Cain is healed and ready to play when the season starts… or else I’ll be the most hated person by a lot of passionate hockey fans.
That’s when the real fun begins.
He’s the one who’s hurt now.
I’m the one in control.
I can cause Cain pain – something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.
The problem?
He’s big, mean, and he’s built with a lot of muscle.
And I want him.
This is bad.
There’s no way I can actually be attracted to this bully, right? Cain is my enemy. He can’t be anything else… right?

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Chapter One


* * *

There’s no way this is legal, right?

I asked myself the question after I entered the large, creepy-looking building.

After I walked by the gigantic biker looking men, with huge arms, full of tattoos, and a glare in their eyes that made me wish I brought a weapon for protection.

And I wondered if I was able to just leave when I wanted.

Then again, the thought of walking by those scary dudes one more time made me want to come to the conclusion that this rust bucket, moldy smelling, abandoned warehouse was now my new home.

I wonder where I’ll put the Christmas tree?

As my eyes wandered around the building, I suddenly felt my feet give out.

Not that my ankles were broken.

By that I meant my feet stayed in one spot and the rest of my body kept going.

Now here I was, falling face down to the hard concrete floor.

A floor that had never been cleaned.

A floor that probably had more mice poop on it than I ever wanted to admit.

I didn’t want to get mice poop on my hands - superficial of me, I know - so I made an X with my arms and figured I’d sacrifice my elbows for the good of my hands.

I really had no idea what I was thinking in that moment.

But as the floor grew closer, I relived all the bad decisions that led up to this occurrence.

Then at the last possible second, hands and arms appeared in front of me.

Like an angel had decided to catch me.

I stopped falling.

Suspended in midair.

These were really big hands and arms helping me.

Not those rough and dirty tattooed biker arms either.

These arms were built.

My mind screamed - they’re the arms of a fighter!

Which made sense, considering where I was.

My savior then picked me back up and made sure I was on my feet.

His arms were still around me.

I was going to give him three seconds to let go before my right heel introduced itself to his greedy balls.

Before I got to two, he released his hold on me.

A gentleman? At some kind of underground boxing event?

I had to see this guy for myself.

To thank him at the very least, right?

I turned, looked up and opened my mouth.

My mouth kept going.

My jaw unrolling itself like a horny dog in an old cartoon.

It was more than just his looks.


His voice clawed through me like a billion shards of dirty glass.

Every nerve and muscle in my body started to shake just a little.

“Cain Topper,” I whispered.

The one and only.

The asshole who all but tortured me when we were kids.

Cain was a man now.

A famous hockey player too.

He played for the Inci Warriors.

His job was to be big and mean. To protect his goalie. To get the puck from the other team. To use his size and strength to his advantage.

It was also Cain’s job to fight when need be.

Honestly, it was the perfect job for him.

Now I hadn’t seen Cain in years.

Other than hearing his name when it came to the sports world.

It was sometimes hard for me to avoid that world, considering my job.

As I stared up at Cain and his chiseled yet rugged face, I waited for him to do something to me.

Like stick gum in my hair.

Or put a worm on top of my head.

Or growl in his throat and get a nasty booger on his tongue that looked like a slimy oyster. So then he’d struggle to tell me I had three seconds to run before he’d spit on me.

We’re adults now.

I laughed inside my head.

We were also adults back then, too.

Last time I saw Cain…

“What in the hell are you doing here, honey?”

Cain’s voice was bigger, deeper, stronger, and much more commanding, which didn’t seem possible.

Years of playing hockey took its toll on his body - in good ways too.