Stranded with the Alien Brute (Warrior Mates of Zivon #7) Read Online Presley Hall

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I’m stranded in space with the grouchiest alien in the universe.
After being held captive by the Kruul for weeks, it’s a relief to finally be free. Or… mostly free.
Instead of being locked up in a holding cell, I’m now stuck on a broken spaceship with a sexy silver fox who seems to hate me.
Although it’s clear that Anzir intends to complete his rescue mission and keep me safe, I can tell he’s not happy about it. We get under each other’s skin, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because he’s older than me, or because I’m an optimist and he’s the grouchiest, most stoic man I’ve ever met.
But the truth is, if we want to have a chance of making it back to The Oasis, we’ll need to work together.
And the more we learn to rely on one another, the more I start to realize…
This gruff alien brute might just have a heart after all.
And it might belong to me.

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I never realized being stranded in space could be so boring.

The whole allure of space, in fiction anyway, is that it’s exciting. Thrilling. Full of daring battles and romances and zooming around on high-tech spaceships.

In reality, my time in space has been either terrifying or mind-numbingly dull.

The most exciting thing that happened in recent memory was running for my life with my sister Darcy and two alien warriors named Siro and Anzir as we fled the vicious Kruul warriors who kept me captive—and that definitely fell under the terrifying part of the equation.

There are high-tech spaceships, which is cool. But on this particular ship, every bit of fancy tech is dead, which is our entire problem at the moment.

It’s the reason why we’re sitting stranded, floating aimlessly in the vast emptiness.

I don’t know where Anzir is right now. Probably reading the ship’s manual, or something equally dry and tedious. It seems like the kind of thing the stoic older warrior would do with extra time on his hands.

I’m trying to find something a little more interesting to do, so that I won’t pull my hair out from thinking about the reality of our situation, or just from sheer boredom. I’ve spent the morning post-breakfast digging through all the compartments on the ship we stole from the Kruul, pulling out random items and looking through them to see if I can find anything worthwhile.

So far, I’ve turned up a broken blaster, a couple of knives that look like they’ve seen better days, a ball of twine, and a box of very old rations.

Nothing exciting, really, but at least it killed some time. And since time is all I have on my hands right now, I’m fine with that. Anything is better than sitting and staring out the window at the unmoving space outside, or worse yet, sitting in absolute silence with Anzir while he grimly tries to figure out our situation.

Despite the fact that he’s about as warm as a walking block of ice, I’m glad he’s with me.

I definitely wouldn’t know what to do about our broken ship, and I know he’s capable and trustworthy. He proved that when he came with my sister and the alien who’s apparently her mate—I still can’t get over how strange that sounds—to rescue me from the Kruul ship. He proved it when he got me off that ship, even though we were separated from Siro and Darcy. And he proved it when he fought off the Kruul fighter ships that pursued us, even if that particular battle landed us in the hot water we’re in now.

It’s the second-worst trouble I’ve been in since being abducted by aliens, and that’s saying a lot. Still, we’re not dead, or captives of the Kruul again. I have some hope that Anzir can figure out a way out of this.

In the meantime, though, I’ve never been so bored.

I pull open a drawer, hearing something rattle inside, and look curiously into it. There’s a carved box sitting near the back of the drawer, and when I reach down to open it up, I find that it contains several carved pieces and a small board with diamonds scattered across it, as well as marble-like tokens in tones of green and brown and blue.

Oh, it looks like a game!

I pick it up eagerly, feeling a small jolt of excitement. It’s not much, but it might be something to help pass the time until Anzir can figure out how to get the ship running again. I tuck the small box under my arm, closing the drawer back up as I glance out the small window of the storage room that I’m in.

Unsurprisingly, the view hasn’t changed much at all.

I feel a flicker of guilt as I have that thought, since I should be really grateful that I even have a view to look at. I certainly didn’t when I was being held prisoner by the Kruul in that tiny, windowless cell.