Sugar Rush (Billionaires & Bakers #2) Read Online Mimi Kinley

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My life as a decorator at Chicago’s best bakery, So Obsessed, is pretty safe. Don’t get me wrong, I like it that way. Especially after my last romance ended in a spectacular disaster three years ago.
Since then, I’ve been safe in my frosting-covered world—a job I love with people I adore—far away from the heartache of dating.
When a sexy, mysterious stranger opens a book and coffeeshop next door, all of that changes. Suddenly I can’t stop thinking about breaking my own rules, about taking chances again, about putting away my blinders and learning to trust again.
And when it turns out he might like me too, I find myself falling fast and hard despite my hard-earned lessons in heartbreak.

I came to Chicago to get away from my life as a billionaire heir and the hollow, aimless life that comes with it. I came to start over, to make something all my own, to find out who I really am without the Hawke name and family money.
I never expected to fall for someone. Especially someone as full of life, as sweet, as perfect as Stella Harden. But I can’t seem to keep myself away from her and before I know it, I’m in too deep. I’ve gone too far.
When she finds out what I’ve been hiding from her, my whole word falls apart and I know I can’t live without her. I also know I will stop at nothing to fix it.




“Oh my God, he’s standing right here.” I whisper frantically to Jen when I turn to see So Obsessed Bakery’s mysterious and scorching hot new neighbor standing at the counter perusing our collection of pastries. Even in our overly bright lights, he looks like the broody, misunderstood artist of my dreams.

“Who?” Jen asks from where she’s pulling fresh cupcakes from the oven.

“You know, hot bookstore guy.”

Jen’s eyes widen. “Well help him.”

I hold up my massive piping bag, stuffed full of bright green frosting and motion to the enormous graduation cake I’m decorating. “I’m a little busy.”

“I could come back later if that helps,” Too-Handsome-for-Words answers with a sexy baritone and a delicious half-smile that verifies he heard every word I said.

Because of course he did.

Since I can’t feasibly escape out the back door and try to avoid him for the rest of my boring frosting-filled life—I take a deep breath, set my piping bag down, and paste on an assuredly alarming smile. It’s the best I can do. “No, that’s not necessary. Just kidding.”

He studies me, and I would kill to know what he’s thinking when his eyes slip to my lips. “This all looks amazing.” He gestures to the treats. “What do you recommend?”

My mind immediately swan dives into the gutter and I just stop myself from listing off my favorite sexual positions. Pretty sure he doesn’t want to know how much I truly enjoy doggie style or reverse cowgirl. “Um.” I clear my throat. “The cinnamon rolls are our best seller, if that’s your kind of thing. If you’re a fan of almond, the Danish mini-kringles are to die for. But really, everything is amazing.”

He eyes the selections again, giving me a chance to study him up close like a toddler that stares too hard on the L. He’s tall—over six feet—with gray-blue eyes that remind me of Lake Michigan in winter, meticulously groomed beard, and wavy brown hair that is begging for my fingers. He ticks every box on my build-a-perfect-man checklist. Not to mention a few I hadn’t thought of like a full, entirely kissable mouth.

“What is your favorite?” He asks, catching me staring at his lips.

“Definitely the mini-kringle.” I speak fast, trying to banish the thought of what it might be like to kiss him. “It’s my little contribution to the bakery that doesn’t involve decorating. My family is Danish, it’s actually my mother’s recipe.”

He cracks a smile that—I’m not joking—could power the city for weeks. “Then that’s what I’ll have.”

Blushing fiercely, I pull on a fresh set of gloves and put the best-looking mini-kringle in a bakery bag. “Anything else?”

“That should do it.” He pulls his wallet from his back pocket while I ring him up.

I want to ask him his name, say something about being neighbors, really anything that sounds like normal human conversation. But all I can come up with is dialogue better suited to a historical romance and before I can offer him half of my family’s estate to take my hand and rescue me from spinsterhood, he takes the lead.

“I’m Conner Williams, by the way, I’m opening the Book & Bean next door. Thought I’d come in and say hello, since we’re neighbors now.”

Finally, a name to put to my escalating fantasies. “Stella Harden,” I answer as I finish the sale. I hold out my hand, “It’s nice to meet you.”