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Swing and a Mishap (Summersweet Island #2)

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“Hawks fans still in shock after centerfielder, Shepherd Oliver, sustained season-ending injury last night in the 5th inning of the playoffs against Chicago.”
Two years ago, I was a pretty big deal. I thought I had it all, until a blast from my past popped up on my social media feed, keeping my ego in check and reminding me how basic I am. Except sassy Wren Bennett isn’t just a blast from my past. She’s the only woman I ever saw a future with.
Even though my soul leaves my body every time she says she hates baseball and has never watched me play, a year’s-worth of messages filled with laughter and sarcasm only remind me how amazing my “pen pal” is. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how fine I look in a pair of baseball pants; I’m still 3,000 miles away, and she’s taken... or so I thought. Maybe I should have thought a little harder before I dropped her like a seeing-eye single into the outfield.
When an injury has me questioning everything about my life, I can only think of one place I need to go and one person I need to see. Home, to Summersweet Island, to get back my “pen pal.”
Now I just need to make sure single mom Wren knows I didn’t come back for a change, and I didn’t come back for a job. I’m swinging for the fences, and I’m finally coming home to make her mine. If only she’d stop insulting me and stay in one place long enough for me to tell her. She wouldn’t try to drown me with a tub of ice cream, right?
I’m sure it’ll be fine.
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Summersweet Island Series by Tara Sivec

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Tara Sivec


Two years ago…

Official Shepherd Oliver: Hey! Long time, no talk! I hope you don’t think it’s creepy I’m private messaging you after not talking since, oh, a few years after high school. I just get a little weird about having personal conversations out in the open on social media in front of the whole world to see, so I thought I’d move our discussion from the video you posted.

Official Shepherd Oliver: Okay, that makes me sound like a celebrity diva. I’m NOT a diva, I swear. I will lose my shit if there isn’t grape Bubblicious bubble gum in the locker room on game days, but that’s a superstition and for the well-being of my team and has absolutely nothing to do with me being a demanding princess. This privacy has less to do with me and my personal business and more to do with my friends and family and THEIR personal business. Our fans are awesome but rabid. Someone showed up at my cousin David’s house once with a present for me, because David commented on one of my pictures, and this fan went down the Google rabbit hole until she found his address.

Official Shepherd Oliver: This fan didn’t break into his house and boil a bunny or like, cut off one of her fingers and leave it on David’s front porch or anything. The present was actually a very lovely scrapbook she put together. So many cool freaking stickers. And only ten pages of Photoshopped pictures of the two of us in compromising positions accompanied by a poem about how true our love is. It’s fine. Nothing bad happened, and she’s safely behind bars now.

Official Shepherd Oliver: Wow, so I’m really making it sound like a super idea to continue talking to me. You can go ahead and block me now. I will completely understand. Tell everyone I’m sorry I couldn’t make it home for the high school reunion a few years ago.

Wren Bennett: LOL OMG!

Wren Bennett: Sorry! I hit Enter too soon. Probably because I was laughing so hard. Or crying? I don’t know. Your life is strange but much more exciting than mine. And it’s totally fine about moving our conversation private. I get it. You’re a big, famous professional baseball player now. Seriously, congratulations on all your success, Shepherd! It’s amazing. And thank you for the tip you gave me on the video I posted of my son’s first time at bat from his game last week. He stepped into the pitch instead of stepping out when he swung at his next game and got a triple. I screamed so loud I couldn’t talk for days LOL!

Official Shepherd Oliver: Holy shit, that’s amazing! Good for him. There is absolutely nothing better than learning a new skill and watching it work for you. It’s kind of crazy I just happened to get on social media for the first time in forever, and your video was the first thing to pop up. I haven’t logged in to any of my stuff in ages. My PR person handles all of that for me, but she’s on vacation, and my teenage nieces keep yelling at me for not being cool or knowing how to use the SnapGramInstaWeb whatever. Anyway, your son’s got a beautiful natural swing, and it caught my eye. I’m glad I could help. Seriously, any baseball questions you have EVER, don’t hesitate to ask.

Official Shepherd Oliver: Sorry, am I overstepping? I’m sure his dad can give him whatever help he needs.

Wren Bennett: You’re definitely not overstepping. And his dad… isn’t big into sports. Your expertise is definitely appreciated.

Official Shepherd Oliver: I wasn’t sure if he was in your lives or not and didn’t want to be a jerk and come right out and ask. There aren’t any pictures of him on your account or anything. Not that I was a creeper and looked (I was totally a creeper and looked). And also, like ZERO pictures of your son (Insert sarcasm here). Wow, it’s like you don’t even care that you’re his mom.

Wren Bennett: Ha ha, very funny. I realize there are an alarming number of pictures and videos of Owen on my social media. Whatever, don’t judge me. I’ll slow my roll when he’s a teenager in a year, complains that I’m being annoying, and wants nothing to do with me. *crying emoji*

Official Shepherd Oliver: I am definitely not judging you. I think it’s awesome you’re so proud of him. Also, have you seen my mother’s social media lately? Why in the hell did I ever buy her a smartphone and teach her how to use it? She posted a throwback picture of me in little league, the first time I ever played center field. I’m on my back making grass angels in the outfield while picking my nose.