Taken to Evernor (Xiveri Mates #8) Read Online Elizabeth Stephens

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What’s got four arms, huge spikes shooting out of his spine, and is utterly insane? Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s the freaking alien gladiator who’s fighting in the games – for me – because I’m the prize he’s geared to win.
How I ended up here is just as much of a mystery as is how I lost my memory. I’ve got no idea who I am, where I’m from, or why no other species on this diverse and chaotic planet look anything like me.
But as the gladiator and I spend more time together, I’m starting to realize…yeah, he might be crazy, but so am I. And we may just need to put our crazies together if we’ve got any shot at getting off of this rock and out of this arena alive.



Asgid (ass-gidd)

Cross-quadrant species characterized by dark charcoal skin, two arms and two legs, often smaller in stature

Centare (cent-are-ay)

No in Meero, the most common trading language; primary language of the Niahhorru

Eck (eck)

Common Eshmiri curse

Egama (egg-ahm-uh)

Giant-like warrior species characterized by olive green skin and one large eye

Eshmiri (esh-meer-ee)

Second largest group of space pirates; known for their short, stocky builds, laughter-like language, and fighting pits on the asteroid Evernor

Evernor (evv-err-norr)

Eshmiri-controlled asteroid known for trading and gambling and its rotational gladiator tournament

Hiannru (he-ann-roo)

Spear-like spikes that protrude from a Niahhorru male’s spine

Hypha (high-fuh)

Cross-quadrant species characterized by orange skin, large, black eyes, and four fins growing out the sides of their faces

Kor (kohr)

Trading city located in the grey zone between Quadrants 4 and 5; ruled by the Niahhorru species commonly referred to as space pirates; their leader is Rhorkanterannu

Krisxox (chris - zawcks)

Voraxia’s chief battle strategist

Lemoran (lehm-oh-rahn)

Primary and native species of Lemora; known for their blocky, rocky builds and massive, dark grey horns

Mok bir (mock brr)

Table game played with batons in which players attempt to throw batons at each other and block incoming batons; gambling is a common function of the game, as is cheating

Mok biz (mock bzz)

A more popular version of mok bir played with tokens rather than batons

Niahhorru pirate (knee-ya-hoo-roo)

Planet-less species; they operate the trading post of Kor and patrol and control most of the Grey Zone; are known for their technological prowess; characterized by grey skin mostly covered in a thick exoskeleton of armored plates, hiannru tines that protrude from the backs of their heads and spines, and silvery skeins that drop to cover their more sensitive eyes

Ontte (aunt-tay)

Yes in Meero, the most common trading language; primary language of the Niahhorru

Oosa (ooh-sah)

Species of Quadrant Eight; ruled by Reoran; large blob-like figures that illuminate from within whenever speaking or expressing emotion; extremely difficult to kill

Rekkaru (wreck-are-oo)

Cross-quadrant species characterized by small bodies, two arms and two legs, with thin, translucent wings

Shrov (shrohv)

Common Meero curse

Sky (sky)

A constructed and roving planet known for its technological prowess as well as for producing the most feared and infamous of killers in the known Quadrants and beyond, Sky assassins

Sky Assassins (sky assassins)

Modified by Sky Architects to be the most efficient killers in the world, they are cyber and bio-genetically engineered from predatory species and advanced technology, often against their wills; once taken by the Sky and reprogrammed, assassins have no memoris of their past lives

Tokens (tokens)

Credits are the common form of currency exchanged between Quadrants; credits are carried in various devices referred to as tokens; most commonly, tokens are made from yamar and shaped like black boxes, though more sophisticated models look like discs and are made of yeeyar

Yamar (yeam-are)

Yamar is a precursor to yeeyar, is a static non-biological power source, and is the common communication/translation tool of the Eshmiri Reavers

Yeeyar (yeeh-yare)

Yeeyar is an advanced power-source used by the Niahhorru pirates of Kor; it is a biological organism that can be melded with other static metals and glasses to create spaceships, payment discs and Niahhorru communication tokens

To the smut book lovers,

the monster fudgers,

and the spicy book movement.

This one is, unapologetically, for you.

1. Nalia

The volume of the shrieking crowd gets louder, louder and louder still as I’m lowered into the arena. It’s the third day this has happened, so I shouldn’t be surprised by it. And maybe I’m not surprised so much as I’m tormented by it. Because through some aggressive miming with one of my giggling captors, I’ve managed to understand two things.

This is a tournament.

And I’m one of the prizes.

My eyes squeeze tight as the roar of the crowd drowns out my thoughts. I’m completely naked, burned to shit by the suns overhead, of which I can see at least three at any given time and as many as six when things are at their hottest. The crystalline pink cell I’m in remains cool even though it lets sun rays in and I notice my pasty ass get pinker and pinker by the day, and that’s even with the additional translucent grey dome shimmering up above everything, fully encasing this arena.