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A Prophecy. A Fated Mate’s Bite. A Curse.
I may be unlucky in the dating department, in fact, I’ve never been with a man. When a vampire rescues me from hunters that want to treat me like a lab rate, things get a little heated, and he promised not to bite me. But when the promise is broken with a fated mate’s bite, and I wake up with fangs, claws, and a tattoo where I was bitten.
And, oh yeah, I feel something powerful growing inside me.
The future of Westfall and all its dangerous creatures falls on me. And I’m definitely not the right person for the job.

*Previously published on K!ndle Vella.


Chapter 1 - Cursed - Raven

A tingle ran up my arms. I knew one of them was here.

I always felt a tingle when a ghost came around, but usually, it didn't happen when I was already in the cemetery. Since I was able to see and talk to ghosts, cemeteries were my hangouts. I found them relaxing and a good place to read without too many interruptions. Reading alone calmed me, and made me forget what a mess my life was. Living paycheck to paycheck, washing dishes at a diner, and no living-man prospects in sight.

Most people only saw graves at a cemetery, but my eyes had always been anything but normal. I could see what others couldn't.

"I know you're here. Show yourself!" I yelled, expecting a new ghost to jump out. A tree branch cracked in the distance. I turned to look around. No one was behind me, and to normal eyes, it would appear I was alone. The sound meant another ghost was controlling our world. That was not good. It was time to skip town again.

Seeing ghosts I was used to, but recently Vampire attacks were getting closer to Westfall. The attacks were all over the news. So I was edgy. I didn't think vampires would ever come to Westfall. The town was as boring as a ghost telling you a story about the person in the grave next to them.

A familiar whistle from the grave next to me told me where my visitor was hiding and that he was the type looking to sneak a hand down my pants.

"Show yourself, Jake" I reached up to my necklace and moved the locket back and forth.

Jake floated out of the grave and hovered in the air with his feet inches from the ground. His face was transparent, and he was dressed in blue jeans, a red plaid button-down shirt, and Converse shoes. The same way he was dressed the day he died. His shirt hugged his biceps, showing how he’d made working out a priority when he was alive.

"Hey, Raven. Of course it's me. Where else would you find someone this hot?" Jake ran his hand through his tousled hair. He made messy hair sexy, but that still didn't change how I felt about him. Or any hot ghost.

I'd never been with a man, and believe me, at twenty-one, I was more than ready. Being able to see ghosts had a way of chasing away men. But I’m definitely not doing it with a ghost.


No matter how well his jeans showed off his ability to squat heavy weights.

When you lead a ghost on, they go into stalk mode. In the last town I was in, I told a ghost I wasn’t in love with him. That set off an incident of trees on fire. Which was my sign to move on to another town and strip the dead of their power. The dead had a way of coming to life when I was around.

Jake wasn't lovesick; he just wanted a 'ghost with benefits' girl, and that wasn't me.

"Jake, we've gone over this before. You're dead. I don't have time to get hit on by a dead ghost. I'm reading!" I went back to my book.

All I ever wanted was a place to fit in and call my home. Oh, and to take care of my cat, Buttons. But would it be too much to ask for a guy who treated me like I was his person, to protect me?

It seemed so.

I’d even settle for something as simple as a nice guy giving me a white rose. They reminded me of my grandmother and were my favorite. Not that any guy cared about me enough to find out what kind of flowers I liked.

"But you're the only person that can see me!" Jake persisted. "And it's been a long time since I've been with a woman, especially one as cute as you."

He growled, and a strong wind shook the headstones and trees, causing leaves to fall to the ground.

This was when the dead got me in trouble. When they gained enough power around me to control the physical world. It was one thing to have the power to see them. But it was another for them to suck my power and make themselves stronger.