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When You Kiss Me - Maine Sullivans

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Bella Andre

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Lola Sullivan has been stared at by men since she was thirteen years old, but no one has ever seen the real her. Not until venture capitalist Duncan Lyman walks into her textile design studio and they’re drawn to each other on every level. When deep passion sparks between them, along with an amazingly powerful emotional connection, they stay up all night together. By the time the sun comes up, she’s sure she’s found The One.

Duncan never imagined a woman like Lola existed—she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. He trusts her in a way he’s never trusted anyone else, and he tells her everything. Everything but the dark secret from his past that could destroy their budding love. It took thirty years for Lola and Duncan to find perfect love…but will it take only thirty seconds to destroy it?
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Bella Andre


In all the years that Lola Sullivan had been teaching classes in her textile design studio, she’d never had a student like him. Several inches taller than six feet, Duncan Lyman had broad shoulders, a square jaw, and piercing blue eyes.

As she went to greet her new student, she had to resist the urge to check her hair and smooth her dress. She would never hit on a student. Besides, she was firmly in a there-was-no-point-in-dating stage in her life, as every date she’d had in the past year had been a massive disappointment. Without fail, no matter how promising a man seemed at first, he inevitably assumed she couldn’t possibly have such bountiful curves and also have the brains to add two plus two.

She approached him with a smile. “Hello, I’m Lola Sullivan. You must be Duncan?”

His handshake somehow managed to be warm, firm, and innately sensual at the same time. “It’s nice to meet you, Lola.” He held on to her hand for just long enough that her heartbeat started racing. “I’ve been looking forward to your class.” His voice matched his looks, all low and rumbly and gorgeous. Just the way he said her name made her stomach flutter. She’d never realized before how sensual Lola could sound.

At a surprising loss for words—she wasn’t known as the quiet one in her family, that was for sure!—she gestured for him to take a seat at the large worktable. Turning to speak to her ten students, nine of whom were women between the ages of forty-five and sixty, she said, “I’m so pleased you’re all here today. Before we begin, I’d love to know what each of you hope to get out of the class.”

All nine women were working toward second careers in textile and pattern design. Only Duncan had a different goal. “I’m interested in cartography. Hand-drawn maps, specifically. The reviews I read of your classes say you’re a gifted teacher.”

Lola felt like she was glowing from his compliment as she said, “I have an antique hand-drawn map hanging on my living-room wall, so I’m definitely a fan of cartography. I just hope I can help you with the skills you’re looking for.”

He gave her a smile that made her heartbeat pick up again. “I’m sure you will.”

It wasn’t until one of the other students cleared her throat that Lola realized she was still staring at him. More than a little alarmed by how quickly a handsome face and deliciously sexy voice had turned her head, she adopted a brisk tone. “If all of you would please turn to the printed materials, I’ll go over today’s class plan.”

Thirty minutes later, her students were working on the first assignment of the day. Though she enjoyed teaching beginners, she was pleased to see that they were an advanced group. And head and shoulders above everyone else was Duncan.

For the next several hours, she gave each student as much individual attention as she could. Unfortunately, as soon as she began working one-on-one with Duncan, her heart began to race again. It didn’t help that he smelled so good, like a refreshing breath of the sea, or that he was even more attractive close up. Sitting beside him now, she noticed not only the flecks of gold in his blue eyes, but also that he already had a hint of a five o’clock shadow on his jaw, though it was barely noon. He was wearing a beautifully tailored button-down shirt and had on a watch from an exclusive brand, but he still looked so rugged. Duncan looked like a man who’d been born to climb mountains and cut down trees. Or, given his appreciation for hand-drawn maps, to build and sail ships around the world.

Duncan was likely wondering why she continued to stare at him instead of teaching the new drawing skills he’d signed up to learn. She silently berated herself for acting like a schoolgirl with her first big crush. Working to clear her expression of any possible hints of attraction, she said, “Not many of my students have used dip pens and calligraphic nibs before. Watching you work with them this morning, I’m thinking you could teach me a thing or two.”

It wasn’t until the words were out of her mouth that she realized how they sounded. First, that she’d been watching him all morning. And second, that she was fantasizing about all the things he could teach her…

Her face flaming, she intended to move away, desperate now to put some space between them so that she could beat her unruly hormones back into submission. But his intense gaze held her captive. Spellbound in a way that no other man ever had before, without so much as a touch, or a kiss.

“I’ve been watching you too,” he said, his deep voice resonating through every cell in her body. “Your talent is astonishing. Even your quick sketches when you’re illustrating a point are more polished than I could ever hope for my work to be.” His gaze moved to her hands, then back up to her face, making her skin tingle as though he had actually touched her. “Show me, Lola. Tell me your secrets.”