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100 Percent Tamed

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This story is short, explicit and written with your dirty little ass in mind.
New Post from @DirtyBrat: Best weekend ever!!! Needed some new summer clothes. Went shopping with my Dom. He asked for a photo of me in the dressing room. Obviously, I had to have a little fun with that. LOL! He was so pissed, and I needed to be taught a lesson. God, my pu$$y is still sore.

The set-up: A group of BRATS love to chat in an online forum about their sex lives.
The stories: Each stand-alone story is a look inside the relationship of a BRAT and her TAMER.
The steam: Scorching hot monogamous pairings with love, trust, and kink.
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Frankie Love



It's unseasonably warm out and as I look through my clothes, I realize I have nothing cute to wear. Ryan comes up behind me, and kisses my neck. “Hey baby,” he says, “I like what you're wearing.”

I laugh. “I'm not wearing anything,” I say, turning around to face him, my bare breasts pressed against his chest.

He's in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Me, I'm in my birthday suit.

I groan, “I have nothing to wear. It's so hot out and I just feel frumpy in everything I've got.”

“Hey,” he says, “maybe before we go to the movies, we could walk around the mall, and find you some new clothes.”

I twist my lips. “You really wanna spend the day at the shopping mall? I usually buy stuff online.”

“I know,” he says, “but we'll already be there for the movie, and considering the malls an hour away, we should take advantage of the trip. Besides, we both are playing hooky from work today – we might as well take advantage of it.”

“You’re right. I suppose it's easier to find something that fits when I'm trying it on in person.” I've tried to buy plenty of things online over the years. Things are either too small or too big or too tight. It's hard to find the perfect fit. And he’s also right about the skipping work part. We both decided to take personal days today so we could have some fun. “You know, we could stop at a lingerie store too. I was thinking of picking up a few new bras.”

“Really?” he asks. “Well then, in that case, we're definitely going shopping before the movie starts.”

With a smile on my face, I stand on my tiptoes and kiss my husband right on the lips. “I love you,” I say. “You know, not every guy would wanna go shopping at the mall on his day off, so thanks.”

He slaps my ass playfully. “Yeah. Well, you're standing before me naked offering lingerie shopping. It's not something I want to refuse.”

“Not just lingerie. We're getting some summer clothes too. Remember?”

He laughs. “As long as I get to veto any of the outfits I don't like.”

I laugh. “Oh, you think you're going to tell me what to do?”

He grabs my hips, pulling me close. “Yes, I am going to tell you what to do. Don't forget, I'm the boss.”

My belly flip-flops with desire, and I grind myself against him. I can feel his cock harden through his jeans and a warmth covers me. I love it when he talks like that, takes control, and puts me in my place.

But I like another aspect of our dynamic even more. I love the fact I can get pouty and he doesn't mind – in fact it turns him on all the more.

“Well, I don't think it's fair. You're just gonna stand there getting hard and not fuck me before we go? Or do you think you can't get up in time?” I tease, knowing my words are just asking for trouble.

He growls. “That's a dangerous game to play, Rachel.”

I twist my lips. “Are you scared of danger?”

He chuckles, taking my wrists and dragging me over to the bed. “I'm not scared of anything. And if you don't think I can get hard in time to get you off before we leave, you're sorely mistaken.”

“I'd like to be sore,” I say, lying on the bed and dropping my knees open. “It's been a long week, Ryan, and you haven't let me come in days.”

It's a game we play, him giving me permission as to what I can and cannot do inside the bedroom. Well, not just the bedroom. We have a bit of a fetish for public displays of affection and having sex in plain sight. Only choosing places that are discreet, of course.

After five years of marriage, we're leaning into our rebellious streak. We didn't date when we were teenagers and now we have this horny fantasy of getting it on in places teenagers would have sex. Ridiculous, I know, but last month we went to an amusement park and had sex on a ride. And let me tell you, it was hot as hell.

“What are you thinking about?” Ryan asks, leaning over me.

“I was thinking about how you banged me so fucking hard when we were riding that Ferris wheel.”

He shakes his head. “You came so much. I thought we'd get caught.”

“Thankfully you had a flannel shirt I could use to clean up the mess.”

His eyes lock on mine. “I fucking love you, Rachel.”

I smile up at him. “Even when I’m a brat?”

“Especially when you're a brat.” He steps back, adjusting the belt on his jeans.

I frown. “Wait, are you seriously going to walk away? I'm bare naked with spread legs. Ready for you to fuck me. And you're not even gonna try?”