A Slaying In The Village – Briar Reef Murder Mystery Read Online Jordan Silver

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Just as Detective Starks starts to settle down after solving her second murder case in the small town she calls home, another mystery unravels. It starts with an explosive text message to a teenage girl that lands the high school coach in hot water. But just as the town is focused on this latest piece of gossip, a murder is committed at the country inn.

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Celia was too shocked to answer, blindsided as she was by Riley’s proposal, but it didn’t matter anyway. As soon as she started to open her mouth to at least acknowledge the fact that she’d heard him and wasn’t just brushing him off, she felt herself going up and over as he chose that moment to reach around and find her clit even as he pounded up inside her harder.

Celia’s eyes rolled back in her head in that new familiar way as she felt her body tense in pleasure, and she lost all thought. Riley used his cock to conquer his woman, enjoying the feel of her pussy clenching and releasing around his rod each time he slammed into her mercilessly.

The proposal hung in the air between them unanswered, but Riley didn’t care; he wasn’t worried. His new selfish resolve already knew the answer, and there was only one. Celia had no idea what was going on in Riley’s head as she herself gave thought to whether or not it was too soon for them to be talking marriage since their relationship was relatively new. Though her heart raced with excitement at the thought that he wanted to marry her.

“Ummmm!” She got distracted from her inner thoughts when she felt his teeth in her neck as he pulled her head back further. His hold on her hair grew tighter, but she didn’t mind the sting; she was more concerned about keeping them both from drowning in the tub as they bounced and flailed around in it.

Just as she got close to cumming, Riley ceased all movement and moved his lips to her ear. “Never mind, scratch that. I’m no longer asking, I’m telling you. We’re getting married. I’ll allow you to choose the time and place, but make it quick. I don’t want to wait too long to own you. Six months.”

And with that, Riley shoved his tongue between her lips, cutting short any retort she might’ve made had she been so inclined. Riley was expecting to have to do battle with her female mind, something he had no intention of doing. He’d already made up his mind, but if she needed more time, six months should be long enough.

For the first time in his life, when he came inside a woman, he did it with the sole purpose of planting his seed in her, which was saying a lot because he and Valerie had spent years trying to get pregnant. The difference between then and now was, back then, he used to think, if it happens, it happens. He hadn’t felt this level of need, nor was he ever this fixated on getting the job done. With Celia, he was sure her body could accept and carry his seed.

Celia had no idea what Riley was up to. Their discussions on birth control never seem to go anywhere, and she knew that the rhythm method wasn’t the best way to go with a man like Riley. That was all fine and well when she wasn’t having sex as often as she breathed, which seemed to be the case since she moved in here with him.

She wasn’t thinking about the calendar or periods when she felt the heat of his cum as the first shot exploded inside her, though. All of her concentration was on the flames; his fingers ignited as they moved on her clit and the way her pussy snapped around his cock like a vise as his orgasm triggered her own.

Riley hardly gave her any time to come down. With a slap on her hip, he started to stand with her still impaled on his cock. “Let’s go to bed; I want to fuck you hard from behind. I know you’re tired; you don’t have to do anything, just bury your head in my pillow.” He didn’t even let her dry off from the tub, just walked her into the bedroom, holding her back to his chest, his cock digging deeper into her with each step he took and placed her on her hands and knees in their bed.

He stayed standing with her knees on the edge and pulled her back hard on his cock that had yet to go down. Riley wasn’t going to bring it up again, but she’d scared ten years off of his life again with her shit, and he needed this connection with her to reassure himself that his woman was whole and not suffering any lingering effects from the day.

He knew his girl was strong. From their earlier talks where they’d both shared a lot about themselves, he’d learned some of what she’d been through in the big city before moving here, and knew that it took a strong person to endure that shit and still come out on top and relatively unscathed. But she’s also a fucking female.