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Ace (Reckless Souls MC #2)

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I found a sassy-mouthed, smokin’ hot woman following me.
Good thing I didn’t kill her on sight, she’s Kelsey’s older sister, McKenna.
And she hates me. She thinks she can get intel on the MC and set us up for a fall.
Then her best friend turns up dead. Bloated and floating in our harbor. It’s a message from our rivals.
McKenna may have the answers I need, but I have to get her on my side to find out.
She’s too uppity for her own good. Too sexy as well. But I’ll tear down those walls.
Especially after that kiss. Might even make the princess mine.
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Reckless Souls MC Series by KB Winters

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KB Winters

Chapter One


My gaze strays outside the large windows lining the front wall of For Goodness Cakes, unseeing as I think about my poor, traumatized kid sister. “We have to do something. Kelsey isn’t thinking straight.”

I don’t have to speak the next words, but I do, even though it’s obvious to anyone who knows Kelsey. “If she was in her right mind?” I look at my best friend Grace for confirmation. “No way she’d choose to stay with him.”

I sigh at the expression of worry she’s wearing and repeat myself. “We have to do something.”

“Kenna,” Grace says with that patient sigh that reminds me too much of my own disappointed mother. “You promised Kelsey you’d support her, and honestly, that’s what she needs from you right now.”

Grace is right. I did make that exact promise to my sister after she was kidnapped and raped by a stupid biker gang. The enemy of the biker gang she’s living with now.

I throw up my hands in frustration. “What else was I going to say after the horrible things that happened to her?”

She’d been so frail all those weeks ago, practically broken. So, I did what any good big sister would. I lied.

“But clearly, she can’t just stay there with Coop forever. What kind of life is that for her?”

Grace looks out the window and then back to me, her big violet eyes full of emotion one minute and then blank the next. “It’s a life she’s choosing, Kenna. It’s her choice, not yours. Not your mom’s or dad’s choice either. She’s grown.”

I can feel steel straightening my spine. “Grace,” I say between gritted teeth. “You’re not listening to me. The bad shit that happened to her, the kidnapping, the beating, and the rape, it only happened to her because of Coop.” I’m not mad so much at Grace as the circumstances I can’t control.

I can’t figure out what’s so special about this guy that he’s the one my sister chose to derail her life for. He’s good-looking, sure, in a dirty biker kind of way, and he does take good care of her, but then, so would any other man and without all the biker bullshit.

“That’s your opinion, Kenna, but even if it’s true, it’s still her decision to make. Keep this up, and you’ll ruin your relationship with her.”

I gasp and glare at my best friend. “Whose side are you on anyway?”

Grace shakes her head, black waves tumbling around her delicate shoulders with every move.

“Dammit, Kenna, it’s not about sides. It’s about you supporting your sister. Let’s say you’re right, and Coop is no good for her. Has anything you said so far made her rethink her choice?”

I snort. “Yeah, right. Kelsey is so stubborn she might just stay with him to spite me.”

“Right, but let’s say at some point in the future she does want to get away from Coop and the Reckless Souls. Is she going to turn to her bitchy sister, who’s just gonna say I told you so? Or will she tough it out because she has nowhere else to go?”

I dismiss Grace’s concern immediately. “Kelsey knows she can always come to me.”

“Does she? How could she possibly when you’re always talking shit on her?” Grace shakes her head, and an exasperated sigh escapes. “She is an adult, Kenna, whether you like it or not. If you want to help her when, or if, the time comes, be there for her now. Without judgment.”

That’s a nice sentiment and all, but it isn’t realistic.

“Grace, she won’t even come over for a family dinner anymore. Dad blew a gasket about her postponing med school and living off her trust fund until she’s better, but Kelsey refuses to tell him why.”

“What happened to her? It’s not easy to talk about.” There’s a hint of something I can’t quite figure out in Grace’s tone, so I shrug it off because she isn’t getting my point.

“He’s our father, Grace.”

“Yeah, and he’s even more judgmental than you.”

I roll my eyes even though it’s not the first time I’ve heard about my fatal flaw. “That asshole’s isolating her, Grace. Probably to get his hands on her trust fund.”

Grace laughs. “You do realize that Coop has more money than she does, right? The club is far richer than your family?”

“Impossible,” I scoff, but her words give me an idea. “We just have to show Kelsey the truth, Grace.” As my idea takes shape, I can see it’ll give me the ammo I need to get Kelsey to see the light.

“Show her what, exactly?” Grace leans back and folds her arms over her ample chest, which has always been a great source of envy for me. “That the MC is into illegal things? So is your father, so why should she care about that?”

“Damn.” Grace makes a good point. “Then I’ll have to find a way to get Coop in trouble. Maybe plant some drugs on his bike or inside that mechanics shop. Then he’ll get locked up, and Kelsey will be forced to come home.” Yeah, that’s a good plan. “We just have to buy some drugs.”