Auctioned to the Lumberjack – Highest Bidder Read Online Hope Ford

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I’m tired of living alone.
Tired of nothing but the trees keeping me company.
There are reasons I live the way I do.
Reasons that I broke up with my fiancé – the love of my life – and that I stay on this mountain away from everyone and everything.
But one email is about to change it all.
I’ve been invited to a secret auction where I can bid on a virgin wife.
I have no interest in accepting the invitation until I find out my ex fiancé is one of the women.
Can I stand by why other men bid on her?
No way.
But the fact remains, I’m not the same man I was before the accident.
I have to save her… but then I’ll let her go.
Until I see her lit up on stage and everything changes.
I won’t be letting her go… I’ll do whatever to make her want to stay.
The series where the Highest Bidder always wins.
Welcome to a one-of-a-kind Auction House where humans, shifters, and aliens bid on love.
These ultra-rich men are ready to bring home their virgin prizes.
Are you ready to join in and wish you were the one on the auction block?

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Chapter 1


Nicole straddles my lap and rests her chin on my chest. Instinctively, I wrap my arms around her and pull her more snugly against my body. Her core is lined up at my lengthening dick, and I raise my hips a little because I’m a glutton for punishment. I know this is dangerous. Even with thick blue jeans on, this is dangerous. I’ve found lately that just being around her is getting unbearable. She’s too tempting, and I’m only so strong. Especially when she grinds her pelvis against me.

“What are you doing, Nikki?”

She smiles up at me. “Nothing. Just trying to get a rise out of you.”

“Har, har. Funny. I’m sure you know by now it doesn’t take much for you to get a rise out of me.” I shift her on my lap because the pain is real. Who would have thought that I’d be a twenty-two-year-old fuckin’ virgin with a willing woman on my lap and turn that shit down? Fuck, I need my head examined. Everything inside of me says to give in and give her what she wants—hell, what we both want.

Her hands slide up my chest, and she traces circles around my erect nipple over my shirt. I laugh and grab on to her upper arms, forcing her away from me.

Her once laughing face is now filled with frustration. “Ethan, what’s wrong? You’re killing me here. I love you, you love me. I want you.” She lowers her hips so I’m pushing against her honeyed core, and her smile returns. “And I’m pretty sure you want me.”

I groan out loud. “Fuck yeah, I want you.”

And before I can get another word out, she’s throwing her hands up in the air. “So what’s the problem then? Let’s do it already.”

I toss her onto the couch beside me and hover over her. She’s staring up at me with all the trust in the world. Nicole and I have been together since her freshman year of high school. I’m two years older than her, and she’s twenty now. She recently graduated from a local community college with her radiology tech degree... and next week, we’re getting married. When that happens, all bets are off. She’s going to be mine in every sense of the word. “The problem is that when I take you, I’m going in bare, Nikki. There won’t be anything between us, and chances are we’re going to make babies. I want my ring on your finger when I do it.”

One arm goes around my neck, and the other has her flashing her engagement ring on her finger in my face. “First, of all, the engagement ring counts. I’m yours. I’ve always been yours, so I say yes, let’s do that. I don’t want there to be anything between us either.”

I laugh and lean down, rubbing my nose against hers. She has no clue how hard this has been for me. I want her so badly that it’s all I think about. And call me crazy, but I made a promise to her dad. I was close to her father, and when he passed, he asked me to take care of her. I’ve kept my promise even though it’s about to kill me. He wanted her to graduate and nothing to stop that from happening. I waited, and we planned the wedding for the weekend after her graduation.

“Not until we’re married,” I tell her, but that doesn’t appease her.

She pouts prettily. “I never would have thought you were so old fashioned.”

“Old fashioned?” I ask her incredulously. “What’s old fashioned about wanting to do this right? We’re consumed with each other, Nikki, and I know once I get you—all of you—I’m not going to be letting you out of my sight for at least a month.”