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Bad Uncle Too

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Jordan Silver

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She was the daughter of an old friend, young innocent and not for someone like me. I’m an old marine who likes to taste test women too much to settle for one, and I was in no danger from the young innocent I remembered from the last time I saw her, or so I thought. I was so wrong….
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Jordan Silver


Oh-ho little girl! You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. She swished by me with her ass swinging from side to side. Wait for it!

There it goes, that sexy little grin over the shoulder as her ponytail bounced across her nape. I gave her my signature smirk but kept my thoughts to myself.

“Come on uncle Cade, can’t you keep up with a girl?” I squinted, this time wondering if I should accept the challenge. It wasn’t that I couldn’t keep up with my hot young sweaty niece; it was what her ass was doing to me in those shorts.

That and the fact that she’s been putting my cock through his paces for days now. I jogged off after her, my eyes focused on the sway of her hair. Don’t look down Cade you fuck.

Of course I looked down. Two seconds after my eyes fell to her ass my dick sprung a leak. I actually looked for a good place to hide and rub one out.

It was another thirty minutes home alone in the truck with her hot cunt in the seat next to me, and I just knew I wasn’t going to make it. And to think, just a few short days ago I was a sane man, a happy man.

I spent my days on my boat lazing around in between fishing and fucking around. My nights I spent with my ass parked on a stool at Mooney’s. That’s the local watering hole.

When I wasn’t doing any of those things I was in front the television or in some woman’s snatch getting my balls drained. I’m on a permanent vacation after years of putting my ass on the line for home and country.

That all changed though when an old marine buddy of mine called up with a big favor to ask. He and the wife were going out of town and didn’t want to leave their just turned eighteen-year old daughter alone in the house.

For one thing they had no relatives in the state, and no one they trusted to look out for her. The kid, Sydney I think her name is, argued that she could take care of herself but my buddy wasn’t having it.

Sam is an old hardened marine like myself. We’d served in the last three wars together and had seen it all. Sam and I were like night and day.

We were both in our mid thirties, loved and served our country, but that is where the similarities ended. Sam had a wife and kid. I was still looking for the right pussy to settle down with.

I’d met his family, had spent time with them here before they moved away. That must be five or six years ago, last time I’d seen the kid too. From what I remember she was a timid little thing who always hid behind her daddy’s back whenever I was around.

She was cute then, bright blue diamond sparkling eyes and the lightest blonde hair with just the tiniest smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose.

I used to tease her about those freckles. Now all I want to do is lick them while fucking balls deep into her hot teenage cunt. For fuck sake Cade, she’s just a kid.

Yeah right! That was my first thought too until she got off the bus. I’d been leaning against my truck, chewing on a blade of grass and wondering how the fuck I was supposed to bring home some strange when I had this kid under my roof.

I’m no exhibitionist but I like my fucks loud and dirty as fuck. No way was little Ms. Prim and proper going be able to handle me fucking the shit outta some chick in the next room.

I sighed and threw the blade of grass aside as the bus pulled in, resigning myself to having to go easy on my pussy snacks for the foreseeable future.

Since I hadn’t done that shit since I was sixteen and fucking for the first time, it was still left to be seen how long it would last.

But for a buddy who’d had my back a time or two in some sticky situations I could give up a summer to watch his brat.

My first issue began, when she stepped off the bus. I looked over her head and around the other passengers for my honorary niece. She’d called me uncle since she could talk.

The girl I’d overlooked had about the right coloring, but that body did not belong to my niece. I was beginning to think she’d missed the bus when the last passenger got off and there was still no sign of her.

When the hot little number in the sunny summer dress and Marilyn Monroe shades covering half her face stopped in front of me I smiled down at her. Not just any smile; that was my ‘I’ll have your panties off in two seconds flat’ winner. Shit always works.