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Bayou Sweetheart - Butterfly Bayou

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Lexi Blake

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Sparks fly in Louisiana's Butterfly Bayou when a Hollywood starlet falls for a local deputy in a small-town contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake.
After leaving the military, Major Blanchard moved to Papillon, Louisiana, to be with his aging father, where he's taken a deputy position with the sheriff’s department. Now that he’s settling into life on the bayou, he’s trying out the dating scene. Every single woman in town seems to be pining after the handsome newcomer. But so far, nothing’s worked out, and he’s had some spectacularly bad dates. Major’s getting ready to give up on love when a new lady roars into town to film a movie and turns his world upside down.
Actress Brynn Pearson is trying to make a successful transition from child star to leading lady. Now that she’s landed her first lead in a major film, nothing can stop her. She's committed to focusing solely on her work, so romance is the last thing she needs—too bad she can’t get her mind off the dreamy deputy she keeps running into. He’s gorgeous, and something about him makes her feel safe. As Brynn’s feelings for Major deepen, she starts to wonder if maybe there’s more to life than her career.
When a family crisis throws Major’s life into a tailspin, he turns to Brynn for support, and hopes their budding relationship will shine brighter than Hollywood lights.
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Lexi Blake

chapter one

Brynn Pearson took a deep breath and soaked in the morning light. The world seemed softer here, the green of the trees above in stunning contrast with the blue sky and puffy clouds. Their trunks seemed to come straight out of the water, their limbs bending and twisting.

But what she really loved about Papillon, Louisiana, was the quiet.

She sat on the back porch of the small cabin and stared out over the water, her corgi resting contentedly on her lap. She absently ran her hand along Duke’s fur and felt him yawn. Even her dog was at peace.

She could think here. How long had it been since she was still? She’d forgotten how good it felt to know she had a whole day with nothing planned. No agenda items. No meetings. No rehearsals or interviews. She’d been staying in the cabin on the grounds of the Butterfly Bayou Bed-and-Breakfast, owned and operated by the cutest family she’d ever seen. From what she could tell, no one even recognized her here. If the owners of the B and B did, they gave her absolutely no clue. Maybe it was the new hair and the lack of makeup.

Or maybe not everyone had watched her grow up on TV, and wasn’t that the coolest thing?

Duke’s head came up and swiveled.

“Hey, I’ve got your lunch along with some water and a couple of snacks.”

She glanced up. One of the proprietors stood there with a big German shepherd and the little boy who’d been introduced as Luc. Harry Jefferys was a handsome man with a ready smile. He was one of those guys whose obvious goodness shined through.

He could have killed in Hollywood, had every casting director in the world at his feet. But she got the feeling the man was happy right where he was.

Duke jumped down and greeted the newcomers.

Brynn stood and offered to take the backpack from him. “Thanks. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your wife’s cooking.”

If she didn’t watch it, she would be in trouble when production started up in a couple of weeks. Papillon was playing hell on her diet. When she’d decided to come out early to prep for her role, she’d banished her personal chef/sadistic purveyor of all things kale. Her character wouldn’t have a chef. Or an assistant. Or a chick who walked behind her with a compact to make sure her skin didn’t shine.

“She’s the best, but if you want to try some real gumbo, you might want to go to her brother’s place on the bay. It’s called Guidry’s,” Harry offered.

“And bread pudding.” Luc wore a Spider-Man T-shirt and jeans, his dark hair adorably messy. He knelt down to pet Duke. “Uncle Remy makes the best. And French fries.”

“I’ll have to give it a try,” she promised. It all sounded good, and really, how much damage could a week off her ridiculous diet do?

Harry nodded. “There’s a chicken salad sandwich in there, along with potato salad and some brownies. I also snuck some of last night’s pork chop leftovers in a baggie for Duke.”

The B and B was a pet-friendly place. Besides the big German shepherd named Shep, there was a pretty tabby cat who wandered the grounds. There were all kinds of what Harry called “critters.” She was pretty sure last night she’d seen a group of raccoons running around. Or maybe it had been possums. “Thank you. He’ll love it.”

“I also packed some supplies you might need. Be careful out there. It’s been raining the last week and the mud can be dangerous. All kinds of animals get stuck and can’t get out. The trail you’re going down takes you around the water. That little thing right there could get sucked right in.”

Luc frowned up at his dad, a hand still on the corgi. “Brynn won’t let her doggie get hurt.”

“I’ll stay on the trail. Promise.” She looked back at Harry. “You said the light was good on the dock, right?” She wanted to spend the day sitting on that dock, sketching and soaking in her surroundings. She would take pictures so she could remember the details when she went to paint.

Harry frowned. “Well, the light is pretty much the same everywhere, ma’am.”

Ah, the non-artist. They thought light existed merely so they could see and be warm. She knew light played all around her. Light illuminated far more than the way. “It’s pretty?”

“Oh, yes, it’s gorgeous, and you should be alone at this time of day,” Harry agreed. He held out the keys. “All you have to do is go back down the drive, hang a right, and you’ll see the turnoff about a mile down the road. The trail will take you to the dock.”

“And I will be sure to avoid the mud.”

Harry grinned. “You should. That mud is serious. Suck a man right down. We’ll be back later this evening. You sure you don’t want Sera to leave some dinner for you?”