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Beat by Beat (Riggins Brothers #5)

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Kaylee Ryan

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Being a single mom is not how I envisioned life would turn out. But after my happily ever after ended way too soon, I’m doing my best and taking each day as it comes. Life is full of surprises, though, both good and bad... like Marshall Riggins coming to my rescue in the pharmacy line.
The gorgeous Riggins brother has a heart of gold and looks mighty fine as a knight in shining armor, but I don’t need a handout nor the distraction. Too bad my heart doesn’t get the memo.
Suddenly he’s everywhere I am. With his stubborn smile and dark blue eyes, he sees way more than I wish he would. He looks beyond the broken fragments of my being and still wants me. I can’t help but think maybe he’s my second chance at a happy ending.
After watching my brothers find their magic and settling down, it’s time to admit I want what they have. It’s not just about the passion but the soul connection. The beautiful brunette fumbling through her purse in front of me in line doesn’t just catch my attention. She steals my heart.
Wren Wheeler is as stubborn as the day is long. The gorgeous single mom doesn’t want to accept my help... or my friendship. But her adorable baby girl doesn’t agree. In fact, she loves me. And the longer I spend with both of them, I know walking away isn’t an option.
She’s afraid of having her heart broken again, but I’m not going anywhere. I’ve slowly fallen for Wren. And beat by beat, I think she’s falling too.
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Riggins Brothers Series by Kaylee Ryan

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Kaylee Ryan

Chapter 1


“Done,” I say to myself as I hit Send on the email and push back from my desk. I’ve been here at the office since early this morning. It’s usually my two oldest brothers, Royce or Owen, who arrive first, but now that they both have wives and babies at home, they don’t live to work like they used to.

Riggins Enterprises launched a new marketing campaign last month. It was my brainchild that I worked tirelessly on for months, and I’m happy to report that our reach is better than ever. Our accounts are growing in all regions, and it’s not just me boasting. The proof is in the numbers. Just ask my brother Owen. He’s the numbers guy, and he’s thrilled with the increase we’ve seen. Royce, my oldest brother, is the CEO, and he’s made sure to tell me several times in the last month what a marketing genius I am. Yes, I made him say it while I recorded it. I gotta take my praise where I can get it.

“You two are my favorites.” Layla’s voice carries down the hall. “Don’t tell Sawyer.”

“Don’t tell Sawyer what?” my sister-in-law Sawyer asks.

My sisters, well, my brothers’ wives, are here, and that’s the perfect excuse to take a break. Standing from my chair, I make my way to Layla’s desk at the reception area. “What’s that?” I immediately ask when I spot a container of something sitting on the corner of Layla’s desk.

“We were bored,” Aspen tells me. The shiny new engagement ring that my brother gave her last month sparkles as she moves her hand to point at the container.

“How bored are we talking?” I ask. “Bored, as in, let’s make some box brownies, or bored as in I whipped up a batch of homemade peanut butter bars. There’s a difference,” I tell them.

“Bored as in, we whipped up a batch of homemade magic bars,” my almost sister-in-law Aspen tells me with a grin.

“A bunch of hocus pocus,” I say, reaching for the container. Pulling off the lid, I’m assaulted with the smell of fresh baked goods, and this is my sister’s baking we’re talking about. You can’t have just one, so of course, I grab two.

“Careful, Marsh,” my middle brother Grant says as he approaches his wife, Aurora. “You might catch the magic bug,” he teases.

“I call bullshit. You just want the bars to yourself,” I say as I shove a bite of the magic bar into my mouth.

“My wife made the recipe,” he fires back. “I can have them anytime that I want them. Right, babe?”

“That’s right.” Aurora smiles at him.

“How are you two feeling?” Sawyer asks Aurora and Aspen.

If you’re confused, let me catch you up. My oldest brother, Royce, is married to Sawyer. She works here at Riggins, and they have a hella cute baby boy named Roan. He’s five months old, and I’m his favorite uncle. He can’t tell you that yet, but I’m confident that he will.

Next in line in the Riggins family tree is Owen. The second oldest and married to Layla, who also works here at Riggins. Layla and Sawyer work closely together to keep the five of us in line. They, too, have a hella cute little boy. His name is Carter. He’s a year-and-a-half old, and if I ask him who his favorite uncle is, he points to me. We’re going to pretend that he doesn’t do the same thing with my brothers. Let me have my moment.

Grant is my middle brother. He’s married to Aurora, who is Aspen’s sister. Aurora and Aspen own Warm Delights. However, it caught fire about five months ago, and they’re still dealing with insurance, waiting to rebuild. That’s okay because she’s expecting their first baby in a couple of months.

Conrad is the second to the youngest brother. He’s engaged to Aspen, Aurora’s sister, and they, too, are expecting a baby in a couple of months. She and her sister are due only a week apart. Neither planned it that way. It just sort of happened. By the end of the year, there are going to be two more baby boys joining the Riggins clan, and we’re all thrilled. Although, no one is more excited than my parents.

That leaves me—Marshall Riggins, the youngest of the Riggins brood and the last holdout. My dad and my brothers believe in what they call the magic of love. The five of them claim that when you find the one woman you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with, it’s magical.

They claim that it changes you.

I’ve watched all four of my brothers fall in love. Each of them has found the woman they are meant to love forever, hence giving me four sisters, two nephews, and soon-to-be two more nephews. I don’t know if the “magic of love” is just something they all say to keep the rest of us from giving them shit about tying themselves to one woman for the rest of their lives, or if it’s real.