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Some guys take the easy way out. Not me. I work hard and I work out even harder.

My sister would like to see me settled down with a family, but running a successful gym while building a fitness empire takes time, sweat, and discipline—three things I can’t afford to spare even for a chance at happy ever after.

Then the new yoga instructor struts into my gym looking like the ultimate cheat day.

She’s nearly half my age, but this curvy redhead’s got my blood pumping in areas that aren’t exactly work appropriate. Now I’m rethinking my priorities, imagining a future that involves the two of us tangled up in some very compromising positions.

Some people are ruled by their cravings. I didn’t know I was one of them until I met her.

Author's Note: Slip into something spicy with Margot Scott’s new Daddy Sized Series, bursting at the seams with older daddies who can't keep their hands off these curvy heroines. Big Daddy is a fast and filthy standalone age-gap instalove romance, featuring NO cheating between the H&h, and a guaranteed HEA.

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Electro-pop music and the clinking of dumbbells fills my ears as I step through the entryway into Gold Standard Fitness. Most of the time, I barely register the ever-present scent of sweat that permeates the large space, but I’ve been travelling the past few days; it’ll take at least a few hours for my nose to acclimate.

Technically I’ve got no good reason to be at work tonight, but I wanted to get a few reps in before heading home. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and working out usually helps me clear my head. Even if I’m running on fumes, I know from experience it’s better to power through here at the gym rather than toss and turn in bed all night long.

I wave to Moodie, our general manager, at the front desk, then head on back without bothering to scan my card or sign in. Being able to come and go as I please is just one of the perks of owning the place—well, co-owning the place. With any luck my business partner has already gone home.

I’m trying to keep a low profile, keeping my head down and my steps quiet, since I don’t really want to talk to anyone before I get a chance to unwind on the machines.

“Benjamin Gold, what the hell are you doing here?”

Damn, so close. I glance longingly at the weight rack before turning to face my co-owner’s disapproving gaze.

“Just here to work out, Barb,” I say. Even though I’m almost a foot taller than Barbie, her presence looms over me. I’ve never figured out how she’s able to make herself seem so much bigger than she actually is. It must be an older sister thing.

“Work out, my ass.” Barbie raises an eyebrow at me. Her blonde hair is styled perfectly, and her makeup looks pristine, though she’s probably done at least two hours of cardio today. She gives me a light punch on the arm. “You’re supposed to be in Chattanooga.”

“I came back early.”

“Then you’re supposed to be taking the weekend off to relax.”

“I happen to find working out to be highly relaxing.”

“Now I know you don’t expect me to buy that.” Her mouth tilts into a frown. “I take it the showing didn’t go well?”

“Not so much.”

“That’s the third showing in two months,” she says with a sigh. For the past few years, my sister and I have been tossing around the idea of opening a second location. We’ve had a major uptick in revenue, and with the boom in new memberships, now seems like the perfect time to expand.

Well, it would be the perfect time if we could find a fucking second location.

“Did you at least have a nice trip?” she asks.

“The traffic wasn’t too bad this time, and the hotel breakfast was decent.” I jerk my head in the direction of our offices, figuring we might as well sit down if we’re going to continue this conversation. Barbie follows me, shutting the door behind her and then taking a seat in the chair opposite my desk.

“All right,” she says. “Lay it on me. What was wrong with this one?”

“It would be quicker to list what wasn’t wrong with it,” I grumble. “Not only did the listing conveniently choose not to disclose the extensive water damage in the basement, it left out the best part.”

“Which was?”

“The family of squirrels living in the walls.”

Barbie drops her forehead to her hands and groans loudly. She gives herself about ten seconds of moping before picking her head up with a look of newfound determination.

“Okay.” She claps her hands. “This is okay! Remember what mom always said. ‘Don’t push it. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.’” She’s clearly grasping at straws to find a positive in this situation, but even I can’t fault her for trying to stay optimistic. “Maybe this is a sign that we should take a break from scouting for a while and wait for some more locations to pop up.”

“Fine by me,” I say, barely suppressing a yawn. I sit down in my office chair. “I could use a break from travelling so I can focus more here. I’ve been meaning to call Jonathan about doing some electrical work in the locker rooms.”

Barb’s face softens. “Ben, you could use a break from work in general. Look at you, you’re bone tired. You know it’s okay to take a day off every once in a while. You’ve been working too hard. Even you need rest.”

I shake my head. “I’m fine, Barb. I just didn’t sleep great last night.”

“That’s funny, how you think I’m asking you. No, little brother, I’m telling you to take the night off. Go home, go to a bar, flirt with someone cute. Whatever you need to do to relax, do it. Or else you’ll just burn yourself out.”