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Biker Next Door

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Sam Crescent

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After doing three years in prison, Rix is following the rules. He’s not wearing his leather patch, nor is he anywhere near his clubhouse, but he will make the person who put him away pay. For now, he’s going to enjoy living free, especially with his sexy neighbor.

Work is all Anna-Beth has known. She doesn’t know what fun is anymore, not until she attends Rix’s party. He’s dangerous and his smile melts her panties right off. They’re two people having fun and one day, it will be over. Yet, Rix he doesn’t want it to be over. He wants to claim her and make sure Anna-Beth can never leave.

However, when it’s time to return to the club, Rix has to make a choice. Is Anna-Beth ready to accept him, or has the houses’ magic for bringing couples together finally ran out?
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Sam Crescent

Chapter One

Rix turned the wrench on his bike. It didn’t need fixing at all. His machine was in perfect working condition as it always was. No, what he was waiting for was the vision of his neighbor, Anna-Beth. The little brunette had been able to avoid him for the last three weeks, ever since they both moved in at the same time. She offered him one sweet smile, and then nothing.

Now, he wasn’t used to having to set up a little ploy to get any kind of pussy. After serving three years, he was on a limited probation period where he couldn’t be seen at the clubhouse, but that didn’t mean his boys couldn’t be with him. He also couldn’t be seen wearing his leather cut, which was fine. His boys knew how to handle shit.

Getting three years for good behavior on possession of a weapon just went to show what a damn good lawyer the club had. He paid for the best. Anyway, he’d learned when he was younger just what was required and there was always a loophole. He found said loophole and his boys could bring all their shit here, he just couldn’t go there. He wasn’t wearing a cut, nor was he riding with them. Everything was running smoothly. He even had this place in one of the nicest areas within an hour’s ride of his club. Families who would be perfect in a nice little magazine. They all had it made here.

Then, of course, there was his little accountant. He’d gotten her name on move-in day. His boys had gotten her checked out. Twenty-nine, single, never married, not even seeing anyone. A local accountant. She used to work in the city, but after a burglary, she’d wanted out, and within three months, she was living right next door to him.

Beautiful, long brown hair, and when she wore it down, it graced the curve of her back. It made him think of having the length wrapped around his fist while he showed her a good time.

As he ran his hand over the seat of his bike, he looked up, and sure enough, there she was. She owned a car she rarely used, often taking to walking. The suits she wore didn’t do her curves justice. He’d seen her out in the yard, pacing or even sunbathing. The last few days had been beautiful but not once had she worn a bikini. He’d love to see all those curves on display. She had nice, big, juicy tits, and he’d spent one too many days in the shower, working his cock, imagining those beauties right in front of his face. He wanted to suck on them so hard.

Again, he could have any club woman he wanted. There were a lot who’d gladly fuck him into oblivion, but his dick was set on the woman heading his way. In her hands was a large bag of groceries. A couple of the neighbors stopped her to say hi. She had a beautiful smile.

She made her way toward him, struggling to get her key out of her bag.

“Here, let me help.” He took the bag, which was fucking heavy.

“Oh, thank you,” she said.

He saw her cheeks go a nice shade of red. She opened the door and went to take the bag from her.

“Let me handle it. It feels like you picked up the whole shop.”

“Just a few things.”

He entered her home. Between the two houses, he was the one who owned the pool. The lady before him had said it was kind of a tradition to invite the neighbor around.

Where his place still had a couple of boxes, Anna-Beth’s was completely clean and neat. Not a single box in sight.

“Wow,” he said. “You really got the whole unpacking thing down.” He put her groceries on the counter.

She glanced around her home with a laugh. “I don’t like mess of any kind. I have to have order. It’s just the way that I am.” She put her bag down and removed her jacket. “Thank you so much for bringing this in for me.”

“It’s no trouble at all. I have my boys bring me stuff. In fact, do you like barbeque?” he asked.

“Barbeque food?”


“I do.”

“Great. I’m having a cookout tomorrow. Some of the boys are coming. You should come around. Wear a bikini. I’m going to get some use out of that pool.”

She looked down at her body. “No, I really shouldn’t impose like that. It wouldn’t be right.”

“How would you be imposing?” he asked. “I’m the one who asked you over. Come on, live dangerously.”

“I’ve got work to catch up on, and other stuff to do.”

She wasn’t looking at him and he knew a lie when he saw one.

“Too much work will kill you. You should never bring that shit home. Keep it in the office, and we’re neighbors. I don’t want us to get off to a bad start.”