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Blackmailed By My Dad's Boss (Blackmail Fantasies #2)

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S.E. Law

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Brick Barrister is an a$$hole. Okay, so he’s my dad’s gorgeous, dominating boss with blue eyes that make me shiver and a build like He-Man.
But still, Brick’s arrogant and soooo frustrating. He caught me doing something I shouldn’t, and got it on videotape!
But instead of giving the tape back like an honorable man, he’s keeping it.
In fact, Brick watches me over and over again on his phone … at work, at home, and even out in public.
Who DOES that? I have to get that video back.
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Blackmail Fantasies Series by S.E. Law

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S.E. Law



I’ve been lying in bed for hours, too wired to fall asleep. My parents asked so many questions tonight. It’s like they knew I was about to do something insanely stupid once they were both asleep. Then again, they seem to have a sixth sense for nonsense that I think comes with parenthood. Who knows? Either way, it made me extremely nervous. I just hope they didn’t pick up on that.

But I need to stop thinking and get moving. It’s late enough that I know Mom and Dad are long since asleep. I left an already packed bag in my car, so I won’t have to lug a bunch of heavy equipment with me. After all, the goal is to make as little noise as possible as I leave the house. Stepping out of my room, I tiptoe downstairs, feeling like a thief.

It’s time to do something reckless.

Okay, so my idea is something that many people would consider totally stupid and idiotic. But my reasons for this fool’s errand are justifiable. It’s not like I’m doing this purely out of morbid curiosity or because I’m trying to steal stuff. But what I’m about to do is still technically a crime. And if I’m caught, I just might go to jail. Because of this thing called “trespassing,” which is part of my plan.

So it would be best if I don’t get caught…

Oh golly, I can’t believe I’m about to break into Brick Productions. My dad has worked at Brick as a video editor for years. He’s been with them almost since the very beginning, when CEO Brick Barrister founded the place. Lucky for me, Dad’s seniority means I’m familiar with the company, so I know its approximate layout. I used to tag along with my dad on days when I didn’t have school or when he wanted to show me something new and cool.

I guess what I’m doing is technically called “breaking in,” but then again, who’s keeping track? It isn’t going to be hard, but that doesn’t make the activity any less criminal. I just have to make sure not to get my dad, or myself, into any trouble. Legal or otherwise. My family would be devastated if I went to jail.

Focus. I need to stop thinking about how illegal what I’m doing is and just get on with it. It’s important to turn these thoughts into actions because if I can get this audition tape made, I might be able to finally achieve my lifelong dream. Besides, I’m not really breaking in because I’m using my dad’s key. I’ll just consider my actions as coming in during off-hours without informing anyone and using property that isn’t mine without permission – but only briefly and while being careful not to destroy anything. Sounds reasonable, right?

I pull into the parking lot, and turn off my headlights. Then, I tiptoe towards the building, avoiding the main entrance. Instead, I head over to the side door. I take out my dad’s key and quietly, let myself into the building. Not wanting to make any excess noise, I take the stairs and tiptoe to one of Brick Production’s many sound stages. I try not to breathe. There probably isn’t any night staff around these parts, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The studio has top-notch equipment, which is key. They have video cameras that literally cost as much as a house, as well as fancy sound equipment and lighting of various sizes and strengths. I’m making an audition tape for Fantastic Florists, a new reality show, and this equipment will help me produce something professional-quality.

After all, I used to watch an educational TV series about plants called Flower Power when I was a kid, and the show fueled my interests in everything floral. My childhood dream was to be one of the assistants on the show, but it was canceled right after I got started in my career.

So when a new show, Fantastic Florists, was announced recently, it felt like a sign. I have massive stage fright, but I’m putting all of that behind me because the prize is $50,000. Imagine what I could do with fifty big ones! I could open my own floral shop, which I’ve dreamed of doing for ages. It would be so great to beautify the community while interacting with customers every day.

I’ve scrutinized the numbers. Having my own outfit is definitely possible if I use the 50K prize wisely.

Plus, I’ve gotten so much experience while working at Greener Thumb, a local shop in downtown Merryton. I’m practically running the place, to be honest, and it makes me feel proud yet resentful because I hate my current boss, Abigail.

It wasn’t always like this. When I first interviewed for the position, Abigail was all smiles and really sweet. Even my first few weeks on the job were pretty great, but she revealed her true colors in time. She has this way of getting under my skin. She loves throwing around her authority and acting like just because she signs my paycheck every other week, she can do whatever she wants. I haven’t been able to quit because I really need the money, but this reality show just might be my ticket out. It’s time for me to strike out on my own in the floral industry.