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Blackmailed by the Mafia Boss

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Sam Crescent

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Avery Finch will do anything for her father—even sell her body to the city’s Capo, Gino Mazza. This man has already broken her father’s legs, and there’s no way she could allow Gino to hurt her father again. Whatever Gino wants, he can have.
What Gino wants is a toy. One look at the passionate brunette, and he knows he wants her. He can do with her as he pleases, and for now, it’s to watch, to tease, to drive her crazy with lust. He wants her to beg for his cock before he’ll give it to her.
Each day is sheer torture. Gino is not what she expected. He knows how to make her crave his touch. She’s not a virgin, but compared to Gino, she might as well be.
Gino is addicted to Avery. He wants to hear her pleasure, to feel her wrapped around him, and to consume every single part of her.
He has to remember she’s a toy, to play with until the time comes to put her back on the shelf. Does he have to let her go? Or must Gino realize there are times he can’t have it all...
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Chapter One

Avery Finch had never been more terrified than she was that Friday night, reading the note her father had left her. He’d been put in the hospital the week before with broken legs, along with a few broken fingers and many bruises as well. He was lucky to be alive, but he was still smiling and told her not to worry. She hadn’t been at the shop last week and only found her father the day after. He’d been too long without medical treatment, and the doctors had had to rebreak the bones to reset them. It was bad.

Now, as she counted up the week’s worth of earnings, she was scared. Her father had come clean to her that he’d borrowed money from Gino Mazza. The name alone was enough to scare the shit out of anyone.

She steered clear of the mafia men in town, but seeing as Gino owned every single business, it made it impossible not to know who he was or what he did. Tonight, she had hoped to have the twenty thousand dollars he was expecting, but instead, she had only five. This wasn’t something a twenty-four-year-old should be worrying about, not now in her life. She hadn’t realized how badly her father’s business was doing until now. In ten minutes, Gino or one of his cronies was supposed to show up to collect the debt or make up for it through … other means.

She loved her legs and needed them for her work. During the week she helped at the childcare center. Most of the parents had to work eighty hours a week, and she was one of the many babysitters that helped their kids. It wasn’t an easy job but one she wished she was still at rather than worrying about what was about to happen.

Closing her eyes, she pressed a hand to her chest.

No matter what, she had to do something.

The shop’s doorbell rang, and even as she shook, she went toward it. Her father ran a small fruit and vegetable shop. He’d been doing it for nearly twenty years that she remembered, and he’d always loved it. Growing up, her dinners had always been overflowing with fresh produce.

After her mother died, it appeared his thirst for running a successful business had as well, which was why she opened the door to a large, muscular man. No doubt it was Gino Mazza.

“I’m looking for Mr. Finch,” he said, his voice cool, in control, calm.

She was anything but. “He’s still in the hospital.”

“You must be his daughter.”

Any hope of him leaving vanished. She nodded her head, stepping back to give him room to enter.

Heart racing, she walked back to the counter, quickly moving behind it to have some distance between them. Gino entered the shop with four large men. None of them were as big as he was, and she didn’t understand why he needed them. He was the one in charge. She wasn’t going to try anything.

No running. No screaming. She held her head high, waiting.

“My dad told me what he owes you.” She hated how her hand shook as she held out the bag. “I’m afraid I can’t … there’s not enough from the week’s revenue.”

Gino didn’t take the bag. Instead, he removed one of his gloves and grabbed an apple. “So your father couldn’t even be bothered to come and see me himself?”

“I told you, he’s in the hospital.” She didn’t even want to think of the medical bill.

“I don’t care. I’ve seen many a man’s legs broken and they’re still able to give me the money.”

“I wasn’t here to get him. I’m sorry, but I can’t get you the money.”

“This is not one of your debts to pay, Avery.”

She paused. How did he know her name?

Gino smiled.

It wasn’t a friendly smile. It was filled with mocking. “You think I don’t know every single family member of the people who owe me money. I find family members, loved ones, can be a great motivator.”

“You want to hurt me?” Avery asked. “It won’t do any good. There’s no way hurting me will get you the money.”

“No, but I can hurt your father some more. There are a lot of bones to break in a human body.”

Gino snapped his fingers, and she saw one of the guards turn to leave.


She quickly rushed around the counter, which was a big mistake.

Before she could go anywhere else, Gino had his fingers wrapped around her neck. She was in no doubt as to the kind of damage he could do to her. She was at his mercy. She swallowed past the lump in her throat, hoping the tears wouldn’t fall.

She didn’t want to look weak. Begging for something always left a bitter taste in her mouth.

“Please, don’t hurt him.”

The man left the shop, and she screamed.