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Under his touch, your every desire will… Bloom

Today is the day Francesca Thomas was supposed to get married. All she wants is a stiff drink and a whole lot of distraction…which is exactly when she meets him. Tall, dark, and deliciously disguised, the man known only as Phantom awakens her every sense. All Frankie really knows about him is the raw, untamed chemistry that makes her want to relinquish herself―body and soul―to his touch…

Phantom has rules, all designed to protect his identity. No names. No personal information. But Frankie is a too-tempting ingenue who threatens all of his cautious, careful control. At the ultra-exclusive Black Rose Underground Club, he can explore each of her deepest, uncharted desires…so long as he keeps his public life―and his secrets―hidden.

Frankie’s ready to explore what lies between them. The intensity, the darkness, and the unyielding pleasure of it all. But while the mystery of Phantom is thrilling, secrets are one game she won’t play. And if she’s going to explore the forbidden, she’ll begin with finding out exactly who’s under the mask…

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Chapter One


My sister Mandy—short for Amanda—says I have two settings. High and low.

If there’s any truth to her hypothesis, I’ve been on the low setting for the last month.

Sitting here at dinner with my parents, Mandy, and her best friend and brand-new boyfriend, Jackson Paris, isn’t helping my mood. On tonight of all nights…

Did they really forget what day it is?

Mandy looks adorable, as usual. The woman can eat like a teenage boy and never gain an ounce. Plus she’s the perfect height, whereas I’m the giantess of the bunch—taller than both my sister and my mother. Not that I mind my height, but that plus my wide waist and narrow hips make it difficult to find clothes that fit.

Mandy doesn’t have that issue. Her cute, hourglass figure looks amazing in everything from high fashion to sweats and yoga pants. Tonight, she’s wearing simple black leggings, a pink tunic, and clunky-heeled sandals, and it all works for her.

She clears her throat. “Jack and I have some news.”

Mom smiles. “What is it, dear?”

Mandy raises her left hand, showing us the sparkler on her ring finger. “We’re engaged!”

“That’s wonderful!” Mom grabs Mandy’s hand and eyes the new bauble.

“Congratulations, Jackson, Mandy,” Dad says much more calmly than Mom. He’s never been one to get too emotional, but his smile says it all.

This engagement isn’t news to me. Mandy’s been trying to hide her hand since we sat down, but I caught a glimpse of it.

I noticed it. I knew the announcement was coming. And it’s been eating away at me since I saw that shimmering rock on her finger.

I force a smile. “That’s great, Mand.”

I should be happy for my sister, and I am on some level. Many levels, actually. She’s been in love with Jackson forever, and Mandy never had a lot of dates before him. She’s gorgeous, even though I was always considered the beauty between the two of us. It had more to do with Mandy’s introversion than with anything else. She thought it was because she refused to wear contact lenses until recently. Something about touching her eyeball grossing her out. For Jackson, apparently she touched her eyeball, and then, about a week ago, she got laser surgery so she’d no longer have to. But the truth is that Mandy has always been attractive, glasses or not. She’s the only one who didn’t believe it.

So yeah, I’m happy for my sister.

But tonight? Really?

I’m trying to focus on Mandy and her happiness. Truly trying. But how did they all forget so quickly?

I don’t blame Dad so much. He never remembers important dates. But I expected a lot better from my mother and my sister.

Because today…

Today is the day I was supposed to marry Pendleton Berry.

And instead?

I’m sitting at a family dinner while my sister announces her engagement to Jackson Paris, who, by anyone’s standards, is a first-class stud.

I’ve known him forever. He’s been a staple at our house since before I could talk. He and Mandy have been best friends for so long I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t around. I’m not exactly sure how they became an item, only that a month ago Jack was in a car accident and he woke up in love with my sister.

A few days later?

I found out the truth about my own fiancé.

So my wedding? The one that was supposed to be taking place this very day?

It was canceled, and my relationship was over.

Completely and totally over.

The fiasco with my bridesmaids’ dresses, the bachelorette party… All for nothing.

One of those Long Island Playboys from my bachelorette party gave me his phone number that night and whispered in my ear for me to call him later. He was a hottie, too, with dark-brown skin and light-brown eyes. Looking back, I wish I had taken him up on his offer.

I still have his card with his number on it, but he won’t even remember me at this point.

“And you’ll be my maid of honor of course, Frankie.”

I jerk out of my thoughts at Mandy’s voice and force a smile. “Sure. Of course.”

“It’ll be a small wedding,” Mandy says. “Just you and the best man. No other bridal party.”

I don’t say it, but that’s because Mandy doesn’t have any friends. Not close friends like I have. Isabella, Gigi, and I have been besties since college at Mellville University. Truth be told, I wish they were here with me now. I could use some support.

“This is all so amazing, honey,” Mom says. “We couldn’t have picked a better man for you. Jack, you’re already part of the family. You have been for decades.”

“I’ll be honored to make it official.” Jackson curves his lips up into an infectious grin.

Mandy prattles on about arrangements, and quite frankly it’s getting on my nerves. I want to be happy for her. Mandy deserves everything in the world. But how could they totally not remember that this was the night I was supposed to become Mrs. Pendleton Berry?