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Bound By Blood Anthology

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Cora Reilly

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Born in Blood
Sworn in Blood…
…isn’t only the motto the Famiglia lives by.
Bleeding for love is something every couple in this book has experienced. Through hardships their love morphs into something even more beautiful and resilient. A love each of them is willing to fight for.

This anthology contains stories for the following couples:
Aria & Luca
Romero & Liliana
Growl & Cara
Mauro & Stella
Matteo & Gianna
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Cora Reilly

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Short Story #2: Liliana & Romero

Short Story #3: Growl & Cara


Luca and I entered the shabby brick building that harbored the gym of the Famiglia, the mob family that ruled New York and most of the East Coast. Behind the rusty steel door, one of Luca’s soldiers sat guard, a middle-aged man who was busy cleaning his guns; outsiders weren’t really welcome, not that I thought anyone ever came here by accident. This wasn’t the most inviting part of New York after all.

The guard straightened in his chair when he spotted his Capo. Over time, I’d grown used to the looks of respect and fear that Luca evoked in others. Even if he weren’t the head of one of the most notorious mob families in the country, his tall frame and imposing muscles intimidated most people. Not to mention the fierce brutality in his gray eyes. They only ever softened when he looked at me.

Luca’s hand on my waist was light as he led me past his soldier and into the main part of the gym, a huge hall that had been transformed into a place where Luca’s men could work out and practice their fighting skills. There was a boxing ring, all kinds of exercise machines, dummies for fight and knife training, and a corner with mats where a few men were sparring. They greeted us friendly, but apart from that, they hardly glanced our way. It wasn’t the sensation it used to be that Luca took me here to teach me how to fight. Most of the men probably still found it strange or even inappropriate, but they knew better than to share their opinion.

Men in our world preferred their women docile and helpless; easier to control. Nobody wanted a woman who could defend herself, least of all against her own husband. Not that any fight training in the world could ever make me stand a chance against Luca. My sister Gianna always said he was a beast, and she was right. I loved his strength, his fierceness, and yes, even his deadliness. Watching him fight always made wetness pool between my legs. I peered up at my husband, his broad shoulders, strong jaw, black hair. He met my gaze, gray eyes holding the same fire I could already feel simmering in my belly. His mouth pulled into that familiar almost smile, then he gently nudged me into the changing room. It was men only, seeing that I was the only woman who came here, but nobody was crazy enough to walk in when the Capo’s wife was getting dressed. Luca was a possessive bastard as his brother Matteo so nicely put it.

The low ceiling of the changing room always made me feel slightly claustrophobic and the smell of sweat usually worsened that sensation, but today I was distracted by the burning need between my legs that had only grown worse since I’d felt Luca’s morning rod pressed into my lower back this morning. Luca closed the door behind us, walked past me, and dropped our sports bag on the wooden bench before he turned to me and pulled his shirt over his head, revealing inch over inch of perfectly sculpted stomach and chest. I wanted to trail my tongue over every ridge. From the look on Luca’s face, I could tell he knew exactly what I was thinking. I strolled over to the bench, snatched my workout clothes out of the bag, and pretended to ignore my arrogant husband. Of course it was close to impossible. There were people you simply could not ignore. Luca was one of them. He removed his pants and underwear. His cock was already half-erect, and he didn’t bother hiding it, or getting dressed. He was trying to provoke me. He knew how turned on I was by him. Sometimes I could hardly stop myself from jumping him in public.

I slipped out of my jeans and shirt, then unhooked my bra and lowered it slowly, knowing Luca was watching me now. His gaze practically burned a trail down my skin, lingering on my nipples, which hardened under his scrutiny. I turned my back to him and then I inched my panties down ever so slowly, bending forward and jutting my butt out so Luca got a good look at what he was doing to me. My panties had only reached my knees when I felt Luca behind me. One of his hands curled around my shoulder, gently pushing me down until my hands shot out to brace myself against the bench. I knew this position was giving him an even better view. Luca brushed two fingers over my opening before spreading my wetness over my folds and clit. I shuddered and stifled a moan. I didn’t want his men to know what we were doing, though a part of me was turned on by the idea of getting caught in the act. Luca dipped his fingertip into me, then added a second. I tried to move my butt to make him push into me all the way, but his hand on my shoulder held me fast. I threw an annoyed look over my shoulder, hoping he’d get the hint.