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Series: Fever Falls Series by Riley Hart

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Boyfriend 101 (Fever Falls #6)

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I’m a fun-loving guy who doesn’t take life too seriously. If there’s something I want, I go for it. Why not? Life’s too short to slide into the grave with regrets. But what I don’t do is go for men who aren’t out and proud. Been there, done that. Now, the only real way to get to me is to hurt my brother, but now that Sawyer’s happy, he doesn’t need me anymore. I’m stoked for him, I am! But seeing my friends and brother paired off is a constant reminder of the one thing I don’t have but desperately want: Jude. There’s something about this beautiful man who insists he’s not into men. Even with my rules about guys who aren’t out, I’ve craved him since the moment he stepped foot in Fever Falls. Now that he’s one of my best friends, that desire has raged into an inferno I’m powerless to tame.

I’ve always considered myself straight. I wrote off the whole fascination with my longtime best friend Rush as something weird that happened. I’ve been over him for a while now, and the person who helped me was Camden Burke, the flirty man who calls me beautiful. I used to hate getting compliments about my looks, but when Cam does it… Well, let’s say the way he makes me feel is my first clue that the thing with Rush wasn’t a one-time deal. I’m bisexual. And Cam makes me laugh and always listens. Since I’ve been in Fever Falls, I’ve become closer to him than I’ve ever been with anyone, Rush included. So when I decide to explore my newfound sexuality, who better than Cam to show me all the pleasures of being with a man? Only, we get caught, and now it’s not just Cam showing me what it’s like to be with a guy—he’s become my professor in what he calls Boyfriend 101, and apparently, I’m a very good student.
But unfortunately, I have some issues to work out and a few exam scores start slipping. Cam has already graded on a curve by breaking some of his rules to be with me. If I can’t get my act together, I’ll flunk out of Boyfriend 101, and I can’t imagine retaking the course with anyone but him.
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I think I might be a stalker. I’m obsessed with this guy—Jude, I think his name is—who lives in our building. ~ Theo

My skin felt strangely too tight. Like if I moved wrong or stretched too much, it would crack open. I tried to ignore it. I mean, what the fuck? Why would I feel so weird just because Camden was at Fever with a woman? But I did feel all screwed up, off balance, and like my goddamned skin was splintering, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it one bit.

Fucking Camden Burke.

“Hey, gorgeous. Can I get a Long Island?” this bear asked me. That was a new term I’d learned—bear. If there was one thing I never thought I’d be doing, it would be working in a gay bar, using terms like bear, twink…oh, and otter.

My teeth automatically ground together when gorgeous sank in. I was pretty good at ignoring it most of the time. I’d learned to block out shit like that over the years. It wasn’t because he was a bear, or a dude, that it bothered me. I didn’t like it when women said shit like that to me either. It made me feel…weird. I didn’t know how else to explain it. I’d heard words like pretty and gorgeous enough in my life to figure it must be true, but I didn’t see it. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t think I was ugly, but I didn’t see anything special. It was just me.

The strangest part of the whole thing? It didn’t bother me when Camden said it. What I was still working out the pieces to was why.

“Yeah, coming up,” I replied to the guy. My jaw was still tight as I made his drink and took his payment. Every few minutes, my eyes would dart to the bar, where Cam sat with the blonde. All our friends were gone by now. Cam typically stayed later than everyone, hanging out and talking with me, but now he had a beautiful woman on his lap, and he was sucking on her neck instead of flirting with me.

The not-flirting-with-me thing was good.

Right? It was supposed to be good, but I felt any-fucking-thing other than that at the moment.

Since I’d moved to Fever Falls, Camden had become one of my best friends. Rush had so much shit going on with his career and Lincoln that Cam was who I hung out with, who I spent my time with, who I talked to. I didn’t want to lose his friendship, and I wasn’t into men, so the not-flirting thing was supposed to be good.

Only, I’d been in love with Rush and he was a man. It was something I’d come to accept—with Cam’s help. I’d been in love with my best friend who was a man, but we hadn’t belonged together. He belonged with Linc, and I knew that, accepted it, was mostly over it… Cam’s brown eyes caught mine, and he smiled, then winked, and yeah, I was staring.

Heat flooded my gut. Okay, so maybe I was attracted to Cam too…which meant Rush, Cam, and women? My head was a fucking confusing place to be. It had been for a long time.

Shoving Camden out of my thoughts, I buckled down and finished my shift. I wasn’t closing the bar tonight, so as soon as midnight came around, I was getting the hell out of there. Typically, I would have a drink with Cam, or we would have at least walked out together, but my skin was still too tight and my head was still this twisting hurricane of confusion.

I grabbed my shit and went straight for the door. The second I stepped outside, I sucked in a lungful of fall air.

There, that was better. That helped. Since moving to Fever Falls, I’d learned little ways to deal with the stress in my life, stress I’d been feeling before my move, and it was amazing what a deep lungful of air could do sometimes.

It was only two steps later when I saw him…Cam and the sexy fucking blonde. He had his back against Fever and his hands on her waist. I saw his finger brushing back and forth between her skirt and her shirt, against her bare skin, and fuck if I didn’t tremble.

She kissed his neck, he smiled, and then his eyes immediately snapped up, like somehow he’d known I was there. Our gazes held, and I couldn’t move. Why the fuck couldn’t I move? I had no business giving a shit who Camden was with. It wasn’t something I had seen often, but I knew he hadn’t been celibate since I moved there, and really, why the fuck should he be? We were friends. I’d told him I was straight except Rush. The end.