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One life. Two lives. Three lives. Four.
My hands are stained from the blood and the gore.
The screams and cries of agonizing pain.
If I lose them now, I’ll never be the same.

My sister, my cousin … my whole damn world.
It was my worst nightmare come to life, and I don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to survive.

I thought that night was the end of it. I thought we finally had our chance to pick up the pieces of our shattered souls and put the worst behind us. We were supposed to start fresh, but the world had other plans for us.

Now it’s more important than ever to watch our backs.
Our defenses are down, and the enemy lies in wait, but they can’t break us. I won’t let them. As far as I’m concerned, they can come at me with everything they’ve got because I’m Tanner Morgan, and I’m ready to burn them down.

There’s not a damn thing I wouldn’t do to protect the ones I love.
The question is, how far are they willing to go?

Bradford Bastard is an M/F, Enemies to Lovers, High School, Contemporary Romance series. It contains explicit sexual content, a recount of drug abuse and sexual assault, graphic violence, and coarse language. This series is recommended for mature readers.

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Chapter 1


Sirens sound in the distance, cutting through Arizona’s terrified wails, as the bright headlights of scattering cars creates an eerie glow over the darkened racetrack. My knees crash into the grass beside Bri, fear like I’ve never known blasting through my chest as my panicked stare sails over her body.

Blood coats the front of her tank, quickly spreading and pooling beneath her waist, making it nearly im-fucking-possible to breathe. My eyes flash to hers, seeing nothing but terror, and my heart races faster. This can’t be real. This can’t be happening.

She can’t fucking die here tonight. I won’t allow it.

“No, no, no, no, no,” I chant, tearing her shirt up to find a nasty stab wound threatening her precious life. My hands slam down over it, applying pressure as she silently weeps, knowing this is the end.

There’s no fucking way I’m about to let her go without a fight.

Her eyes are glassy and she’s losing color fast. “Please, Killer,” I beg, unable to even think, resisting the desperate need to shake her. “Please don’t go. Stay with me. I can’t lose you. I love you. You hear me? I fucking love you, Brielle. Don’t you dare die.”

Those gorgeous blue eyes stare up at me, her brows furrowed with fear as a perfectly round tear falls down the side of her cheek. “I’m sorry,” she murmurs, her voice breaking over the lump in her throat. “I … I can’t. I’m not going to make it.”

“Over my dead fucking body. You’re not dying on me today. This isn’t how we end.”

Blood pools over my hands as the ambulances speed across the property, desperate to get to us. One after another until it looks like a scene out of Fast and Furious.

Riley drops onto the grass by Bri’s other side, his panicked stare sailing over her body. “Fucking hell,” he breathes, quickly adjusting himself and cradling her head in his lap. “You’re gonna be okay,” he tells her, wiping the tears off her face. The raw fear in his eyes doesn’t match the soothing words coming from his mouth. “You’re gonna be okay.”

Logan’s pained cry sounds through the night, and my head snaps up, watching as he hovers over his twin brother, tears brimming in his dark eyes. “I’ll never fucking forgive you if you die, asshole. Keep your goddamn eyes open.”

My chest aches watching the scene as Arizona shakes Jax’s shoulder, heavy sobs tearing from her chest. “JAX! Fuck. Wake up. Please wake up.” Her head shoots toward the paramedics quickly approaching. “They’re not going to make it in time,” she cries in sheer desperation. “He’s going to die.”

“Either shut up or fuck off,” Logan hisses at her, too fearful to realize she’s just as scared as he is. “You’re not helping, all you’re fucking good for is messing with his head.”

Arizona shakes her head, not believing him for one moment as she drops her gaze back to Jax’s limp body in her arms. “He’s going to die,” she cries. “He’s going to fucking die.”

Fear ripples through me before Riley forces my stare back to his. “Jax is gonna be alright,” he murmurs, trying to calm me, somehow able to keep his head on straight and be the voice of reason I need during this shitstorm. “Logan won’t let anything happen to him. Arizona doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about. She’s just scared.”

I shake my head, looking back down at my girl, her eyes growing heavy as soft tears continue falling down her cheeks, the heaviness weighing on my chest and making this whole moment nearly impossible to get through. “I don’t know, man,” I tell him, watching the way Brielle’s eyes flutter, straining to keep herself awake. “I don’t know how any of us are supposed to get through this.”