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My driver almost ran her over on a dark rainy night. Imagine my surprise when the drowned rat that I first mistook for a street urchin turned out to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It was her eyes, captivating. My interest was instantly piqued. Things took a turn though when I drove her home, straight to my enemy’s door. An enemy I’ve been plotting to destroy for the past seven years, ever since he killed my sister. But I can’t stay away from her, even if she’s the sister in law of the man I hate most in the world. How do I protect that love and still carry out my need for vengeance?
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Jordan Silver


* * *

Fuck, I just came inside her. My pullout game is for shit. The first volley must’ve hit her hard because she looked back over her shoulder at me with those big blue eyes open wide, but it was too late. Once I start offloading my balls, there’s no way I’m pulling my boy out of the game; fuck that.

I rode it out, fucking into her sweet tight pussy deep and high. She wasn’t too put out by the looks of it. Not the way she kept moving her ass back and forth on my rod while rubbing her clit and moaning. My eyes were fixated on my pussy juice covered cock as it slipped in and out of her.

I’m still amazed something that small, that tight, can take my meat, not for nothing, but the shit ain’t small. And what’s more, her capacity for fucking is off the fucking charts, with her virgin ass. I still consider her that because she’s new to the game. My first ever-virgin, and my last, I’m keeping her. My dick had decided that one, and my heart wasn’t far behind.

This was our third fuck of the day, and it still wasn’t enough, damn! Her pussy must be lined with crack as addicting as the shit is. It’s either that or that face of hers, fucking gorgeous for no damn reason. She has the kind of beauty that follows you into your dreams to fuck with your head.

Sweet, innocent, with an edge of sexy that no amount of money can buy. And her body… fuck me! Her fat ass is a thing of beauty, round, firm and high, a neat little waist and firm tits with nipples that always seem to be standing at attention beneath those catholic school girl blouses she likes to wear.

When I was through nutting deep inside her unprotected cunt, I pulled out and hoped for the best. It’s the first slip up, but it probably won’t be the last, we’ve only been fucking each other for a week after all, since the day I busted her cherry at the end of my dick.

A whole week where I fuck her as soon as I see her. Because of her, I haven’t got shit done in the last few days, too hung up on the feel of her pussy as it slides on and off my dick; trick pussy! Me, the guy who never gets caught, had finally slipped and stumbled.

She got down off the bed while I looked down at my dick that was still unbelievably hard. Shit, surprise the fuck outta me on a daily basis. Ever since, I took her that first time in fact. I watched her pick her clothes up off the floor, hiding behind them in that endearingly shy way of hers and got up from the bed to go to her.

I couldn’t resist pulling her back into my arms for one last hug and a kiss to her forehead. “You want me to run you home?” She shook her head, keeping it down, hiding those eyes from me. Eyes that captivate me each time I look into them. Sometimes, like now, I’m amazed and still a little bit shocked that I’d found her.

We’re probably the last two people that should’ve ever met, but such is life. “Still afraid?” She nodded, and I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her in tight. “I told you I’d take care of it; there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

She’d just turned eighteen, was in her last year of high school and living with her sister and brother in law after the death of her parents a year ago. We met by chance a little more than a month ago when my driver, the fuck, almost ran her over in the rain.

At first, because of the darkness outside the car window and her bedraggled look from being soaked in the downpour, I’d mistaken her for a street urchin. It didn’t matter though, I’d stepped out of the car to see to her, and that’s when I’d seen it, that beauty that even as rough as she looked still showed through.

I’d made her get into the car against her protest and taken her home. She hadn’t said much, just her name, Michele. But when we pulled up to the house, she said was her home I got a pain in my gut. “You live here?” She picked up her head and looked at me for the first time.

“Yes!” She’d reached for the door with a thank you thrown over her shoulder before I stopped her. “The guy that lives there is he your brother?” Please be her fucking cousin or some shit. I already hate that hump; don’t let me become that guy, the kind that would whack a fuck for his chick.