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Chosen by a Sinner (Sinners #4)

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Michelle Heard

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From USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard, a new standalone, full-length Italian Mafia Romance novel.
My family rules the world, and I always get everything my heart desires. Well, almost everything. Okay, so there’s one thing I can’t have.
Luca Cotroni. Rude, arrogant, and demanding as hell, he’s the man I lust after and despise more than anything.
After a wild birthday party where I clearly had too many drinks, I wake up next to Luca wearing his ring. A wedding ring.
Who accidentally gets married to the head of the Italian mafia? Me. A bratva princess.
Our fathers insist we remain married for six months before we’re allowed to consider an annulment. Six months.
I have to live with him. Sleep next to him. Be a wife to him. It’s fifty-fifty whether we’ll kill each other or give in to the lust.
STANDALONE: An Italian Mafia Romance full-length novel.
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Sinners Series by Michelle Heard

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Michelle Heard


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“Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.”

~ Mariya Koslov

Family Tree

Luca Cotroni

Family Business: Italian Mafia

Father: Lucian Cotroni (Cruel Saints)

Mother: Elena Cotroni (Cruel Saints)

Best Friend: Viktor Vetrov

Godfather: Alexei Koslov

Mariya Koslov

Family Business: Bratva

Father: Alexei Koslov (Tears of Salvation)

Mother: Isabella Terrero (Tears of Salvation)

Best Friends: Viktor Vetrov & Violet Hayes

Godfather: Demitri Vetrov (Tears of Betrayal)

Chapter 1


Luca; 34. Mariya; 26.

Bouncing on the balls of my feet, I chuckle as Dad walks in a slow circle around me.

My dad is the retired head of the bratva, and my Mom’s responsible for toppling many sex trafficking syndicates. My parents are badass to the bone and powerful. Hence, when Dad says it’s time for a sparing session, I don’t argue and do as I’m told.

“Come on, old man. I don’t have all day. I still need to go collect my dress and get some last-minute shop–” My words cut off as Dad lunges at me, then my feet are swiped from under me, and my butt hits the mat hard.

I let out a burst of laughter while groaning.

“Old man, my ass,” he mutters. “Little shit.”

I climb to my feet, then dart forward. Grabbing hold of Dad’s shoulders, I swing my body around his and wrap my legs around his neck. I take him down with a twist of my torso, and we both slam down onto the mat.

Someone starts to clap their hands, and my head snaps to the gym's doorway.

“Not bad, little sister,” Viktor praises me.

We might not be related by blood, but that doesn’t matter. Not only do I consider Viktor my best friend, but my older brother as well. We were raised as siblings because our parents have an unbreakable bond.

Viktor’s dad, Uncle Demitri, is my godfather, and Dad is Viktor’s godfather. Since before I was born, both families have lived on the same property. I’m trained the same as Viktor, but because I have the protection of my family, I never take the sparing sessions seriously and just do it to appease my dad.

Viktor, on the other hand, is better than our fathers, which he needs to be, seeing as he’s the head of the bratva.

My eyes land on the other man by Viktor’s side. Luca Cotroni, the head of the Italian mafia and Viktor’s best friend. Our families are close, and he’s also Dad’s godson.

The man is notorious for the ruthless way he dominates the arms market. No one dares go up against him and he’s gained the respect of all the other mafia heads and my father, who’s not easy to impress.

It’s also one of the reasons I think so highly of him. We might not get along, but it doesn’t stop me from admiring what he’s achieved at the age of thirty-four.

Sigh, I’ve had a crush on him since I discovered my hormones. It’s my most guarded secret – one I’ll take to my grave, seeing as Luca is always indifferent toward me. It infuriates me to no end, and the little jabs we take at each other don’t help either.

The man is tall, dark, and handsome – an Italian work of art with a square jaw and a mouth I’ve had wild fantasies about.

Wearing a pair of sweatpants and a white t-shirt tailored for his muscled chest, he’s nothing short of a masterpiece. Every inch of him radiates confidence and power.

Damn, those sweatpants. H.O.T.

Just like Viktor, Luca is dangerous and ruthless. He’s also arrogant and demanding. But none of that stops me from lusting after the man.

I should get my head examined.

Luca smiles at Dad. “Uncle Alexei, good to see you.”

“You too, son.” Dad swipes up a towel and pats the beads of sweat from the back of his neck. “When are your parents arriving?”


Dad nods, then gives me a sideways hug. “Good session. Same time next week.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

When Dad leaves the gym, Viktor and Luca walk to the mat.

Curious, I ask, “Are you going to spar?”

“Yeah.” Viktor shoots a grin my way. “I need to kick some ass.”

“You wish,” Luca mutters.

He doesn’t even look my way, and it hasn’t escaped my attention that he didn’t even bother to greet me.


Just to rain on his parade, I smile sweetly at him. “Hi, Luca. It’s good to see you again. I’m fine, thanks for asking.”

His eyes only touch on me for a second. “Mariya, a pleasure as always.”


I walk to where my towel and water bottle are lying and pick them up. I pat the towel over my cheeks and neck while watching the men take their positions.

Kick his ass, Viktor.

Viktor starts to move, lightly bouncing on his feet, but Luca doesn’t move a muscle.