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Cruel (The Buck Boys Heroes #2)

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Deborah Bladon

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He’s dangerous, addictive, and my newest assignment.
The future I desperately crave rests in the palm of his hand.
Breathtakingly handsome and painfully private, he’s the sinner who killed a saint.
That’s what the world sees when they catch a glimpse of Kavan Bane.
He’s the mysterious billionaire tucked away in his penthouse high above Manhattan.
My job is to understand him.
His goal is to break me.
Only one of our hearts will survive.
Let the cruel games begin.
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The Buck Boys Heroes Series by Deborah Bladon

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Deborah Bladon

Chapter One


“Do you have protection?”

That question doesn’t surprise me in the least. My older sister is always looking out for me. It’s one of the reasons she bought this luxurious two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Tribeca.

Before she moved to New York City, I lived in a cramped room at an airport hotel. It was cheap and close to public transportation, so the commute to my workplace in midtown Manhattan was long but not horrible.

Living in Tribeca has made the trek to the office much more enjoyable.

It’s even better for Margot. Since she relocated the offices of her lifestyle brand to the east coast from Los Angeles, it takes her less than five minutes to get to work.

Slipping on a faded denim jacket over my white eyelet blouse, I glance in her direction.

Margot is old-school-movie-star beautiful.

Her blonde hair is usually styled in a flawless French twist. Her blue eyes are always rimmed with just the right amount of eyeliner and mascara.

Her best friend, who works as a chemist at one of the country’s premier cosmetic companies, formulated a lipstick shade for Margot for her birthday. It’s called Crimson Plum, and when I tried a sample, I admit I looked like a clown.

I can’t pull off bright red lipstick, but on Margot, it only adds to her allure.

I stick with pale shades for my lips, black mascara to accentuate my hazel eyes, and loose waves for my long brown hair.

“I don’t need protection,” I assure her as I wrap my black and white polka dot scarf around my neck. “I’ll be fine, Margie.”

She sticks out the tip of her tongue the way she always does when I use her childhood nickname. “You have that whistle I gave you, don’t you? And you remember all those moves we learned in the self-defense class we took together?”

I strike a pose with my arms stretched in front of me and one knee bent in the air. I tilt my head and plaster on the scariest expression I can muster. “This was one of them, right?”

Margot shakes her head. “I’d run for the hills if I saw you on the street doing that.”

I straighten my knee and drop both hands to my hips. “I’m good then.”

“I’m coming with you,” she announces, dragging herself off the couch. “I can watch this episode later.”

“No,” I say loudly enough that it stops my sister in her tracks.

She’s wearing sweatpants and a concert tour T-shirt. Her hair is tangled in a mess around her shoulders.

Margot is the epitome of style. She only digs out her comfortable clothes and turns off her phone when she needs a break from the high pressure of her job.

“What?” she questions with widening eyes. “I can come with you if I want, Juliet.”

I refuse to allow her to interrupt her mini staycation to trudge to midtown Manhattan with me. By tomorrow morning, she’ll be back in the trenches, running her multi-million dollar company. Tonight, I want her to be Margie Bardin, lover of period romances. Sitting in front of the television, binge-watching her latest obsession that is chock-full of dukes and duchesses, is where she needs to be.

She approaches me with hurried steps until she’s standing right in front of me.

“Remember what dad taught us.” She holds out her hand. “Give me your keys so I can give you a refresher before you leave.”

I dig my keys out of the front pocket of my black jeans and deposit them in her palm even though I’ve never forgotten the trick our father taught us when I was fifteen and Margot was eighteen. It may have been ten years ago, but it feels like yesterday.

She gathers the keys in her fist before the blade of one of my keys peeks out from between two of her fingers like a mini jagged knife. “Do this if anyone tries to mug you, Juliet.”

I nod.

She lunges toward me with three stabbing motions. “Jab, jab, cut.”

I hold in a laugh because Margot can’t pull off the tough-as-nails, badass-fighter look.

“Show me,” she says, pushing the keys back at me.

Not wanting to keep the man I’m meeting waiting, I play along to appease her concern by mimicking her motions. “Jab, jab, slash.”

“Ohhh,” her voice trails. “I like that better.”

I pocket my keys and steal a glance around the living room in search of my purse. “I have to run, Margie.”

“I’ll turn on my phone because I need you to call me as soon as he gives you what you want.”

“Why don’t you ever say that after I go on a date?” I wink.

She scrunches her nose. “Let me believe you’re a virgin for at least the next ten years.”

“I’m not,” I say with a grin. “But, I’ll play along if it makes you feel better.”

“A quick knee to the groin is almost as good as the key trick.”