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Curvy Ride - Men of Valor MC

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Hope Ford

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He’s cold as ice, except when it comes to the curvy school teacher…
I know better than to get involved with James “Ice” Cole.
Men like him don’t go for women like me unless they want one thing…
To get in my pants and then get gone.
Not only is he older…he’s also a member of the Valor MC. And everyone knows what they’re about.
But the man doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer.
He’s bossy and overbearing. Possessive and demanding. He’s also irresistible. There’s no escaping the pull.
He draws me to him and makes me feel safe despite his reputation.
I want to believe the promises he makes me.
Only we’re from completely different worlds.
And when those worlds collide, there’s no telling who will survive the carnage.
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Hope Ford



I’m getting too old for this shit. I glance around the Pussy Parlor, and it’s all the same. All the same women that would give anything to go home with one of us. Savage, Knight and Wild talked me into coming out, but I should have just stayed home. It’s the same thing always. The ladies are dancing and doing their best to get with Knight. He’s a pretty boy, and no matter where we go, the women flock to him, but he doesn’t have any interest in the strippers or the sweetbutts at the club. Savage is, well, Savage. He’s broody, and I don’t know any woman that’s been brave enough to take that on. And Wild, well, he just drinks and watches. He’s so far in his head, it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking. And then there’s me. Bored and over it all, but don’t know what to do about it.

Kitty, one of the dancers that also hangs out at the clubhouse a lot is grinding on my lap. In the past, I would have taken her up on what she’s offering. But now, well, getting my dick wet doesn’t interest me anymore. I want more, and I never dreamed I’d feel this way. I know it’s not in the cards for me. I’m forty-five years old, grumpy and set in my ways. I’m the asshole that speaks his mind, and I can’t see myself changing. I spent twenty years in the army and saw more shit than anyone should see in a lifetime. Once I got out, I built up my business, Valor Customs, and I can pick and choose my customers because I’m that sought after. Fuck, I’ve got men offering me their women as payment if it means they can get their bike in with me. I could literally have anything or any woman I want. But that’s just the thing—I don’t want just some easy piece of ass. I want more.

I sit back in my seat and take a long draw off my beer bottle, amazed at how easy it is to ignore the bare breast in my face. They do nothing for me. My cock is limp in my jeans, and there’s no indication he wants to come out and play. Fuck, I’m in a rut. If bare tits and free pussy doesn’t get me hard, then I’ve got a problem. I’m just about to make an excuse and tell the guys I’m outta here when the front door opens. Knight, Savage, Wild, and I all look, probably because of our history in the military and always needing to be aware of our surroundings. The other guys turn away just as soon as they see who walks in the door. But not me. I couldn’t look away if I tried.

I’ve never seen anyone like her. She looks nervous until she pulls her shoulders back and lifts her chin like she’s a woman on a mission. Her hair is in a knot on the top of her head. She has big eyes, and from where I’m sitting, I wish I could tell if they are blue or green. I’m just too far away. She puts her hand on her hip, and while she’s looking around, I’m looking at her thick thighs, the curve of her waist, and the large breasts she’s hiding in the oversized shirt. Instantly, my dick wakes up. I can’t resist sliding my hand to my crotch and squeezing my hardening length. It’s like he’s telling me, “She’s the one.”

But there’s no doubt she doesn’t belong here, so I have to wonder what her plan is. Is she here to apply for a job? Because she can fuckin’ forget that. The only dancing she’ll be doing is for me. I watch her, knowing that I’m not going to let her out of my sight.


I’m so sick of this. Just because they’re police officers they think they can do whatever they want. Well, I’m sick of it, and I’m not going to take it anymore.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I stand inside the door of the Pussy Parlor. It’s a strip club owned by the Men of Valor MC. When I pulled into the lot, I parked around the back, the farthest spot from the street. I looked up and down the road just knowing that the principal of the elementary school I work at was going to be driving by any minute and see me walking in. I’m a kindergarten teacher, and I’m sure it would be frowned upon for me being seen here. But I don’t care. I’m tired of being bullied by the two police officers that don’t want to seem to leave me alone. I don’t know how I got in their sights, but it’s almost like they’re determined to make my life a living hell.