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Effie Stevenson is having a rough time . . .She’s broke. Between jobs. And the sole provider for her sixteen-year-old nephew.The only job she can find would involve taking her clothes off. And she’s just desperate enough to go for it.Really, what’s the worst that could happen?Hmm. Plenty, apparently.She ends up capturing the attention of Thomas Grady. And she’s not sure that’s a good thing.He’s enigmatic. Gorgeous. Bossy.Oh, and did she mention he comes as a package deal?Because where there’s Grady, there’s Damon Steele.Grouchy. Stern. Protective.There’s no way she can handle two dominant, commanding, overprotective Daddy Doms.Not happening.But then Effie’s world turns to crap, and she comes to realize the two men who make her insides spin might be the only ones capable of keeping her alive . . . Contains two bossy Daddy Doms and one sunshine Little. Has some mm. Please always check the triggers first.

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She was going to puke.

Effie stood in the parking lot and stared at the attractive brick building with a simple neon pink sign above the double doors.


I can’t do this.

There’s no way.

Putting one hand on her tummy and the other over her mouth, she tried to calm her breathing.

This was ridiculous! If she couldn’t even go inside, then she was utterly screwed.

Her phone rang as she stood there, shivering. Montana in February wasn’t exactly warm. Plus, it was eight at night and she was wearing a threadbare coat that had definitely seen better days.

And underneath that coat . . . yeah, she was wearing pretty much nothing at all.

What was she thinking?

Drawing her phone out of her handbag, she groaned as she saw who it was. Not because she didn’t love the person calling, but because she knew she’d have to answer or April would just keep pestering her until she did.

“Hey, Hairy Tits,” she said.

“Are you there yet?”

“Uh, yeah.” Effie eyed the building. “I’m here.”

April sighed. “You’re standing outside, aren’t you?”

“That would be affirmative.”

“Droopy Bum, you need to go in if you’re going to get the job.”

She bit her lip. She knew that. But she still couldn’t get her feet to move.

“I’m scared.”

“Effie,” April said softly. “You don’t have to do this.”

Except she kind of did. She had seven hundred and eighty-three dollars in her bank account. Which didn’t sound too bad. Except her rent was due next week. And that was six-fifty for the month. Then there were the gas, electric, and co-pay bills. Plus, she had to feed Brooks. She could go without food, but her nephew needed to eat. Thank God the scholarship he’d won covered his meal plan at school. It was one less meal she had to worry about.

But he was a sixteen-year-old boy. He needed healthy food and plenty of it.

She was failing him.

“I wish I didn’t have to, but I do,” she replied.

“You know that you and Brooks can come and live with me and Daddy.”

It was sweet of April to offer. She lived in Wyoming with her mountain man husband, who was also her Daddy. And while she knew that Trent would agree with April, she also knew it would be an imposition to have her and Brooks come stay with them.

“Brooks is in an excellent school here. One of the best. He has an amazing scholarship. We’d have to start over in Wyoming. I don’t know if I could give him the same there.”

“Honey, Brooks will do well wherever he is. You know that. I don’t think Brooks is the real issue.”

No. He wasn’t. April was right. Brooks would adapt. She was the one who didn’t want to move, who couldn’t leave the place where all her memories of Joe were.

“I n-need to try to make it work here. Last s-shot.” For her. For Brooks. And for her memories of Joe.

“You need to get inside before you catch pneumonia and Daddy and I have to come get you and force you back home with us.”

“Right.” Good plan. Since parts of her were starting to grow numb and she could feel her nose running.

Not a good look.

“You got this, Effie. Chardonnay said Pinkies is a great place to work. The owner treats the girls well. They make awesome tips.”

Chardonnay was April’s cousin and the only reason that Effie was here right now.

“You can do this. You’re an amazing dancer. And you will knock their socks off. All you’ve gotta do is show a bit of skin.”

She had been an amazing dancer. Before everything in her life had imploded. Now, the only dancing she did was in the living room of her one-bedroom apartment.

“I’ve never danced while taking off my clothes. What if they don’t like what they see? I’m not as young as I used to be. I have cellulite and my tummy is round rather than flat. What if I’m taking something off, trip and fall, and show everyone my hoo-ha?”

“Then I’m sure you’ll get excellent tips.”

“April, I’m not joking. This is . . . I can’t.”

“Then come here.”

“I . . . I . . .”

“Effie, have you got any other choices?”

April knew she didn’t.

“It’s not nice to be right all the time.”

“Sorry,” April replied, but Effie could tell she was grinning.

“Next time we talk, it’s my turn to be right,” Effie informed her.

“Problem with that is that I’m always right. Have you got your outfit?”

“I’ve got it on under my coat.” There wasn’t much to the outfit, which was part of the reason she was freezing. She hadn’t been able to afford anything new, and so she’d bought material from thrift stores and managed to create it with what she got. It was neon pink, and she thought it looked pretty good.

At least it covered the major things and still showed skin. She just hoped it was enough.